Silent Service (disambiguation)

Silent Service (disambiguation)

Silent Service may refer to:

* Silent Service, the submarine force of the United States Navy Pacific Fleet in World War II; it can also refer to military submarining in general
* "Silent Service" (video game), a 1985 computer game
* "Silent Service II", a 1990 sequel to the original game
* "The Silent Service", a 1957 documentary television series directed by Jean Yarbrough
* "The Silent Service", a 2001 television mini-series
* "Silent Service" (film), a 1974 (and 1995 re-make) anime film
* "The Silent Service", a Japanese manga series
* The title(s) of a series of books by author H. Jay Riker:
** "The Silent Service: Grayback Class" (2000)
** "The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class" (2001)
** "The Silent Service: Seawolf Class" (2002)
** "The Silent Service: Virginia Class" (2004)
** "The Silent Service: Ohio Class" (2006)

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