Bani (disambiguation)

Bani (disambiguation)

Bani might mean:

*Bani, sections of Sikh religious texts.
*Bani, Pangasinan, a municipality of the Philippines.
*Baní, a city in the Dominican Republic.
*Bani Department, a department in the Séno Province of Burkina Faso.
*Bani, Bourzanga, Bam, Burkina Faso
*Bani, Séno, Burkina Faso
*Bani, Gnagna, Burkina Faso
*Bani, The Gambia
*"Bani" is the plural of "ban", the subdivision of the Romanian leu and of the Moldovan leu. (1 leu is 100 bani).
*"Banī" (sometimes "Baniū") is Arabic for "the sons of", and appears before the name of a tribal progenitor. For example, "Banī Kinānah" would literally mean "the sons of Kinānah", hence the Kinānah tribe. See Banu (Arabic)
*Bani River, a tributary of the Niger River
*Bani (Carnatic Music) - refers to the style of a musician individually developed by him/her.

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