List of park and rides in Gatineau

List of park and rides in Gatineau

The list of park and rides in Gatineau is a series of parking facilities operated by the Société de Transport de l'Outaouais, a public transportation operator in Gatineau, Quebec and used mainly for motorists who are also using the public transit system. Located all across the city and in Chelsea, there are currently 17 in operation with a total capacity for 1904 vehicles. While most facilities does not require a parking permit, others such as the Arena Robert-Guertin and Les Promenades requires a parking tag and a monthly bus pass. Additional facilities are planned due to the proposed Rapibus rapid-bus network that is slated to be open in 2010. Rapibus will have Park and Ride facilities.

= Aylmer Sector=

* Galeries d'Aylmer, located behind the Galeries d'Aylmer shopping centre (off boulevard Wilfrid-Lavigne). 35 parking spaces.

** Routes serving : 41 & 51 (on Rue Principale). 44, 46, 49 (peak only), 52 & 57 (on Boulevard Wilfrid-Lavigne). Routes 45, 47 and 53 are serving the lot.
* Rivermead & Hippodrome d'Aylmer, located beside the Hippodrome d'Aylmer race track on Chemin d'Aylmer. These two lots represent the biggest Park and Ride complex in Gatineau. It is served by most Aylmer rush hour routes. The Hippodrome d'Aylmer facility was recently opened on September 22. 507 parking spaces at Rivermead and 200 parking spaces at Hippodrome d'Aylmer.

** Routes serving both lots : Routes 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 49, 51, 52, 53, 54, 57, 58 and 59.
* Des Allumettières (future), located at the corner of Eardley and Des Allumettières, the park and ride will be completed in 2010. 120 parking spaces.

= Hull Sector=

* St-Dominique, this Park and Ride which opened in 2007 is located on Boulevard Alexandre-Tache east of Boulevard Saint-Raymond. 53 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 22, 28, 29, 39, 40, 41, 44, 45, 46, 47, 57 and 59.
* Freeman, Recently opened during Fall 2005, it is located at the corner of Boulevard Saint-Joseph and Chemin Freeman where it is a major transfer point between major routes such as the 33 and the 39. 142 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 1, 5, 20, 21, 27, 33, 38 and 39.
* Arena Robert-Guertin, located on Boulevard Saint-Redempteur north of Boulevard Saint-Laurent. 120 parking spaces.

** Routes Serving: 1, 5, 27 and 33. Route 31 is available at the corner of Boulevard Sacre-Coeur and Saint-Redempteur.

Gatineau Sector

*Greber/St-Louis, located at this intersection and is served by Routes 67 and 77, two major routes heading towards downtown Gatineau and Ottawa. 75 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 57, 63, 67 and 77 + Express Routes 81 to 86 and 90. (express fare required on the latter 7 routes)
* St-Alexandre, located at the corner of Rue Saint-Louis and Chemin Des Erables and useful for Cantley residents. 33 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 5, 66 and 80. Route 39 is available at the corner of Lebaudy and Saint-Louis
* Limbour (future), Scheduled to open in 2010 on Chemin des Érables. 170 parking spaces.

* Pierre-Lafontaine, located just across from Les Promenades de l'Outaouais. 88 parking spaces.

* Les Promenades, located at Les Promenades de l'Outaouais shopping centre. The terminal has recently been totally reconstructed and relocated. This lot is ideal for residents of the Gatineau sector as it is served by several routes including two that are heading towards Ottawa. 300 parking spaces

** Routes serving both lots: 33, 39, 57, 62, 63, 65, 66, 67, 68, 71, 74, 76, 77, 78 and 96
* La Cité, located at the corner of Boulevard Maloney and Boulevard de la Cite. Temporary lot set in late 2007 near the site of the future Gatineau sports complex, the lot will be moved to make way for the construction of the Rapibus. "'200 parking spaces in unpaved surface.

** Routes serving: 33, 65, 74, 77, 78, 82 & 96. Routes 66 and 71 are avilable at the corner of De l'Hospital and La Gappe. Routes 84 and 90 are closed-door routes travelling at the corner of Maloney and La Cite
* Jean-Rene Monette, located at the corner of Boulevard Labrosse and Boulevard Saint-Rene, where it is a major transfer point between several local routes and a few express routes. 72 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 71, 72, 76, 77, 78, 82 and 90.
*Ste-Rose de Lima, located at the corner of Boulevard Lorrain and Boulevard Saint-Rene for those using Express Route 88. 50 parking spaces.

*Lorrain, Located also on Boulevard Lorrain south of Boulevard Saint-Rene and has the same purpose as the above one. 80 parking spaces.

** Routes serving both lots: 78 and 88.

= Masson-Angers sector=

*Route 148 et Georges, located at this intersection and served by Interzone Route 94 and Regular Route 96. 30 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 74 (one eastbound afternoon trip), 96 and Interzone Route 94
*Encan Larose, located on Rue Georges just north of Autoroute 50. 60 parking spaces.

** Routes serving: 74 (one eastbound afternoon trip and which is its terminus), 96 and Interzone Route 98.
*Angers, located in the Angers community in a church parking lot (Rue du Progres). 50 parking spaces

** Routes serving: 74 (one eastbound afternoon trip), 96 and Interzone Route 94.

= Chelsea=

*Old Chelsea, located in the village of Old Chelsea west of Autoroute 5 on Old Chelsea Road. It is served by two trips from Route 1. 15 parking spaces.

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