May (surname)

May (surname)
Family name
Region of origin Germany, England, Ireland & Scotland
Related names Maye, Mayes, Mays, Meir, Meier

May is a surname of Saxon and, independently, of Gaelic origin.[1][2] There are many variants used in English-speaking countries, as well as several variants used in Germany. The Scottish May is a sept of Clan Donald.[3] The surname "May" remains a common surname in Germany, Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as among Russians of German origin. People with the surname May include:

Other uses

  • May (name), given name origin, and people with the given name
  • Baron May, nobility, a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom

See also

  • Maye (disambiguation)
  • Mays (disambiguation)
  • Mayne (disambiguation)
  • Mayhew (disambiguation)
  • Maybery
  • Maynard (disambiguation)
  • Mayall (disambiguation)
  • Mey (disambiguation)
  • Meynell


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