Harmony (disambiguation)

Harmony (disambiguation)

Harmony is the art of using chords in music. More generally, it means "agreement".


*"Harmony" (Schenker), a book by Heinrich Schenker on music theory
*Harmony (band), a melodic progressive metal band from Sweden
*Harmony (dutch band), a dutch band of 70's
*"Harmony" (Three Dog Night album)
*"Harmony" (Gordon Lightfoot album)
*"Harmony" (Honeyz album)
*"Harmony", a song by Elton John
*"Harmony", a song by The Ray Conniff Singers, from the same called album of 1974
*"Harmony," a song by Clinic from their 2002 album "Walking with Thee"
*"Harmony", a song by Happy Mondays from their 1990 album "Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches"
*The Harmony Company, an American stringed instrument manufacturer
*Harmony Records, a budget/reissue subsidiary of Columbia Records active in the 1920s and 1930s


United States

*Harmony, California
*Harmony, Florida
*Harmony, Indiana
*New Harmony, Indiana
*Harmony, Minnesota
*Harmony, New York
*Harmony, North Carolina
*Harmony, Oklahoma
*Harmony, Pennsylvania
*Harmony, Rhode Island
*Harmony, Wisconsin
*Harmony Township, Pennsylvania
*Harmony ("Passions"), a fictional New England coastal town which serves as the setting for the soap opera "Passions"


*Harmony Korine, American film director and screenwriter
*Harmony Rose, adult actress


*Harmony Kendall, television character on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"


* "Harmony" (ISS module), a segment of the International Space Station
*Vowel harmony or consonant harmony, "long-distance" assimilation in linguistics; see Assimilation (linguistics)
*Harmony, a developed by RealNetworks
*Harmony Airways, based in Vancouver, Canada
*Harmony toolkit, a never-completed Qt-like software widget toolkit
*Apache Harmony, a Java programming language Open source implementation
*Harmony Gold (mining)
*Harmony Society pietist, communal, German-American religious group that existed from around 1805 to 1905
*Harmony Historic District, Harmonists' first settlement in America
*Logitech Harmony Remote, a universal remote
*"The Game of Harmony", a 1990 title published by Accolade for Atari ST (and perhaps other platforms)
*Harmony (Stargate Atlantis), an episode of the science fiction television series "Stargate Atlantis"
*Harmony Gold USA, television and anime company
*Harmony search, an evolutionary algorithm used in optimization problems
*Harmony - The annual festival celebrating peace, love, sex, religion, passion, warfare, more love,respect, joy, happiness, unity, and music, at St. Stephen's College, Delhi

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