Bartholomew (name)

Bartholomew (name)

Bartholomew is an English given name that derives from the Aramaic name meaning "son of Tholmai". "Bar" means "son of" in Aramaic, and thus its occurrence in a personal name indicates a patronymic. "Tholmai" is commonly supposed to mean "furrows", and Bartholomew is accordingly read as "son of the furrows", meaning one who is rich in land. Alternatively, it is speculated that Tholmai is a form of the Greek name "Ptolemy (Ptolemy)".

Bartholomew is also an English or Scottish surname with the same onomastic meaning as the above as a given name.

People with the given name

* Bartholomew, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus
* Bartholomaeus Parvus (d. 1333), known as the "Apostle of Armenia"
* Bartholomaeus Anglicus, a Franciscan encyclopedist of the thirteenth century
* Venerable Bartholomew of Braga (1514–1582) - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article]
* Bartholomew of Braganca (ca. 1200–1271) - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article]
* Bartholomew of Brescia (d. 1258), an Italian canonist - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article]
* Bartholomew of Edessa, Syrian apologist and polemical writer - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article]
* Bartholomew of Lucca (1227–1327), historian
* Any of three Medieval Pisans known as Bartholomew of Pisa, disambiguation [ Catholic Encyclopedia article]
** Bartholomew Albizzi (d.1342), Franciscan hagiographer
** Bartholomew Rinonico (d. c.1401), Franciscan chronicler
** Bartholomew of San Concordio (1260–1347), canonist and man of letters - [ Catholic Encyclopedia article]
* Fra Bartolomeo (1472–1517), Tuscan Renaissance artist
* Bartholomew Dias (d. 1500), Portuguese maritime explorer, first European to sail round the Cape of Good Hope
* Bartholomew Columbus (1461–1515), cartographer, brother of Christopher Columbus, founder of Santo_Domingo
* Bartholomew Sharp (17th century), pirate
* Bartholomew Roberts, "Black Bart" (1682–1722) infamous Welsh Pirate
* Bartholomew "Bobby" Boriello (1929–1991), New York mobster
* Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople (b. 1940)

People with the surname

* Bartholomew (Surrey cricketer), the surname of three cricketers who played for Surrey in the mid-18th century
*Augustus Theodore Bartholomew (1882-1933) , British bibliographer and a librarian at Cambridge University
*Scott and Casey (born 1969), U.S. radio host
*Dave Bartholomew (born 1920), American musician, composer & promoter
*Freddie Bartholomew (1924-1992), British actor & filmmaker
*George Bartholomew, inventor of concrete pavement
*George Bartholomew (biologist), American biologist
*Harland Bartholomew (1889-1989), U.S. urban planner
*Joshua Bartholomew (born 1984), Canadian singer-songwriter
*Ken Bartholomew (born 1920), U.S. speed skater
*Summer Bartholomew (born 1951), U.S. model and actress
*Will Bartholomew (born 1980), American Football fullback
* The noted cartographers of the Edinburgh engraving firm John Bartholomew and Son:
**John Bartholomew Senior (1805-1861), the founder
**John Bartholomew Junior (1831-1893), son of the founder, who developed colour contouring
**John George Bartholomew (1860-1920), son of John Junior
**John (Ian) Bartholomew (1890-1962), son of John George
**John Christopher Bartholomew (1923-2008), son of Ian
*Winifred Rushforth (née Bartholomew), a noted Jungian psychoanalyst, distant relative of the above cartographers

Fictional Characters

* Bartholomew Cubbins, protagonist of the Dr. Seuss books The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins and Bartholomew and the Oobleck.
* Bartholomew J. Simpson, better known as Bart, from "The Simpsons"
* Bartholomew (Spyro character), a yeti from Spyro the Dragon
* Benjamin Bartholomew Piff, The main character in the series "The Misadventures of Benjamin Bartholomew Piff (By:Jason Lethcoe)
*Bartholomew Kuma, a cyborg pirate from the manga One Piece.

The Name "Bartholomew" in Various Languages

* "Amharic:" በርተሎሜዎስ (Berteloméwos)
* "Armenian:" Բարթողիմէոս IPA| [pʰɑɾtʰoʁimɛjos] Partoghimeos
* "Aramaic:" תולמי‎‎‎‎‎-בר‎‎
* "Azeri:" Bartolumay
* "Catalan:" Bartomeu
* "Chinese:" 巴多羅買 (pronounced "Baduoluomai"); 白 (meaning "white", pronounced "Pak" in Wade-Giles Cantonese or "Bái" in Pinyin Mandarin) as a single-character family name
* "Croatian:" Bartolomej
* "Czech:" Bartoloměj
* "Danish:" Bartolomæus
* "Dutch:" Bartolomeüs
* "English:" Bartholomew (full name/formal); Bart (diminutive)
* "Faroese:" Bartal
* "Finnish:" Perttu or Pärttyli
* "French:" Barthélemy
* "German:" Bartolomäus
* "Greek:" Βαρθολομαίος
* "Hebrew": נתנאל (Natan-el), which means the gift of God
* "Hungarian:" Bertalan (given name), Bartal, Bartos, Bartó (last names)
* "Icelandic:" Bartólómeus
* "Insubric (Milanese):" Bartolamee
* "Irish Gaelic:" Bairtliméad or Parthálan
* "Italian:" Bartolomeo
* "Japanese:" バーソロミュー(used in transcription from English name), バルトロマイ(most popular transcription in Japanese Bible etc.), ワルフォロメイ(only used in Japanese Orthodox Church)
* "Korean:" 바르톨로메오(learned); 바돌로메(vernacular)
* "Latin:" Bartolomaeus
* "Latvian:" Bartlomejs
* "Lithuanian:" Baltramiejus
* "Loretano Peruvian Spanish:" Bartuco (vernacular)
* "Maltese:" Bartoloméw (learned); Bartilméw (vernacular)
* "Norwegian:" Bartolomeus
* "Polish:" Bartłomiej (learned); (Bartosz is now other name, but comes from Bartłomiej)
* "Portuguese:" Bartolomeu
* "Provençal:" Barthomieu
* "Romanian:" Bartolomeu
* "Russian:" Варфоломей (Varfolomei)
* "Scottish Gaelic:" Pàrlan
* "Slovak:" Bartolomej
* "Spanish:" Bartolomé
* "Serbian:" Вартоломеј (in Cyrillic), Vartolomej (in Roman letters)
* "Slovak: " Bartolomej
* "Slovene:" Jernej
* "Swedish:" Bartolomaios, Bartolomeus (older transcription)

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