Naraka dynasty

Naraka dynasty

The Naraka dynasty is a mythological dynasty of Assam that has been sourced to mentions in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Kalika Purana, the Yogini Tantra and local lore. There are no indications when they might have ruled, but they are probably true rulers whose accounts have been greatly exaggerated. At the very least, the local lore and the incorporation in various texts indicate they were powerful rulers from the past.

The dynasty was established by Narakasura by removing the last of the Danava dynasty of Pragjotisha. The suffix -asura indicates they were non-vedic at least, though in all probability, they were aborigines. The exploits of the king Naraka take place over a wide mythological period, and in many differing contexts. Thus it is possible that Naraka might refer to different historical persons. The last ruler, Suparua, was killed by his ministers.


  • Narakasura
  • (Many Narakas)
  • Bhagadatta
  • Vajradatta
  • Vajrapani
  • ...
  • Subahu
  • Suparua


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