Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology

Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology

The Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology (CAPA) is a learned society of Physical Anthropologists. The society’s mission is to spread information on Physical Anthropology to its members and to supporting institutions and the public at large. The society has annual meetings and distributes newsletters to their members. The group was founded by Canadian members of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, in a 1972 meeting, who thought Kansas was too far away for Canadian Physical Anthropologists to meet and professionally discuss their ideas. Their current president is Robert Hoppa. []

Annual Meetings

The Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology has held several meetings across Canada. The following are some notable ones.


The 2004 meeting was held in London, Ontario from October 26 to 27. [] The theme of the meeting was Digital imaging and its impact on physical anthropology. []


The 2005 meeting was held at the University of Manitoba. []


The 2006 meeting was held from October 25 to 28 at Trent University. [] The meeting includes a three day scientific programme. []


The 2007 meeting will be held in Banff, Alberta


The 2008 meeting will be held at McMaster University, in Hamilton, On.

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