Fold may refer to:

*Above the fold, a graphic design concept originating in newspapers
*Fold (from the Saxon "falod") meaning a staked-off pasture area (e.g. Sheepfold, an enclosure for sheep) and used in place names such as the Fold Villages.
*Catastrophe theory#Fold catastrophe, one of the most basic objects in singularity theory.
*-fold, a suffix added to a cardinal number signifying "multiplied by"
*skin fold
* In computing:
**Fold (higher-order function), a family of higher-order functions in functional computer programming
**Fold (Unix), a program in the GNU Core Utilities

Fold or folding may refer to:

*folding, in poker, the act of withdrawing from a hand rather than meeting the bet
*Paper folding (see also below under Mathematics)
**origami, the art of paper folding
*pattern welding, the folding of metal
*Folding in cooking refers to a gentle mixing technique, somewhere between a cutting motion and a stirring motion, used to incorporate ingredients into a batter or other mixture, such as for a cake.
* Folding (Book folding) in the publishing process refers to the folding of the pages of the book, after printing and before binding
*In science:
*fold (geology)
* in computer programming:
**case folding is a term denoting the conversion of all characters in a string to lower- or upper-case
**code or text folding (as in a folding editor for folding code or text)
**In functional languages folding refers to processing some data structure and accumulating a result.
**Mathematics of paper folding
*folding (chemistry) or intramolecular self-assembly of molecules to assume a specific shape
**protein folding
**Folding@home, a distributed computing project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations of protein folding and other molecular dynamics.
* Aliasing#Folding, as used in signal processing

ee also

* folder
* bifold door

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