Airman is a term used to refer to any enlisted personnel in the United States Air Force or Other Ranks in the Royal Air Force (in which airwoman is also seen). It is also a specific rank in the United States Air Force. More informally, it can refer to any member of an air force or to any pilot, military or civilian. When capitalized, it can mean any member of the United States Air Force, enlisted and/or officer, just as all members of the United States Marine Corps are known as Marines.

In civilian aeronautical usage, an airman is analogous to a seaman in nautical usage. As a gender-specific term, its use is depreciated by some, and is usually replaced with aviator. In U.S. Federal Aviation Administration usage, an airman is the holder of an airman certificate issued by its Airmen Certification Branch.

United States Air Force

In the United States Air Force, Airman (Amn) is the second lowest enlisted rank, just above Airman Basic and below Airman First Class. An Airman Basic is typically promoted to Airman after six months, or if the trainee had 2 years of JROTC, or 20 college credit hours. An Airman's duties include adjusting to military life and becoming proficient in their Air Force specialty. Because of their lone stripe, an Airman is often nicknamed "Mosquito Wings," "Wingnut," or simply "One-Striper."

United States Navy

In the United States Navy, Airman is the non-rated Enlisted rank (E-3) in the Navy's Aviation Field, above Recruit (E-1) and Apprentice (E-2) but below Petty Officer Third Class (E-4).

The following rates (jobs) fall under airman:

United States Coast Guard

In the United States Coast Guard, Airman along with Fireman and Seaman are the non-rated ranks (E-3), above a Recruit and Apprentice but below a petty officer.

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*U.S. Navy enlisted rate insignia
*RAF enlisted ranks
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