Anti-LGBT or anti-gay can refer to activities which fall into any (or a combination) of these categories:
*Attitudes or discrimination referred to as:
**Homophobia - (literally) fear of or aversion to homosexuals; more commonly, antipathy toward homosexuals
**Lesbophobia - antipathy toward lesbians.
**Biphobia - antipathy toward bisexuals.
**Transphobia - antipathy toward transgendered persons.
**Heterosexism - attitudes and discrimination against homosexuals and bisexuals or bias in favor of heterosexuality or heterosexuals or
*In a political sense:
**An opposition to the perceived homosexual agenda
**Opposition to LGBT rights issues such as same-sex marriage or anti-discrimination legislation,

"Anti-Gay" specifically can refer to the book of the same name by LGBT author Mark Simpson, which is critical of gay culture.

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* Violence against LGBT people

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