A loop is generally something that closes back on itself such as a circle. The closing can appear in time or in space.

cience and technology

*Loop (algebra), a quasigroup with an identity element
*Loop (graph theory), an edge that begins and ends on the same vertex
*Loop (topology), a path that starts and ends at the same point
*Control flow#Loops (computers), a sequence of commands that is executed repeatedly
*An infinite loop is a sequence of instructions in a computer program which loops endlessly.
*Wilson loop (physics), a closed path integral of the gauge field
*Loop (electricity), a Electronic circuit
*Loop (knot), one of the fundamental structures used to tie knots
*Loop (mobile), a Mobile Virtual Network Operator in Bulgaria
*Loop (telecommunication), sending a signal on a channel and receiving it back at the sending terminal
*Local loop (telecommunication), the link connecting the customer to the carrier
*Loop antenna, a radio antenna composed of one or more turns of conductor
*Loop device (Unix), a device node that allows a file to be mounted on a directory
*Loop, a type of Fingerprint#Classifying_fingerprints pattern
*Loop (biochemistry), a flexible region in a protein's secondary structure
*Loop current Name of a ocean current in the Gulf of Mexico, part of the Gulf Stream

Movement and transportation

* Loop, when, in cricket, a bowler makes the ball rise above eye-level in the early part of its trajectory toward the batsman
* Loop (aircraft), an aerobatic maneuver
* Loop (roller coaster), the most basic of roller coaster inversions

* Crossing loop and passing loop are sometimes called loops.
* Balloon loop (railway), one of several looping track configurations
* Loop route (road transport); see also Beltway
* Loop (Texarkana), a loop proposed around Texarkana, Arkansas
* Loop ramp (road transport), an element of a cloverleaf interchange allowing left turns via a 270° right turn
* Loop jump (figure skating), a jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the same edge

Creative works and groups

*Crazy Loop, an Romanian singer
*"Loop (novel)", a sequel to the Japanese horror novel "Ring"
*Loop (band), a London rock band
*Loop (Keller Williams album) - a 2002 album by Keller Williams.
*In the Loop, a public radio show
*Music loop, a finite element of sound which is repeated by technical means
* In animation, a loop is a sequence of drawings repeated over and over.
* In a movie projector, the loop refers to the slack portion of the film around the projector lens.
* Loop Ash Records, a record label.


*Loop, Germany, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
* "The Loop" (TV series), a comedy television show on the FOX network
*A loop drive in table tennis, "The Loop" is an extreme topspin drive that produces a loopy tragetory.
*A loop in playboating, a maneuver where the kayaker does a full forwards flip in the air.
*Chicago Loop, the downtown neighbourhood of Chicago, Illinois bounded by an elevated railway in the shape of a loop
*Loop Retail Historic District, National Register of Historic Places shopping district in above neighborhood.
* Delmar Loop, entertainment district in St. Louis, Missouri
*Loop (education), to advance an elementary school teacher with his or her class
*Louisiana Offshore Oil Port
*The Loop is a segment on Attack of the Show hosted by Kevin Pereira
*LOOP Barcelona, a platform for videoart based in Barcelona, Spain
* Slang term among caddies for a job (ie one round of golf)

ee also

* Loupe, a small magnifying glass used by jewelers, watchmakers, and other precision craftsmen
* Cycle graph
* Inner loop (disambiguation)
* Feedback loop
* List of cycles
* Möbius strip

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