Cleft of venus

Cleft of venus

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The cleft of venus (pudendal cleft, pudendal fissure) is the furrow at the base of the mons veneris where it divides to form the labia majora. In some female humans, the clitoral hood and labia minora protrude through the cleft of venus, in others they do not. When tight clothes are worn, the fabric of the tight garment may be pulled into the cleft (often because of a central seam, as in jeans), resulting in a situation best known as the cameltoe, ninja boot, or "beetle bonnet" in slang terms.


The name is a reference to the Roman goddess of love, Venus.

Attitudes and appearances

As with many aspects of human sexuality, perspectives on the cleft of venus and its appearance have varied extensively. In Western cultures, it has sometimes been socially encouraged for women to remove body hair. In present times, for aesthetic and hygienic reasons, pubic hair removal has become a popular fad. [Aspatore Publications, "Inside the Minds: The Art & Science of Plastic Surgery " (New York: Aspatore, 2004), p. 84.]

How the cleft of venus appears can vary considerably from person to person. The cleft of venus can be -- in certain cases -- not visible or otherwise obscured. Its appearance can be affected by different factors. The presence of pubic hair can obscure the cleft of venus. Body art or genital piercings can also affect its visibility. [Foss, Krista. "Women for hot new cosmetic surgery." Toronto Globe & Mail 1998 November 10. ] In some persons, certain organs like the clitoral hood or the labia minora can protrude through the cleft of venus thereby restricting its visibility as well. In such instances, labiaplasty ["Intimate Operations: OB-GYN Organization Issues Warning", ABC News, 08/31/2007, retrieved on 2008-06-22 ] surgery is sometimes considered. Even so, a sexual fetish exists wherein the protrusive exhibition of such features in a healthy, smooth shaved vulva can be considered sexually attractive. Spreading apart the legs, which can "draw in" the labia majora, can also cause the cleft of venus to no longer be visible. [ [] ]


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* L'Origine du monde, a realistic painting of a vulva
* Vulva


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