Just a Moment

Just a Moment

Infobox Single
Name = Just a Moment

Artist = Nas featuring Quan
Album = Street's Disciple
B-side = These are Our Heroes
Released = 2005
Format = CD single
Recorded = 2004
Genre = Hip hop
Length = 4:23
Label = Columbia/SBMG Records
44 71538
Writer = Nasir Jones
Nile Rodgers
Bernard Edwards
Producer = L.E.S.
Chronology = Nas singles
Last single = "Bridging the Gap"
This single = "Just a Moment"
Next single = "In Public"

"Just a Moment" is the third and last single off of Nas' "Street's Disciple". It features his protégé Quan and is produced by L.E.S.. Its lyrics ask for moments of silence for many people worldwide who are going through different life struggles, from victims of the ghetto to soldiers in Iraq.

It contains a sample from “Will You Cry (When You Hear this Song)?” by Chic that was used similarly in "Hear the Song" by Freeway.

Music video

The video features an urban surrounding and many reminders of deceased emcees and contemporary R&B singers through empty rooms, wind, and liquor being poured out in a gesture of respect and remembrance.

Nas mentions Islam and Christianity as ways for one to have or regain faith. Nas also mentions his own mother, saying, "Mommy, I'm still here, wishing I was there with you..." Quan mentions his fallen friends and his promise of taking care of his sister's child, while she is in Iraq.The video version of the song also interprets a change in the fact that the third verse (originally Quan) was changed to having Nas put in an additional rhyme replacing the end of the third verse:

:Photographs of lost memories:On the blocks with blunts and Hennessey:Picture some niggaz in mock neck shirts:Ballantine Ale in brown bags:Brothers like to brag ’bout their cousins:That locked in the system:We all fall victims, we all call Christian:or Islamic faith, to restore all our faith:Barbed wire and tall brick wall:But we all can escape

This is contrary to the album version of the song, where Quan rhymes the whole third verse.

Also notable is how Quan mispronounces the word “lives” and how Nas uses the wet-T mispronunciation of "th", saying “ff” instead.

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