Earle (surname)

Earle (surname)

Earle is a surname, pronounced 'erl', and may refer to

* Alfred Earle, British air marshal
* Alice Morse Earle
* Augustus Earle, British artist
* Beverly M. Earle, American politician
* Christine Earle
* Elias Earle
* Eyvind Earle, American artist
* Franklin Sumner Earle, biologist
* George Howard Earle III, American politician
* Giles Earle, English collator of songs
* Gordon Earle, Canadian politician
* Horatio Earle, American roads advocate
* J. J. Earle, British scholar of Anglo-Saxon
* Jack Earle, acromegalic American
* Sir James Earle (1755–1817), eighteenth-century British surgeon, renowned for his skill in lithotomy.
* John Earle, English bishop
* John Earle, Australian politician
* John Milton Earle
* Joseph H. Earle
* Mortimer Lamson Earle, American classical scholar
* Ralph Earle, one of several people including
**Ralph Earle (settler)
**Ralph Earle (captain)
**Ralph Earle (artist)
**Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earle
**Ralph Earle (1874-1937), American naval officer
**Ralph Earle (ambassador)
* Robbie Earle, British footballer
* Ronnie Earle, American lawyer and politician
* Steve Earle, American musician
* Sylvia Earle, American oceanographer
* Thomas Earle
* William A. Earle, American philosopher
* Windom Earle, fictional character from "Twin Peaks"

Earle family of New England

*Ralph Earle (settler)

*Ralph Earle (captain)
**Ralph Earl (artist)
***Augustus Earle
***Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earle
**James Earle (painter)

*Pliny Earle (inventor)
**Pliny Earle (physician)
**Thomas Earle
**John Milton Earle

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* [http://worldfamilies.net/surnames/e/earl/ Earle Surname DNA Project]
* Earl (surname)
* Earle
* Earles
* Earl
* List of Old English (Anglo-Saxon) surnames

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