Migration RPG

Migration RPG

Migration RPG is an IBM RPG II compatible compiler designed to run under the OpenVMS operating system.



Created by Native Software

Migration RPG had its beginnings in 1982 with a small company called Native Software, Inc., located in Richmond, Virginia. Original planning and preliminary development were targeted at supporting IBM RPG II applications on Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) PDP-11 systems. This strategy was quickly revised in 1983 to support the porting of RPG II applications to DEC VAX systems under the VMS operating system.

DEC began actively marketing the compiler in 1986 as part of their competitive migration program to attract IBM VAR's to its VAX platform. Product development continued, with features added to match those being added to IBM RPG II as well as extended features to better integrate the product with OpenVMS.

DEC Takes Over

In 1989, DEC acquired Migration RPG from Native Software. DEC's Center for Migration Services (CMS) oversaw Migration RPG and its ongoing development. The product was briefly renamed VAX RPG, but this conflicted with a native DEC product called VAX RPG II, so its Migration RPG moniker was returned. VAX RPG II was subsequently retired and Migration RPG offered as a migration path for VAX RPG II users.

Migration RPG entered a state of limbo in 1992 when DEC closed the CMS.

Acquired by Migration Specialties

Migration RPG was acquired from DEC by Migration Specialties International, Inc. in 1995. Migration Specialties immediately ported Migration RPG to the DEC Alpha platform and continued product development. In 2004, Migration RPG was ported to the HP Integrity platform. All versions of Migration RPG are cross-platform and upwardly compatible.

Migration RPG Today

Migration RPG is actively supported by Migration Specialties on VAX, Alpha, Integrity, CHARON-VAX, CHARON-AXP, FutureVAX and NuVAX processors running OpenVMS. It has been used to successfully port RPG applications to OpenVMS from the following platforms:

-- Burroughs * DEC VAX (VAX RPG II)* IBM System/3 * IBM System/34 * IBM System/36 * Sperry UNIVAC * WANG * DEC PDP-11 * IBM System/360 * IBM DOS/VS * Unisys --


In 1991, in a classic case of corporate miscommunication, Digital's Center for Migration Services was instructed to prepare for the transition of VAX RPG II customers to Migration RPG in anticipation of the retirement of VAX RPG II. As part of the program to ease customer transitions, Migration RPG compatibility with VAX RPG II was enhanced and Migration RPG was renamed VAX RPG. When at the eleventh hour the VAX RPG II transfer to a third party was announced, Migration RPG was reassigned its old name. However, by this time versions 1.0 and 2.0 of VAX RPG had already been released. Thus was created the confusion in product names that persists to this day. VAX RPG II is the product developed internally by Digital. VAX RPG is Migration RPG under a different name.

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