Strand Lighting

Strand Lighting

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parent = Royal Philips Lighting
foundation = 1914 (London)
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Strand Lighting is an international theatre and television lighting company founded in 1914 in London's West End that supplies lighting fixtures and controls for the entertainment industry. Strand's products have been used on countless theatre productions and TV shows worldwide.


Strand Electric, as it was originally named, was created in 1914. Arthur Earnshaw and Phillip Sheridan were both London theatre electricians when they set up their company.

In 1968, Strand Lighting was purchased by the famous Rank film Corporation and thus became Rank Strand. 1969 In 1969 the USA, Rank took over Century Lighting (Started in New York in 1929) which became Strand Century in the US.

In 1986 Rank Strand bought Quartzcolor, an Italian based manufacturer of TV & Film Lighting. In 1990 Strand Lighting became the first company (and only North American company) to achieve ISO9000 Quality certification.

Strand was eventually bought from Rank by a venture capitalist group in the late 1990s.

On 11 July 2006 the Genlyte Group, a US company, announced their acquisition of Strand Lighting. Genlyte has since been acquired by Royal Philips Lighting [cite press release
title = Philips Completes Acquisition of Genlyte
publisher =
date = 2008-01-28
url =
accessdate = 2008-03-15

Today, Strand Lighting is still run as a separate, independent company within Royal Philips Lighting, and continues as a leading name in stage, television, motion picture, and architectural lighting and services.

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