Deputy of the Governor General of Canada

Deputy of the Governor General of Canada

A Deputy of the Governor General (French: Gouverneur général suppléant)[1] is, per the Constitution Act, 1867,[2] one of any individuals appointed by the Governor General of Canada, with the Canadian monarch's consent, to act as the viceroy's steward in his or her stead, exercising any powers so delegated to them by the governor general. This is generally limited to the granting of Royal Assent to bills passed by parliament, signing Orders in Council, issuing Royal Proclamations, or receiving the credentials of newly appointed ambassadors to Canada.[3]

Currently, the Secretary to the Governor General and the justices of the Supreme Court are called upon to act as deputies of the governor general;[4] when the latter are acting in this capacity, they are addressed as The Honourable the Deputy of His Excellency the Governor General.[3] The deputy's commission will read as follows:

KNOW YOU that being well assured of your loyalty, fidelity and capacity, I, the Right Honourable [Name], Governor General of Canada, under and by virtue of and in pursuance of the power and authority vested in me by the Commission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, under the Great Seal of Canada, dated the [day] of [month] in the year of Our Lord [year], constituting and appointing me to be Governor General of Canada do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint you, [Name], to be my Deputy within Canada and in that capacity to exercise, subject to any limitations or directions from time to time expressed or given by Her Majesty, all the powers, authorities and functions vested in and of right exercisable by me as Governor General, saving and excepting the power of dissolving the Parliament of Canada.[3]

Administrator of Canada

The role of Deputy of the Governor General is separate from that of Administrator of Canada. The letters patent issued in 1947 by King George VI provide that, in the case of the death, removal, incapacitation, or absence of more than one month of the governor general, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall serve as Administrator of Canada, exercising all the powers and functions of the governor general until a new governor general is appointed. In the absence or incapacity of the chief justice, the role of administrator falls on the senior Puisne Justice of the Supreme Court.[5]


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