École élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie

École élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie

name= École élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie

streetaddress= 150 Carnforth Road
city= North York
province= Ontario
postalcode= M4A 2K7
areacode= 416
phone= 397-2080
fax= 397-2084
url= http://jeannelajoie.csdcso.on.ca/
schoolnumber= 282260
schoolboard= CSDCSO
affiliation= none
principal= Aline Labelle
viceprincipal= Jocelyne Auger
schooltype= Elementary school
grades= K-6
language= French
enrollment= 357 (October 30 2005)
lastupdate= March 19 2006

École élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie is a French first language elementary school located in North York, Ontario, Canada. It serves the French population of the GTA.

Other schools with similar names

There are several other schools in Ontario with similar names, all of which are Roman Catholic schools located in Pembroke:
* École élémentaire catholique Jeanne-Lajoie
* École intermédiaire Jeanne-Lajoieoui
* École secondaire catholique Jeanne-Lajoie

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* [http://jeannelajoie.csdcso.on.ca/ http://jeannelajoie.csdcso.on.ca/]
* [http://www.top-free-forums.com/forums/?mforum=ecoles Association des parents sur Internet --des écoles Jeanne Lajoie et Étienne-Brûlé Toronto Canada]

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