Pikku Kakkonen

Pikku Kakkonen

"Pikku Kakkonen" (Finnish for "the little two") is an ongoing Finnish magazine-type children's TV show shown on YLE TV2. The first episode aired on January 11 1977. It finished with a bedtime story read by Lasse Pöysti and an East German Sandman animation, like hundreds of episodes after that.

The "Pikku Kakkonen" hosts speak in an unforgettable Tampere dialect, and its signature melodies (The "Pikku Kakkonen" mail tune and the main title tune) have been made into mobile phone ringing tones. The intro animation by Camilla Mickwitz was made in 1983.

Characters and series

* Käytöskukka
* Kössi Kenguru
* Pat and Mat
* Pelle Hermanni from 1978
* Nalle Luppakorva (Polish "Miś Uszatek") from 1979
* Lohikäärme Justus
* The magician Savinen
* Karvakuonot: Ransu, Eno-Elmeri and Riku, from 1978
* Timo Taikuri from 1979
* Rölli from 1986
* Ti-ti-nalle from 1989
* The magician Luttinen from 1995
* Roosa and Roope (life in Velkua)

Many of these have been spun off as separate TV shows, theatre films or books.

External links

* [http://www.yle.fi/pikkukakkonen/ Official site] (in Finnish)

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