Dummy may refer to:

  • Military dummy:
    • dummy round—a cartridge that is inert, i.e. contains neither primer nor gunpowder
    • decoy—fake military equipment intended to deceive the enemy
  • Crash test dummy, a full-scale replica of a human being, weighted and articulated to simulate the behavior of a human body in an accident
  • Fake, a thing or non living substance that is fraudulent or counterfeit in nature
  • Dummy, a term in British English and Australia for an artificial nipple given to an infant or other young child to suck upon, also known as a pacifier
  • Steam dummy, or dummy engine, was a steam engine made to resemble a railroad passenger coach
  • deaf and dumb, a non-speaking, non-hearing deaf-mute person
  • Mannequin, model of the human body used for a variety of purposes
  • Ventriloquist's dummy
  • Forgery
  • Dummy purchaser, a type of agent
  • Pacifier, called a dummy or soother in some countries

In language and literature:

  • Dummy pronoun, formally expletive pronoun or pleonastic pronoun, a type of pronoun used in non-pro-drop languages such as English
  • For Dummies, series of instructional books

In sports:

  • In the card game of contract bridge, the partner of the player who wins the auction
  • Dummy reversal, technique in contract bridge to draw the opponents' remaining trump cards
  • Dummy Hoy, an American center fielder in Major League Baseball
  • Dummy (football), an association football (soccer), rugby league and rugby union ruse
  • Dummy pass, in rugby league football
  • Muk Yan Jong, a wooden dummy used in Chinese martial arts training

In entertainment:

  • LeVar Burton and Paul Sorvino
  • Crash Test Dummies, a Canadian folk-rock band formed in the 1990s
  • Dummy (album), a 1994 album by Portishead
  • Dummy (film), a 2002 drama film/comedy film
  • "The Dummy", an episode of The Twilight Zone
  • Dummy (comics), a fictional character from the comic book X-Men
  • Dummy (Pushing Daisies episode), The second episode of the first season of "Pushing Daisies"
  • Dummy, a 2008 low-budget horror film starring Brian Krause, featuring a Chucky (Child's Play)-style character, a deranged ventriloquist, and his sister
  • Dummy, a short film by Kira Muratova
  • Dummy, a 2009 coming-of-age drama starring Emma Catherwood

In programming, mathematics and electronics:

  • Skeleton (computer science) or dummy code that's not used in the final product, but left in to avoid creating bugs
  • Dummy data, data in a database, computer memory, or other repository used as a placeholder or for testing purposes only
  • Free variables and bound variables, also known as dummy variable, such as the parameter x in the function definition f(x) = x2 + 1
  • Dummy variable (statistics), also known as indicator variable, only taking the values 0 and 1 and used in regression analysis
  • Dummy load, a device used to simulate an electrical load, usually for testing purposes
  • Dummy file, files used to fit the space in data optical discs

In History

  • Dummy, the pseudonym of a man accused of being a witch in 19th century Essex, England.

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