Tabaco City

Tabaco City

"For the narcotic, see tobacco."

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infoboxtitle = City of Tabaco
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locatormapfile = Ph_locator_albay_tabaco.png caption = Map of Albay showing the location of Tabaco City.
region = Bicol Region (Region V)
province = Albay
districts = 1st district of Albay
barangays = 47
class = 4th class city; partially urban
mayor = Cielo Krisel Lagman-Luistro (Lakas-CMD)
cityhood = March 24, 2001
areakm2 = 117.14
pop2007 = 123,513
popden2000 = 915
coordinates =

Tabaco City is a 4th class city in the province of Albay, Philippines. Mainland Tabaco City borders Malinao to the north, Polangui and Oas to the west, Ligao City to the southwest, Mayon Volcano to the south, Malilipot to the southeast, and Lagonoy Gulf to the east. The island of San Miguel, Bicol, part of the city's territory, is the northwesternmost of Albay's four main islands in the Lagonoy Gulf. Mayon Volcano overlooks the city to the north. The island of San Miguel to the east is under the city's jurisdiction.

According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 123,513 people in 19,599 households.


As recorded in the Estado Geografico Estadistico Historico written in 1805 by Father De Huerta, the recorded history of the city began in 1587 through the missionary work of the Franciscan Fathers. In 1616, Fr. Pedro De Alcareso became the first permanent minister and built a church which was dedicated to the glorious Precursor of our Saviour, St. John the Baptist. Up to the present, St. John the Baptist remained the patron saint.

The President on record, however, was only in 1731, Martin Aguirre. The incumbent, Hon. Krisel Lagman-Luistro, from whom we now address as City Mayor is the 177th to hold the position.

Hon. Krisel Lagman-Luistro introduced House Bill No. 7851, converting the municipality of Tabaco into a component city of the Province of Albay. Senate Bill No. 2244 was sponsored by Sen. Sergio Osmeña III and Sen. Franklin Drilon as its counterpart in the Senate. The Republic Act No. 9020, An Act Converting the Municipality of Tabaco into a Component City of the Province of Albay was signed into Law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last February 5, 2001. The municipality was finally converted into a city after the Plebiscite conducted last March 4, 2001.

The Official Seal was conceived from the legend of how the name “TABACO” came about. It was officially adopted thru Municipal Council Resolution No. 29 on February 23, 1966.

When the Spanish conquistadores landed, they were met by an irately jealous father who thought they were taking away his daughter. At the top of his voice he shouted to his family, “TABAK KO! TABAK KO!” (My bolo! My bolo!). His daughter came running with the bolo waving it to the Spaniards. The Spaniards thought that the fisherman was greeting and welcoming them to his land named “TABACO.” Forthwith, they entered the word TABACO in their catalogue as the name of the place they were exploring.

Geography/ Land Area

The City of Tabaco is located on the eastern coast of Albay province with an area of 117.14 km². Its territory occupies a large part of the mainland which extends from the Lagonoy Gulf to San Miguel Island; an island located a few kilometers to the east. Tabaco Bay bounded the City of Tabaco to the north, the municipality of Malilipot to the south and the municipality of Polangui and the City of Ligao to the west.

The boundaries of the city are characterized by the intersection of two national roads with one traversing the east coast from the southern city of Legazpi and the other originating from Tabaco City going west across the City of Ligao which, in turn, connects with the Manila south road.


The terrain of Tabaco is generally flat. The difference in elevation from the highest point to the lowest point is 5 meters only. Maximum elevation is 13 meters above sea level. The central part of the mainland which is located slightly to the west of the poblacion is generally flat along the national highway going to Ligao City. To the northwesternmost portion from the central mainland, the elevation of the terrain reaches 400 meters above sea level. From the south of the national road to the extreme portion west of the mainland, the elevation continuously rises up to the crater of the Mayon Volcano at an elevation of 2,462 meters.

The San Miguel Island is almost entirely surrounded by groups of small hills. The land level, however, is plain and elevated at about 35 meters above sea level.


City Officials

*Cielo Krisel Lagman-Luistro - City Mayor
*Reynaldo B. Bragais - City Vice-Mayor
*Alexander Phillip V. Demetriou - City Councilor
*Leona P. Martirez - City Councilor
*Lourdes Belangel-Berces - City Councilor
*Ronnel R. Borromeo - City Councilor
*Karen C. Matza - City Councilor
*Julio C. Azada Chua, Jr. - City Councilor
*Noel L. Que - City Councilor
*Alfredo Adalla, Sr. - City Councilor
*Lemuel V. Obed, Sr. - City Councilor
*Nestor T. San Pablo - City Councilor
*Benjamin B. Bron - ABC President
*Raul Angelo B. Bongalon- SKCF President

Department Heads

*Manuel B. Belen - OIC City Administrator
*Veronica B. Barrameda - City Treasurer
*Luis B. Melgar - OIC City Budget Officer
*Preciosa Bautista - OIC City Accountant
*Engr. Juan B. Berces - City Planning and Development Officer
*Engr. Noel S. Bonaobra - City Engineer
*Felipe Juan Imperial - OIC City Assessor
*Engr. Alex C. Binza - OIC City Civil Registrar
*Jaime Bragais - OIC City Agriculturist
*Carmenchita U. Dellova - City Social Welfare and Development Officer
*Dr. Audwin Azada - City Health Officer
*Arch. Jaime B. Borlagdan - City Architect
*Atty. Renato B. Romano - City Legal Officer
*Dominador Reynaldo Martirez - Market Supervisor


*Total Population - 107,166 (2000 Census)
*Male – 54,794
*Female – 52,372
*Number of Households - 19,599
*Population Density - 914 persons per km².
*Annual Growth Rate - 2.16%


The city used to be the province's economic capital. Its economy is still heavily dependent on agriculture. Major crops include rice, corn, rootcrops, vegetables, coconuts and abacá. Poultry and swine raising as well as fishing are other major industries such as cuttlery is very much alive. Tabaco City has the sole international seaport in the region contributing to the city's vibrant economy it is today.


Although the City of Tabaco may not be predominantly agricultural in nature because of its “more developed” state as compared to the neighboring municipalities, agricultural activities are still preset and very much healthy. Major crop are rice, corn, root crops, vegetables, coconuts and abaca.

*Fishing & Aquatic Resources

Shallow Fishing / Municipal / Sustenance – There are sixteen coastal barangays, five in the island of San Miguel and eleven in the mainland of the city. Fishing gears most used are fish net, fish corrals and hook & line.

Deep-Sea Fishing / Commercial – Fishing gears used are ring net (calansisi) and large banca with nets (basnig).



Total forest area is 2,572 hectares.

*Mineral Resources

There are no mineral deposits of any size or consequence that would be of commercial value. The only resource of this type would be sand and gravel that wash down in stream from the Mayon Volcano. These have been a boom to the hollow blocks production and building construction.

*Major Industries

*Woodcraft / Wood Upholstery – furniture and fixtures
*Cutlery / Metal Craft – bolos, scissors, knives, razors, farm implements, window grills, steel gates and tricycle sidecars
*Rattan Craft – furniture and fixtures
*Ceramics – hollow blocks, toilet bowls, floor tiles and reinforced concrete pipes
*Hat & Mat Weaving (made of caragumoy leaves)
*Ship Repair / Building – dry dock facility at Brgy. Salvacion


The City of Tabaco belongs to the second type of climate. It is characterized by no distinct dry season but with a very pronounced maximum rainfall from November to January.

The area has pronounces warmness and humidity throughout the year with a mean temperature of 26.0 degrees Celsius and a humidity range up to 80%.

February is the coldest month with a low of 21.0 degrees Celsius. The warmest temperature is experienced during the month of May with a mean temperature of 27.0 degrees Celsius.

Language / Dialect

Majority of the population speak Bicol dialect. Other languages/dialects spoken are Tagalog, Kapampangan, Waray, Spanish, English and Chinese.


Most are Roman Catholic. The rest are Protestants of various denominations (Baptist, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Philippine Independent Church, Pentecostal, Church of God International) and Islam. There are also a few atheists living here.


Tabaco City is politically subdivided into 47 barangays.Some were severely hit by typhoon "Reming" on November 30, 2006

* Agnas (San Miguel Island) Barangay Captain: Vicente B. Bataller, Jr.
* Bacolod Barangay Captain: Danilo B. Brillantes
* Bangkilingan Barangay Captain: Jose C. Cepcon, Sr.
* Bantayan Barangay Captain: Arsenio B. Biglete
* Baranghawon Barangay Captain: Eduardo C. Borjal
* Basagan Barangay Captain: Elpidio G. Cao
* Basud (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Jaime E. Abaniel, Jr.
* Bogñabong Barangay Captain: Emerita B. Bognalos
* Bombon (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Luis Renir B. Burce
* Bonot Barangay Captain: Aurora B. Bariso
* San Isidro Barangay Captain: Antonio B. Corral
* Buang Barangay Captain: Eusebio B. Lorico
* Buhian Barangay Captain: Wenefredo B. Bronia
* Cabagñan Barangay Captain: Noel B. Bonaobra
* Cobo Barangay Captain: Wilson B. Bondoy
* Comon Barangay Captain: Flaviano B. Bueno
* Cormidal Barangay Captain: Maria Gracia B. Esmenda
* Divino Rostro (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Salvador V. Sabariza, Jr.
* Fatima Barangay Captain: Ruben V. Bualoy
* Guinobat Barangay Captain: Erwin B. Borlagdan
* Hacienda (San Miguel Island) Barangay Captain: Odon B. Bobiles
* Magapo Barangay Captain: Regino B. Broncate
* Mariroc Barangay Captain: Rosita A. Cleofe
* Matagbac Barangay Captain: Reynaldo B. Borromeo
* Oras Barangay Captain: Vicente B. Burce
* Oson Barangay Captain: Clara B. Boringot
* Panal Barangay Captain: Oscar V. Breis, Sr.
* Pawa Barangay Captain: Felicito L. Bon
* Pinagbobong Barangay Captain: Reinerio B. Bonavente
* Quinale Cabasan (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Elmer Uy Gascon
* Quinastillojan Barangay Captain: Josefa B. Cestina
* Rawis (San Miguel Island) Barangay Captain: Preciosisima B. Tango
* Sagurong (San Miguel Island) Barangay Captain: Edwin B. Bora
* Salvacion Barangay Captain: Domingo B. Bataller
* San Antonio Barangay Captain: Asuncion B. Ranola
* San Carlos Barangay Captain: Benjamin B. Bron
* San Juan (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Manolito P. Berces
* San Lorenzo Barangay Captain: Felicitas B. Bongon
* San Ramon Barangay Captain: Danilo B. Bongalbal
* San Roque Barangay Captain: Elias B. Bobiles, Jr.
* San Vicente Barangay Captain: Severino B. Borromeo
* Santo Cristo (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Roderick P. Martires
* Sua-Igot Barangay Captain: Alberto B. Bronia
* Tabiguian Barangay Captain: Lorenzo B. Flores
* Tagas Barangay Captain: Leticia B. Saba
* Tayhi (Pob.) Barangay Captain: Arnulfo B. Onrubia
* Visita (San Miguel Island) Barangay Captain: Pedro B. Boboyo


*Transport Infrastructure


*National Roads - 27.8 km.
*Provincial Roads - 48.47 km.
*Municipal Roads - 10.7855 km.
*Barangay Roads - 74.826 km.


There is no airport facilities of any type located within the city. The nearest airport is in Legazpi City, about 30 kilometers from Tabaco City. There are two commercial airline companies operating in the airport.


The port of Tabaco City is one of the ports of entry open to overseas shipping in the province of Albay. It serves mainly as a passenger and cargo movement facility to the islands of San Miguel, Cagraray, Batan and Rapu-Rapu as well as the Province of Catanduanes and the coastal town of Camarines Sur.

*Transport Facilities

*Sea Transport Operators

Ferry Boat Schedules and Destination

*M/V Eugenia departs at 5:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. from Virac, Catanduanes to Tabaco City. Fare: Php 70.00 Ordinary, and Php 100.00 for Aircon
*M/V Regina Calixta departs at 6:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M. from San Andres, Catanduanes to Tabaco City. Fare: Php 70.00 Ordinary, and Php 100.00 for Aircon
*M/V Star Ferry departs at 9:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. from Tabaco City to Virac, CatanduanesFare: Php 70.00 Ordinary, and Php 100.00 for Aircon

*Candano Shipping Lines, Inc. – Candano Bldg., Ziga Ave.; Tel. Nos. 558-2115, Fax No. 558-2257 BTTI

*Land Transport Operators

*Bound to Manila: (Integrated Bus Terminal – Rizal St.)

Aircon Buses

*Cagsawa Tours – Tel. No. 487-7191, 487-5318 (Main Office); Contact Person: Glo BermalDestination: Cubao / Ermita
*Royal Elite departs at 4:30 pm, fare Php 900.
*Royal Class departs at 5:30 pm, fare Php 800.
*Business Class departs at 5:00 pm, fare Php 700.

*Executive Carrier – Contact No. 0928-4234846; Contact Person: Imelda Macalinao

Destination: Cubao / Pasay / Baclaran

Departure: 5:00 P.M.

Fare: Php 700.00

*Gold Line Tours, Inc. – Contact Nos. 487-4527, 0920-8602405; Contact Person: Rochelle de los SantosDestination: Cubao / Alabang / Monumento / Magallanes Business Class Business Class w/ C.R.

Departure: 5:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M.

Fare: Php 700.00 Php 750.00

*Raymond Transportation – Tel. No. 830-2880; Contact Person: Rosemarie Manjare

Destination: Cubao / Sampaloc / Alabang

Departure: 5:00 P.M.

Fare: Php 700.00

*RSL Bus Transport Corporation – Tel. No. 487-5406; Contact Person: Gie Bercillo

Destination: Alabang / Ermita / Cubao / Magallanes

Departure: 4:30 P.M.

Fare: Php 760.00

*PhiltrancoDestination: Alabang / Pasay / Cubao
*29-Seater Aircon departs at 5:30 pm (night trip) Fare:Php 1,000.00
*Ordinary Aircon departs at departs at 7:00 am (day trip), and 5:30 pm (night trip)Fare: Php 750.00

Other buses bound to Manila are TAWTRASCO, St. Jude, JVH, RJ Transit, Antonina Line and A. Bragais Liner

Departure: every hour from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Fare: Php 350.00

Bound to Legazpi and Naga City (Transport Operators)

S.M. Buban Line / St. Jude Transit

J.Y.Q. Line, Inc. – James Cua

E. Perol Liner – Eddie Perol

RJ Transit – Roberto Diaz

TAWTRASCO – Olivia Barcebal

Buses bound to Manila 20

Buses bound to Naga 35

Buses bound to Legazpi 21


Registered motorized tricycle 632 (Routes: different barangays and neighboring municipalities)

Pedicabs 2,083 (Routes within the poblacion)

Jeepney Routes 153 (from Tabaco City, vice versa)

1. Legazpi via Diversion 20.00

2. Bacacay 16.50

3. San Francisco 7.00

4. Malinao 7.00

5. Tagoytoy 7.00

6. Baybay 7.00

7. Soa 8.00

8. Mayong 18.75

9. Ligao (proper) 32.00

10. Bantayan 12.00

11. San Isidro 8.00

12. Bonot / Buhian 16.00 – 18.00

13. Nagsipit 10.00

14. Legaspi via Sto. Domingo 20.00

15. Malilipot 7.00

16. San Roque / Canaway 8.00

17. Matalipni 8.00

18. Jonop 7.00

19. Estancia / Labnig 7.00 – 8.00

20. Tiwi 12.00

21. Joroan 15.00

22. Amtic 9.00

23. Oras 8.50

24. Oson / Magapo 8.00

25. Comon 7.00


*Hotels / Resorts / Homestay

1. Casa Eugenia Hotel & Restaurant – Tagas, Tabaco City; Contact Nos. 830-0425 / 487-5514, 0916-4156781; email address:

Number of Rooms: 12

Features: air-conditioned rooms, cable TV, hot/cold shower, dining set, balcony, standby generator, bar, restaurant, disco & ballroom, videoke, function hall, professional reflexologist, welcome breakfast, airport assistance

Rates:Junior Suite 1,300.00

Executive Suite 1,600.00

Celebrity Suite 1,700.00

Ambassador Suite 2,000.00

Presidential Suite 2,200.00

Emperor Suite 2,400.00

Royal Suite 2,600.00

*Residence Hotel – Ziga Avenue, Brgy. Basud, Tabaco City;

*Gardenia Hotel – Riosa St., Quinale, Tabaco City; Tel. Nos. 487-8019; Contact Person: Albert Abraham

Features: air-conditioned rooms, cable TV, hot/cold shower, restaurant, function hall, elevator service

Standard 950.00

De Luxe 1,050.00

Rose Suite 1,700.00

Orchid Suite 1,700.00

*Sleep-Easy Lodging House – A.A. Berces St., Tabaco City; Tel. No. (052)830-3220/558-2705; Cellphone No. +639274022929

Features: air-conditioned rooms, multi-cabled TV, some rooms with hot/cold shower, 24-hour security, professional reflexologist (upon request), safety deposit box, rent-a-car service, laundry & pressing service, air & land booking and reconfirmation, standby generator, tourist information and wake-up service, internet cafe & free WIFI-connections.


Classic (1 semi-double bed, w/ air-con, TV & shower) 2 persons P850.00

De Luxe (1 semi-double bed, w/ air-con, TV, warm & cold shower & some rooms w/ mini-balcony) 2 persons P1,050.00

Executive (1 semi-double bed & 1-single bed, w/ air-con, TV, warm &cold shower, & bath tub) 3 persons P1,500.00

Family Suite (2 semi-double bed, air-con,TV, mini-ref, warm & cold shower, bath tub, & w/ mini-balcony) 4 persons P1,800.00

Extra Person (w/ or w/o extra bed) 300.00

*Carolyn A – Zone 6, San Roque, Tabaco City; Tel. No. 830-0169; Contact Person – Ms. Reynilda Aytona

Features: swimming pool, videoke bar, piano bar, conference hall


Single bed w/ aircon, cable TV 600.00

Double bed w/ aircon, cable TV 750.00

Double bed w/ aircon, cable TV, personal ref 800.00

Double bed w/ wide space, aircon, cable TV, personal ref 850.00

*Dhio Endheka Spring Resort – Mayon Crossing, Buang, Tabaco City; Tel. Nos. 487-5025, 487-4127; Contact Person – Ms. Herminia Alberto

Features: swimming pool, cottages, airconditioned rooms

*Tago Inn – Salvacion, Tabaco City; Tel. Nos. 487-6886 / 830-1175; Contact Person – Joel L. Que

Features: small bar, some air-conditioned rooms, cable TV, videoke house

Ordinary 300.00 overnight 200.00 short-time (3 hours)

De Luxe 600.00 overnight 250.00 short-time (3 hours)

*Silvercrest Travel Lodge – San Lorenzo, Tabaco City

Features: air-conditioned rooms, cable TV

*Q Place – San Roque, Tabaco City; Tel. No. 487-6988; Contact Person – Noel L. Que

Ordinary 270.00 overnight 170.00 short-time (3 hours)

De Luxe 520.00 / 24 hours420.00 overnight 220.00 short-time (3 hours)

*Maevin Inn

*Lusavill Dormitory

*BUTC Dormitory

Travel Agencies / Tour Operators

Indigo Travel and Tours, Unit 1, Hannie GMI, Ziga Avenue, Bombon, Tabaco City Tel. No. 8300610

Dining Facilities

Central Metro Trade Distributors, Inc. / LCC Food GardenTomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. No. 830-0140; Antonio Tan

ECL Foods & Catering Corp.Tomas Cabile Ave.

Benjo’s Pizza / Graceland Industries, Inc. – offers pizza and rice mealsZiga Ave.; Tel No. 830-2020, 487-7000Manager: Mr. Brendo Sacriz

JollibeeZiga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-7555; Contact Person – Esperanza Blanquera

Abing’s Food HouseTomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. Nos. 830-2800, 487-5370; Contact Person – Crisanta Diaz

ChowkingZiga Ave.

Solamente Bar and RestaurantKarangahan Blvd.

Nok’s Lechon Manok and RefreshmentLlorente St.; Tel. Nos. 830-1288; Contact Person – Noel L. Que

Ice Blink Halo-Halo and FastfoodCor. Gen. Luna St. and Llorente St.; Contact Person – Cecilia B. Realizan, for phone orders dial (52)487-5089

E.F. Palace RestaurantRiosa St.; Tel. Nos. 830-1040, 558-2087; Contact Person – Estrella S. Chan

Paayahayan RestaurantRuivivar St. Cor. Luna St.; Contact Person – Ms. Carmelita Obed

Andok’s Lechon ManokZiga Ave.

Entertainment / Sports/ Recreational

1. Metro Star Superama, Inc. – Tomas Cabiles St.

2. Romlink Computers and Ink - Llorente St. Armenta Bldg.; Tel. No. 830-3379

3. Tabaco Sports Arena – Pawa, Tabaco City

4. Reymundo Ortiz Cockpit Coliseum – Matagbac

5. V.L.M. Billiard Hall – 796 Arellano St.; Russell Macabeo

6. Gloss & Glitter Disco & Restaurant – Ziga Ave.; Joaquin Pablo Guarte

7. Fastfood & Videoke – Demetriou St.; Estrella Camato

8. Billiard Hall – Riosa St.; Solon Demetriou

9. A.P.P. Amusement Center – Bombon; Altogenes Parcia

10. JLM Billiard Hall – 796 Arellano St.

11. Videoke Amusement Center – Riosa St.; Ricardo Samonte

12. Gem Disco Club & Videoke – Pier Site; Gerry Besino

13. Videoke Bar – A.A. Berces St.; Mark John Belen

14. Mega Disco Club – Pier Site; Elmer Teves

15. Ester-Cel Foodhauz & Videoke – Demetriou St.; Estrella Camato

16. CNN Mega Disco Ballroom, KTV & Restaurant – A..U. Bett’s St.; Tel. No. 487-5398

17. City Plaza & Children’s Playground

18. Jamaica Mansions Clubhouse – Panal

hopping Centers / Souvenir Shops

1. Liberty Commercial Center (LCC) – Ziga Ave. cor. A.A. Berces St. & Tomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. Nos. 487-5469, 487-5499, 487-5315

2. Oriental Bazar – Ziga Ave.; Edilberto Tang

3. Tabaco Royal Bazar – Demetriou St.; Tel. No. 487-5360; Joel L. Que

4. Borlagdan Native Products – Rizal St.; Sergio Borlagdan

5. Borlasa Native Products – Gen. Luna St.; Maria Borlaza

6. Boncolmo Native Products – Rizal St.; Hospicio Boncolmo

7. Ayzariz Flower n’ Shop – Tagas; Salome Bulawan

8. Santos Benditahan Store – Gen. Luna St.

9. F.C. Cutlery – Baranghawon; Felix Cabais

10. Mayon Pilinut Candies – Riosa St.; Jannette Susa

11. Boy & Joy Native Product – Rizal St., Angela Boncolmo

12. P.J. Borlagdan’s Store – Rizal St.; Pederito Borlagdan

13. Brosa’s Native Product – Rizal St.; Ma. Digna Brosas

14. Nena’s Native Product – Magdalina Custodio

15. Maralit Cutlery – Gen. Luna St.; Florenda Maralit

16. Bicol Cutlery Product – Gen. Luna St.

17. Lucky 9

18. 2 Cents Boutique

19. Novo Jeans & Shirts

Meetings, Conventions & Exhibition Facilities

1. Pastoral Center – Ziga Ave.

2. Edson Parklane – Bombon; Tel. No. 558-2273; Ed Diaz

3. Grace Venue – Bocalbos St.

4. LCC Concourse – Tomas Cabiles Ave.

5. Abing’s II – Karangahan Blvd.; Tel. No. 830-2095; Jaime Diaz

6. TNHS Lagman Hall

7. DBPMCF Gymnasium

8. Jamaica Mansions Clubhouse – Panal

9. Carolyn A – San Roque

10. Teja Function Hall, Cormidal

Other Support Facilities


1. Land Bank of the PhilippinesRiosa St.; Tel. No. 487-5182, 830-0058; Manager: Leonora A. Areola

2. Philippine National BankZiga Ave. cor. Bonifacio St.; Tel. No. 487-5053, 830-0125; Manager: Vicente U. Bermejo

3. Bank of the Philippine IslandGround Floor, Cambare Bldg., Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-5312, 558-2032; Manager: Raul D. Gonzales

4. Rizal Commercial Banking CorporationZiga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-7042, 830-0112, 435-0831; Ms. Alma B. Planes

5. Bicol Development BankRiosa St.; Tel. No. 488-1386, 830-1058; Manager: Mrs. Nanny D. Abesa

6. Equitable-PCI BankZiga Ave.; Manager: Jester Cedo

7. MetrobankLlorente St. cor. Gen. Luna St.; Manager: Ms. Ma. Cynthia Azada Chua

8. Legazpi Savings and Loan BankZiga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-7122, 830-0328; Manager: Mrs. Jenniefer B. Borres

*Communication Facilities

1. Bayantel – Santillan St.

2. Digital Telecommunications Phils., Inc. (Digitel) – Rizal St.; Tel. No. 830-1130

3. Mayon Telephone Corp. (MATELCO) – Llorente St.

4. Bicol Telephone & Telegraph, Inc. (BTTI) – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 558-2002 / 558-2001; Manager: Ms. Norma A. Pelaez

5. DOTC – cor. Gen. Luna and Villaruel Sts.

6. Kayumanggi Radio Network, Inc. – Ziga Ave.; Ferdinand Tongo, Jr.

7. Smart Cellsite – Cormidal

8. Globe Cellsite – Bangkilingan

9. LBC Express, Inc. – Castillon Bldg., Riosa St.; Allan Lozada

10. RCPI – Santillan St.

11. Philippine Telegraph & Telephone Corp. – Riosa St.

12. JRS Business Corporation – Riosa St.

13. Prieto Forwarders – Tagas; Simeon M. Prieto

14. Red Point Copy Center – Llorente St.; Tel. No. 830-0104

15. Pol-Net Internet Café – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-5779

16. Carolyn A Internet Café – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 830-1284

17. Cyber Havoc – Rizal St.; Tel. No. 830-1545

18. Renew Computing Center – A.A. Berces St.; Tel. No. 830-0808

19. Digital Internet Café – Tagas; Tel. Nos. 830-1818, 830-1535; Jolito Reyes

20. San Vicente Computer Center – Llorente St.; Tel. No. 487-4431

21. Hangout Café – Rizal St.; Norlita Bertumen

22. Mi Jardin Internet Café

23. EDSELFILES studios []


A. Tertiary / Vocational / Technical Schools

*Pacific Technical Institute – Tagas
*Polytechnic Institute of Tabaco – Panal
*Bicol Maritime Technical Colleges Foundation – Rizal St.
*Dr. Carlos S. Lanting College, Inc. / Casaul Technological College, Inc. – Tomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. No. 487-4393; Ms. Yolanda Brugada
*Computer Communication Development Institute – Gen. Luna St.; Felix Alfelor, Jr.
*Perpetual Help Paramedical College – Tagas
*Tabaco College – Tomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. Nos. 830-1245, 487-5443; Atty. Antonio Biglaen
*Bicol University Tabaco Campus – Tayhi; Tel. no. 830-0012
*Daniel B. Peña Memorial College Foundation – Ziga Ave.; Tel. Nos. 487-5671, 487-5771
*Amando Cope College, School of Nursing – Baranghawon
*MTC Academy

B. Secondary School

*Tabaco National High School – Panal; Tel. No. 487-4293
*Bantayan National High School
*San Antonio National High School
*San Lorenzo National High School – Tel. No. 830-0554
*Bogñabong National High School
*Mariroc National High School
*Comon National High School
*Hacienda National High School
*San Miguel National High School – Visita
*St. Gregory the Great Seminary – Panal; Tel. Nos. 487-4123, 487-4884
*St. Louise de Marillac School – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 558-2363; Sis. Eva Vargas
*Tabaco Pei Ching School – Tomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. No. 830-0141
*Daniel B. Peña Memorial College Foundation – Ziga Ave.

C. Elementary School

*Holy Family School and Development Center – Panal; Tel. No. 487-4012
*Ezer Foundation School of Tabaco
*Tabaco Adventist Multigrade – San Ramon
*Tabaco Christian Elementary School – Bombon
*St. Nichol’s Learning Center – Bombon
*Good Shepherd School – San Juan
*Sofia Development Center for Children – Karangahan Blvd.; Ma. Cecilia Fernandez

Tabaco North District – Bombon; Tel. No. 487-4303; Ms. Elizabeth Binalinbing

*Tabaco North Central Elementary School
*Bantayan ES
*Bonot ES
*Buang ES
*Buhian ES
*Magapo ES
*Mariroc ES
*Matagbac ES
*Nagsipit ES
*Oras ES
*Oson ES
*Tabaco Northwest Central Elementary School
*Pawa ES
*Pinagbobong ES
*Quinastillojan ES
*San Antonio ES
*San Carlos ES
*San Isidro ES
*San Vicente ES
*Sua-Igot ES
*Tabiguian ES

Tabaco South District – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-7112; Ms. Luzviminda R. Pacheco

*Tabaco South Central Elementary School
*Agñas ES
*Baranghawon ES
*Comon ES
*Fatima ES
*Hacienda ES
*Malictay ES
*Rawis ES
*Basud ES
*Bogñabong ES
*Cabangan ES
*Cobo ES
*Sagurong ES
*San Lorenzo ES
*San Miguel ES
*San Ramon ES
*San Roque ES

D. Others / Nursery

*Sofia Learning Center – Karangahan Blvd.
*Karen Art & Music Studio – Karangahan Blvd.; Narceda Sybil
*Tabaco Creative Learning Center – Tagas
*St. Anne Montissory School – Tagas
*Colors – Bombon
*Evangelical Learning Center – Tagas
*St. Nichols Learning Center – Bombon
*Wilfred Learning Center
*Holy Cross Nursery

*Fire Station

1. The Tabaco City Fire Station, Bureau of Fire Protection is located in Ziga Ave. A total of fifteen fire officers serve in the local fire department, including the City Fire Marshall.Tel. No. 830-1554; Sr. Insp. Achilles M. Santiago

2. The local mall (LCC) has its own volunteer fire brigade that helps the fire department in extending its services to the residents of Tabaco.

3. Tabaco Chinese-Filipino Volunteer Fire BrigadeTel. No. 830-7766, 487-7766

*Gasoline Station

1. Caltex / Stargaz Gasoline Station – Ziga Ave. cor. Herrera St.; Tel. No. 830-1924; Nelia T. San Pablo

2. Shell Station – Ziga Ave.; Nelson B. Morales

3. Petron Service Station – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-7668; Simeon Sy

4. Gasoline Station – San Carlos; Johnson Sy

5. Maritime Petron Gasoline Station – Pier Site; Tel. No. 487-5328; Jesus Berces

*Hospitals / Medical Institution / Pharmacy

1. Lorenzo Ziga Memorial Hospital – Karangahan Blvd.; Tel. Nos. 487-4291, 830-1364, 830-0554

2. Cabredo Medical Clinic & General Hospital – Bocalbos St.; Tel. No. 487-7072; Dr. Juan Cabredo III

3. Amando Cope Memorial Hospital – Ruivivar St.; Tel. No. 487-5282; Armando D. Cope

4. Jaime Berces Memorial Hospital – Demetriou St.; Tel Nos. 830-1160, 487-5094

5. Rico Hospital – J.B. Berces St.; Tel. No. 487-5002; Dr. Pedro Rico

6. Berango Hospital – Riosa St.; Tel. No. 487-5125; Dr. Tomasa Berango

7. City Health Unit I – Rizal St.; Tel. No. 487-5362; Dr. Audwin Azada

8. City Health Unit II – Visita, San Miguel Island

9. Tabaco Puericulture Center – cor. Gen. Luna and Ruivivar Sts.

10. Abainza Medical Clinic – San Lorenzo

11. Firaza / Alvares Medical Clinic – Basud

12. Brusela’s Clinic – Basud

13. Grace Lao Clinic – Basud; Tel. No. 487-6578

14. Buban Clinic – Quinale

15. Binalla Clinic - Quinale

16. Vivar / Tanchuling Clinic – Quinale

17. St. Terese Clinic

18. Brizuela’s Medical & Dental Clinic – Cruel Bldg., Demetriou St.; Tel. No. 487-5101

19. Dr. Tina Bigornia – Ziga Ave.; Tel No. 487-7165

20. Geno Medical Clinic – San Juan

21. Golekoh Clinic – San Juan

22. Evelyn Cua – San Juan

23. Family Drug Medical Clinic

24. Infant Jesus Medical Clinic – San Juan

25. Lopecillo Medical Clinic – Bombon

26. Irene Dyangko Medical & Dental Clinic – Tayhi; Tel No. 487-5403

27. Fortuno Clinic – Karangahan Blvd.

28. Polyclinic- Basud

29. Children & Babies’ Clinic – Karangahan Blvd.

30. Community Health Care Center – Karangahan Blvd.; Tel. No. 487-7237

31. Manzano Medical Clinic – Bombon

32. Child Sponsorship for Community Development – Quinale

33. St. Therese Clinic – cor. A. Bonifacio & Gen. Luna Sts.; Dr. Ma. Teresa Nieves-Romano and Dr. Edwin Lino B. Romano

34. Nanette Ang Dy – Morayta St.

35. Sylvia Prado – Demetriou St.

36. Ma. Julia Reyes – Demetriou St.

37. Ma. Thielda Bruces Canafe – Chavez Bldg., Ruivivar St. cor. Ziga Ave.

38. Marilou Compuesto – Tomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. No. 487-5596

39. Diogenes Bien Dental Clinic – Arellano St.; Tel. No. 487-4012

40. Bien’s Clinic – San Juan; Dr. Generoso Bien

41. Nemia Clemena Bron Dental Clinic – Quinale

42. Perez Dental Clinic – Quinale

43. Basmayor Dental Clinic

44. Cultivo Clinic

45. Josefa Bigornia Clinic

46. Bigcas Clinic

47. Esquela Clinic

48. Melit Brondial Duran Dental Clinic – Panal

49. Rosario Dental Clinic – Tagas

50. Raon Dental Clinic – Basud

51. Aramburo Dental Clinic

52. Lopez Dental Clinic – Tayhi

53. Miranda Dental Clinic – Ziga Ave.

54. Unisia Drug – Gen. Luna St.; Tel. No. 487-5581, 830-1238; Marilou Pielago

55. Unisia Drug – Santillan St.; Tel. No. 487-7073

56. Mercury Drug / Bicolandia Drug Corp. – cor. Ziga Ave. and Bocalbos S.; Tel. No. 487-7189, 558-2055

57. New South Star Drug – Santillan St.

58. Tabaco Drug – Demetriou St.

59. Farmacia Arcilla – Ziga Ave.; Tel. No. 487-7412; Eduardo A. Arcilla

60. St. J. Pharmacy – Ziga Ave.; Nanette A. Dy

61. Vicor Pharmacy – Gen. Luna St.; Vicente Benig

62. Buenaventura Optical Clinic

63. Surara Optical Clinic

64. Acebedo Optical Clinic – Tomas Cabiles Ave.

65. Dr. Juan Amiel Cerdino – Riosa St.; Tel. No. 487-5175

66. Tabaco College Hospital – Tomas Cabiles Ave.; Tel. No. 830-1290

67. ERL Pharma

*Newspaper Agencies

1. Bunyog Bicol Publications, Inc. – Kare Subdivision

All the major national daily newspapers and magazines are available in the community. The major newspapers are transported to Tabaco via Daily Overland Corporation. There are four regional newspapers circulating in the city namely Bicol Reporter, Bicol Tribune, Naga Newsdays and the Peryodiko Bikol. All of these are weekly newspapers.

*Police & Law Enforcement

1. Tabaco Police Force

The Philippine National Police (PNP), Tabaco City Station is manned by five police officers and seventy-five police NCO’s (non-commissioned officers), located at Llorente St., at the back of the City Hall, headed by Police Chief Superintendent Jose Lipa Capinpin . Tel. No. 487-5226

2. PNP CID Regional Office

Assisting the city police in its drive against criminality is the PNP Criminal Investigation & Detection Group Tabaco Regional Sub-Office. The station is under the direct command of the Provincial Officer and serves the first district of Albay.

3. Tabaco City Jail

The Tabaco City District Jail is situated at Burac St., San Lorenzo, Tabaco City, three kilometers away from the city proper. The jail structure is composed of six (6) operation cells. It is manned by two BJMP officers and twenty non-officer ranks. Tel. No. 830-1554

*Radio Station

91.3 FM One Radio – Chavez Bldg., Ziga Ave.

102.7 Hot FM (Airwaves Broadcasting Services) – Tel. No. 830-1980; Contact Person: Irene Goyena

DWTC FM Radio – T. Cabiles Ave.

The city receives signal from all the major radio stations from Legazpi City and even Naga City in Camarines Sur.

*TV Station

There is one TV relay station operating in the city (ABS-CBN). However it gets TV signal from stations nearby Legazpi City. Tabaco City does have two cable stations:

1. Estevez Cable (ESTV) – Llorente St.

2. Ultra Vision Cable TV – Happy Homes Subd., Tagas; Tel. Nos. 487-6210, 830-0418; Contact Person: Danilo Tria


1. Tabaco Port (International Port of Entry)

2. Mayon Skyline Hotel and Convention Center – Buang

3. Mayon Planetarium and Science Park – Buang

4. San Lorenzo Beach Resort – San Lorenzo

5. Punta Island Beach Resort – Rawis, San Miguel Island; Contact Person: Elena Partinio and John Taylor

6. Oras Falls – Mt. Masaraga

7. Hacienda Long Beach Resort – Hacienda, San Miguel Island

8. Jennifer’s Garden and Resort – Bantayan

9. Dhio Endheka Spring Resort – Mayon Crossing, Buang

10. San Miguel Island

11. San Miguel Island Marine Fishery Reserve – Sagurong, San Miguel Island; Contact Person: Nestor Benito

12. Natunawan Cove

13. Roman Catholic Church (St. John the Baptist Parish) – San JuanNational Landmark per PD 260, August 1, 1993

Built: 1864

Completed: 1879

Events / Festival

1. Charter Day/ Founding anniversary of Tabaco as a city - March 24

2. Tabak Festival – June 16

3. City Fiesta (Feast Day of St. John the Baptist) – June 24

4. Holy Week CelebrationStations of the Cross pilgrimage - Good Friday

5. Barangay Santacruzan

Tourism-Oriented Organizations

*Tabaco City Tourism Council – Ms. Erlinda Bron, Chairman

Tourism Culture

1. Crime Rate (July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2007)

Crime Volume: 54

Solved: 53

Crime Solution Efficiency: 98.1%

Index Crime: 30%

Non-Index Crime 24%

Theft (9) %

Murder (6) %

Rape (6) %

Violation of Presidential Decree 1866 (5)

Codifying the Laws on Illegal/Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, Dealing in, Acquisition or Disposition, of Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives or Instruments Used in the Manufacture of Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives, and Imposing Stiffer Penalties for Certain Violations Thereof and for Relevant Purposes.

Robbery (4) %

Violation of Republic Act No. 1602 (3)

Homicide (3) %

Physical Injury (2) %

Frustrated Homicide (1) %

Attempted Homicide (1) %

Violation of Republic Act No. 9262 (1)

Violation of Republic Act No. 9165 (1)

An Act Instituting the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002, Repealing Republic Act No. 6425, Otherwise Known as the Dangerous Drug Act of 1972, As Amended, Providing Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes.

Grave Threats (1)

Kidnapping (1)

Maltreatment (1)

Act of Lasciviousness (1)

Concubinage (1)

Environment & Cleanliness

In dealing with solid waste disposal, the City of Tabaco has adopted the usual means of dumping garbage in an open-pit dumpsite. Garbage is collected from each barangay in the poblacion daily. The city has four garbage trucks and four compactor to ensure that the garbage is collected and disposed in the waste disposal site located at Pinagbobong, 4 km. distance from the central business district.

External links

* [ Official web page]
* [ Tabaco City profile on the Albay official website]
* [ Philippine Standard Geographic Code]
* [ 2000 Philippine Census Information]

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