Lewis (disambiguation)

Lewis (disambiguation)

Lewis is the largest island of the Western Isles of Scotland.

Lewis may also refer to:
* Lewis (surname), a family name

In U.S. places:
* Lewis, Colorado
* Lewis, Indiana
* Lewis, Iowa
* Lewis, Kansas
* Lewis, Essex County, New York
* Lewis, Lewis County, New York
* Lewis, North Carolina
* Lewis, Vermont
* Lewis County, New York
* Lewis Township, Pennsylvania

In business:
* Lewis Masonic, major Masonic publisher in England
* Lewis's, chain of department stores in England and Scotland (1856-1990s), originating in Liverpool

In science:
* Lewis structure, a diagram of a molecule that shows the bonding between the atoms
* Lewis acid and Lewis base theory, an acid-base reaction theory by American scientist Gilbert N. Lewis
* Lewis number, in fluid dynamics and transport phenomena

In fictional characters:
*Lewis ("The Simpsons"), a fictional character in "The Simpsons"

In other uses:
* Lewis Gun, machine gun
* Lewis University, private school in Romeoville, Illinois
* Lewis (cat), a cat that was placed under house arrest
* Lewis (lifting appliance), a steel lifting device
* "Lewis (Mistreated)", a song by Radiohead from "My Iron Lung"
* Lewis (robot), a robotic wedding photographer
* "Lewis" (TV series), a British television detective series

See also

* Louis
* Louise
* Lewes, the town in Sussex England
* Luas
* Lewisburg
* Lewisite
* Lewiston
* Lewistown
* Lewisville
* Levi (disambiguation)

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