Ski simulators

Ski simulators

Ski simulators are training systems for Skiers and Snowboarders. They have the advantage of portability and can be placed indoors, permitting training to be done in any season.

There are many revolving carpet ski simulators and indoor ski slope carpets around the world. They can be used for introductory training or to improve on and hone skills for expert skiers, especially in the off season.

Balance, control and strength are learned by practice and actively doing training drills and lessons on the ski simulators.


United States Patent 4907796 relates to:

An alpine ski simulator for reproducing the basic corporal movements involved in downhill skiing, comprising a frame which may be set at different angles relative to the horizontal plane, and a handrail for equilibrium purposes. A rotatable platform, horizontally mounted on the frame through a central shaft has roller means set between the platform and the frame to ease the rotation. A fixed band encircling the platform, guided between two pairs of posts, and connected to the frame, is provided for braking purposes. Adjustable means are attached between the band and the frame to increase or reduce the tension of the band against the platform and thus, vary the rotational speed of the platform.

It is held by a Roel-Rodriguez of Santiago

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