Prussia (disambiguation)

Prussia (disambiguation)

Prussia ( _de. Preußen or "Preussen") can mean:

Prussia up to 18th century:
*Prussia (region), a historical region along the Baltic Sea, that gave name to the later Kingdom of Prussia
**Old Prussians, extinct Baltic tribes, having lived in that region
**Old Prussian language, extinct language of the Old Prussians
*Teutonic State, founded in that region by the Teutonic order
*Prussian Confederation, an alliance of German Hanseatic cities in Prussia who rebelled against the Teutonic Knights
*Royal Prussia, a province of the Polish Crown, created by separating Prussia into two parts in 1466
*Duchy of Prussia, a duchy established in the eastern part of Prussia in 1525
*Brandenburg-Prussia, a state created by the personal union of the Duchy of Prussia and the Margraviate of Brandenburg

Prussia since 18th century
*Prussia, a former German state (1701–1871) originating in Brandenburg-Prussia
**Kingdom of Prussia, a kingdom established in Brandenburg-Prussia (1701-1918)
**Free State of Prussia, a state in Germany (1918-1945) after the abolition of the Kingdom of Prussia
**Prussian Army, army of the Kingdom of Prussia
**Prussian Navy, navy of the Kingdom of Prussia
**Prussian Military Academy

Administrative divisions named "Prussia" of kingdom and free state of Prussia:
*East Prussia, a province of the Kingdom of Prussia, created by uniting former Ducal Prussia and Warmia in 1773
**High Prussian, German dialect in East Prussia
**Low Prussian, German dialect in East Prussia
*West Prussia, a province of the Kingdom of Prussia, annexed from Poland in 1772 (former Royal Prussia)
*Province of Prussia, a province of the Kingdom of Prussia, created by uniting East and West Prussia (1824/29-1878)
*Posen-West Prussia, a province of the Free State of Prussia (1922-1938) (part of former West Prussia which stayed with Germany)
*West Prussia (region), administrative region of the province of East Prussia (1920-1938) (the other rest of former West Prussia)

An aftermath of Prussia:
*Prussian Trust, German expellee company

Derived names and terms

*Prussian blue (disambiguation)
*Preußisch (disambiguation)
*Borussia (disambiguation)

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