Primer amor... a mil por hora

Primer amor... a mil por hora


title = Primer amor... a mil por hora
country = Mexico
year = 9/10/2000– 28/2/2001
(second transmission) 19/6/2006– 3/11/2006
network = Televisa
Canal 43
language = Spanish
director = Eloy Ganuza
Luis Pardo
producer = Pedro Damián
cinematographer = Carlos Sánchez Ross
Vivian Sánchez Ross
writer = Edmundo Báez
René Muñoz | script = María Balmori
Issa López
cast = Anahí
Kuno Becker
Ana Layevska
Valentino Lanus
music = Carlos Lara
theme_song = A 1000 x HORA
(second transmission) Sobreviviré
performer = Lynda
Kuno Becker/Anahi
(second transmission)
episodes = 100 of 45 minutes each

"Primer amor... a mil por hora" is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcast on Televisa in 2001 and in Brazil in 2003. It is a remake of another Televisa telenovela titled Quinceañera ©1988. The protagonist were played by the teen heartthrob Kuno Becker and the young Anahí. Both are also for their musical talents. This teen-oriented soap was one of the highest-rated on its time-slot.


Primer Amor... a mil por hora tells the story of a fourteen-year old girl named Giovanna Luna (Anahí) and the obstacles she has to overcome to find happiness with the love of her life León Baldomero (Kuno Becker), in a world where teenagers try to live their lives too fast without considering the consequences. The obstacles for the couple are not few; in the first place we have Catalina, Giovana’s mother, who insists that her daughter have a fifteenth-anniversary party, which will cost well over the financial possibilities of the family. She also total disapproves of her daughter’s relationship with León Baldomero, who she considers has no money or future.

On the other hand, we have the malicious Demián Ventura (Mauricio Islas), junior who is infatuated with the beautiful adolescent,Giovana . He desires to have her at any cost, without caring who he will hurt in the process. And of course there is Priscila, the jealous older sister of Giovana, who feels out of place in the family. She releases all of her bitterness on Giovana, and even promises to get rid of León Baldomero, for better or worse.

Accompanying Giovana in her path, which is not always an easy one, is her best friend, Marina Iturriaga (Ana Layevska), a high-class fourteen-year old girl. She is the daughter of the famous actress Pilar Camargo, who is always busy and gives expensive gifts in place of affection. Marina’s father, Antonio Iturriaga, is the same way. He is a shady businessman and in his hypocritical actions he will shame his daughter, that will end up causing her an eating disorder, which will put her life in danger.

However, Marina’s dream of love is given hope, incarnated in Imanol (Valentino Lanus), an educated and handsome young man that has returned to Mexico after having finished his studies in the United States. The only problem is that Marina, because of a her pride refuses to open up to Imanol, she doesn’t want him to question her actions so she can’t overcome her pride and refuses to look for comfort from everyone except Giovana Luna, our protagonist. This will cause tension between the girls in the moment that they most need each other, forcing them to prove their friendship to one another.

The car owned by León was a 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1

The car owned by Demián was a 2000 BMW 3 Series


Primer amor... a mil por hora ©2000

Track listing

# "A 1000 X Hora" Linda (Galvan, Carlos Lara; Thomas, Lynda Aguirre)
# "Juntos" Anahí ; Kuno Becker (Galvan, Carlos Lara; Romero, Pedro Muñoz)
# "Pierdo el Control" Alex Damian (Di Carlo, Massimiliano; Romero, Pedro Muñoz)
# "Y Pienso en Tí (Remix)" Iran Castillo (Maximo Aguirre; Ordaz, Miguel Luna)
# "1 Segundo" Iran Castillo (Bartilloti, Mario Renato; Pinzon, Iran Castillo)
# "Por Tí" Valentino Lanús (Di Carlo, Massimiliano; Thomas, Lynda Aguirre)
# "India (Instrumental)" (Rodriguez, Mario Renato Bartilloti)
# "El Corrido de la Chonta" Grupo Exterminador (Francisco Quintero)
# "Cholo" Fabian Robles (Di Carlo, Massimiliano; Lynda Aguirre)
# "Primer Amor (Remix)" Anahí (Estéfano)
# "Inocência" Ana Layevska (Di Carlo, Massimiliano)
# "Hacia el Sur" Mariana Seoane (Di Carlo, Massimiliano)
# "Prisionero" Jose Maria Torres (Massimiliano DiCarlo; Thomas, Lynda Aguirre)
# "Laberinto" Linda (Galvan, Carlos Lara; Thomas, Lynda Aguirre)

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*es icon [ Official site] on Televisa
* [ Official Video "A mil por hora" by Lynda Thomas]

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