A beach or strand is a geological formation consisting of loose rock particles along the shoreline of a body of water.

Strand or The Strand may also refer to:


*Auckland railway station, the former main railway station of Auckland, New Zealand, known as "The Strand" for excursion trains
*Bootle Strand, a shopping centre in Bootle, Merseyside
*Strand (Friesland) Netherlands
*Strand, Norway
*Strand (island), a German island that was split into two by the Burchardi Flood of 1634
*Strand, Western Cape, South Africa
*Štrand, a beach on the Danube in Novi Sad, Serbia
*Strand Fiord Pass, a pass on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada
*Strand, London, a famous road in London
*Strand National Historic Landmark District in Galveston, Texas
*Strand Street (Cape Town), a road in Cape Town, South Africa
*The Strand (bicycle path), a pedestrian/bike path along the coast of the South Bay, Los Angeles
*The Strand Arcade, a Victorian shopping arcade in Sydney, Australia
*The Strand, Townsville, a beachside foreshore in Townsville, Australia


*David Strand, an American scholar of early 20th century China
*Kjetil Strand, a Norwegian handball player
*Mark Strand, an American poet
*Paul Strand, an American modernist photographer
*Richard Strand, an American linguist studying Afghanistan
*Roar Strand, a Norwegian footballer


*Strand Bookstore, a famous book store in New York City.
*Strand (cigarette), a 1950s/1960s brand of tobacco notorious for its failed advertising campaign, "You're never alone with a Strand".
*Strand Lighting, a company supplying lighting equipment to the entertainment industry.
*"Strand Magazine", a British monthly founded in the 1890s (named after the road in London).
*Strand (album) is an album by the Spinanes.
*Strand Cinema, art deco cinema in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
*Strand (epistemology), an epistemological strand.
*Strand Home Video was formerly Strand VCI Entertainment but changed its name in 1993.
*Strand Hotel (also known as The Strand) is a colonial-style hotel in Yangon, Myanmar.
*Strand (programming language) is a parallel programming system.
*Strand Theater is a national historic landmark in Lakewood, New Jersey.
*Strand VCI Entertainment was a company specializing direct-to-video releases of children's entertainment.
*The Strand is an American Industrial band.
*The Strand was a British hard rock band that eventually evolved into the Sex Pistols.

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