Benson (surname)

Benson (surname)

Benson is a surname, and may refer to:

*A. C. Benson (1862-1925), English poet and essayist, son of E. W. Benson
*Allan L. Benson, American newspaper editor
*Amber Benson (born 1977), American actress
*Anna Benson, American model
*Andrew Benson (fl. mid 20th century), American chemist
*Ashley Benson, American actress
*Benny Benson, creator of Alaska's state flag
*Bernard Benson, British author of "The Peace Book"
*Brad Benson, American football player
*Brendan Benson, American musician
*Bruce Benson, Canadian politician
*Carl Benson, pseudonym of American writer Charles Astor Bristed
*Carville Benson, American politician
*Cedric Benson, American football player
*Constantine Walter Benson, British ornithologist
*Craig Benson (born 1954), American businessman and politician
*David Benson-Pope, New Zealand politician
*Dee Benson, American judge
*Doug Benson, American comedian and actor
*Edgar Benson, Canadian politician
*Edward Frederic Benson (1867-1940), English novelist, son of E. W. Benson
*Edward White Benson (1829-1896), Archbishop of Canterbury
*Egbert Benson (1746-1833), American politician and jurist
*Elmer Austin Benson (1895-1985), American politician
*Ezra Taft Benson (1899-1994), American politician and the 13th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
*Frank Benson, one of several people
*George Benson (born 1943), American musician
*George Benson, British politician
*George S. Benson, American educator
*Herbert Benson, MD, Harvard researcher, and author of "The Relaxation Response"
*Howard Benson, music producer
*Irving Benson, American comedian
*Ivy Benson, British bandleader
*James Benson, American businessman, founder of Benson Space Company
*James Rea Benson, Canadian businessman and politician
*Jessica Benson, American singer
*Joanne Benson, American politician
*Jodi Benson (born 1961), American actress and singer
*John Benson (announcer), British television personality
*John Benson (artisan), calligrapher, stonecarver, and typeface designer
*John Benson (footballer), Scottish footballer
*John Benson (publisher), seventeenth century Shakespeare publisher
*Johnny Benson, American race driver
*Kent Benson, American basketball player
*Kris Benson (born 1974), American baseball player
*Kurt Benson, fictional character from "Hollyoaks"
*Leigh Benson (fl. 1990s), computer programmer
*Margaret Benson, British Egyptologist, daughter of E. W. Benson
*Mark Benson, English cricketer
*Michael Benson, American film maker
*Mildred Benson (1905-2002), American writer
*Nicholas John Benson, soldier, lawyer, businessman, writer
*Nick Benson, American actor
*Nigel Benson, British writer
*Olivia Benson, fictional character from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
*Ray Benson (born 1951), American actor and composer
*Raymond Benson (born 1955), American author
*Renaldo "Obie" Benson, American singer for The Four Tops
*Rhian Benson (fl. 2000s), Ghanaian singer
*Richard Meux Benson (1824-1915), Anglican clergyman and founder of an Anglican religious order
*Robby Benson (born 1956), American actor
*Robert Benson, 1st Baron Bingley, British politician
*Robert Hugh Benson, British Catholic writer, son of E. W. Benson
*Robert John Benson, (1894-1965), Canadian ice hockey player
*Sally Benson, American screenwriter
*Shaun Benson, Canadian actor
*Simon Benson (1851-1942), Norwegian-born American logging entrepreneur and philanthropist
*Stephen Allen Benson, President of Liberia 1856-1864
*Steve Benson (fl. 1990s), American editorial cartoonist
*Thomas Benson, fictional character from "Son of Frankenstein"
*Tom Benson (fl. 1980s), American football entrepreneur
*Tony Benson, New Zealand rugby league coach
*Warren Benson, American composer and timpanist
*William Noel Benson (1885-1957) Australian/New Zealand geologist
*William S. Benson (1855-1932), American admiral


*Freddie Benson, a role played by Nathan Kress in the Nickelodeon series "iCarly"
*Carly Corinthos,(maiden name 'Benson') a role notably potrayed by Sarah Joy Brown and Laura Wright on General Hospital.

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*Benton (disambiguation)

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