Amphoe Chai Buri

Amphoe Chai Buri

name=Chai Buri
province=Surat Thani
capital=Chai Buri

Chai Buri ( _th. ชัยบุรี) is a district ("Amphoe") of Surat Thani Province, Thailand.


The district is located in the south of the province. The main river is the Khlong Thorom , which crosses the district from south to north.

Neighboring districts are Phrasaeng to the north and east, Khao Phanom (Krabi Province) to the south and Plai Phraya (also Krabi) to the west.

At the boundary to Plai Phraya is the Khlong Phraya Wildlife Sanctuary.


On June 5 1981 the minor district ("King Amphoe") Chai Buri was created by splitting off the "tambon" Song Phraek and Chai Buri from the district Phrasaeng [cite journal|journal=Royal Gazette|volume=94|issue=42 ง|pages=754|title=ประกาศกระทรวงมหาดไทย เรื่อง แบ่งท้องที่อำเภอพระแสง จังหวัดสุราษฎร์ธานี ตั้งเป็นกิ่งอำเภอชัยบุรี|url=|date=March 17 1981|language=Thai] . The name was chosen in honor of Khun Chai Buri , the first district officer of Phrasaeng.

The minor district started operation on September 10 1981 with a temporary office in a sermon hall of the temple Wat Samai Suwan , tambon Song Phraek. Wisut Tansutthiwanit became the first leader of the mior district. In 1983 the ministry of interior had chosen two plots of land for the district office building, one in tambon Song Phraek and one in tambon Chai Buri. Though originally the first location was the preferred one, the leader of the minor district, Napha Kanchonkirana , recommended the second site, as the first was prone of floodings and was also not located at the center of the district. In July 1984 the office building in tambon Chai Buri was opened.

On July 4 1994 the minor district was elevated to a district ("amphoe") [cite journal|journal=Royal Gazette|volume=111|issue=21 ก|pages=32–35|title=พระราชกฤษฎีกาตั้งอำเภอเปือยน้อย ... และอำเภอศรีวิไล พ.ศ. ๒๕๓๗|url=|date=June 3 1994|language=Thai] . Niphan Chonwit became the first district officer.


The district is subdivided into 4 subdistricts ("tambon"), which are further subdivided into 37 villages ("muban"). There are no municipal ("thesaban") areas. Each of the tambon is administrated by a Tambon administrative organization (TAO).


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