The King of Braves GaoGaiGar glossary

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar glossary

This is a glossary of terms from the anime and manga series "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar" and "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL".

Base energy sources

G-Stone and G-Crystal

The G-Stone is an energy source developed on the Green Planet by the "Green Planet's Protector," Cain, to emulate the natural Zonder-purifying powers of his newborn son, Latio (later adopted on Earth and given the name Mamoru Amami). It originally powered the mechanical lion Galeon, also built by Cain; when Galeon came into the custody of GGG in 2003, Professor Leo Shishioh discovered a cache of G-Stones stored within Galeon, and used information from its databanks to help mass-produce related technology (such as the GS-Ride). In the TV series, Leo refers to the G-Stone as an "infinite information circuit," and Volfogg refers to it by this title as well in FINAL.

It is learned in "GaoGaiGar FINAL" that the original form of the G-Stone was the "G-Crystal" (a large G-Crystal, found in the region that once held the Tri-Star Solar System, houses the original Genesic program and the five Genesic Machines). The G-Crystal naturally releases a "Genesic Aura"; in its presence, the derivative Loud G-Stone loses its power.

In the final episode of "GaoGaiGar FINAL," the G-Stone and G-Crystal are revealed by Guy Shishioh to derive their power from that of courage, converting it into life force similar to the way Zonder Metal derives its power from stress. Thus, they can theoretically attain an infinite level of energy, or even "beyond infinity."

When a G-Stone is active, a distinctive "G" symbol appears visible within the stone.

Loud G-Stone

A G-Stone derivative, seen in "GaoGaiGar FINAL" as the power source for The 11 Planetary Masters of Sol.

The energy created by a Loud G-Stone is much greater and more stable at median output, and emotion does not affect its level of power; however, because of this, the Loud G-Stone cannot attain the potentially "infinite" energy that the G-Stone and G-Crystal are capable of. Further, power generated by the Loud G-Stone fades before the Genesic Aura generated by the G-Crystal.

When this type of G-Stone is active, a reversed "G" symbol appears visible within the stone.


The Red Planet's reproduction of the G-Stone, exhibiting identical properties. Mass-produced by Abel, the Red Planet's leader. Used to power the Ark Armada and the cyborg Soldat Battalion.

Since it's a copy of the G-Stone, a J-Jewel could also use courage to theoretically attain an infinite level of energy as well.

When a J-Jewel is active, a "J" symbol appears visible within the jewel. If a J-Jewel is placed in very close proximity to a G-Stone, the resulting reaction causes the G and J symbols to alternately flash within the J-Jewel, and enhances the power of both stones dramatically.

An Arma is able to shut down a J-Jewel at any time.

Zonder Metal and Zonder Crystals

Zonder Metal is a material composed of what GGG refers to as "Element Z0" (likely itself referring to the actual particle Z0 in physics, also known as the Z boson). This metal was developed by scientists of the Purple Planet to absorb the stressful emotions of a living being and convert them into matter; indeed, the material was originally designed with a benign function in mind: that of reducing emotional stress. It is also said to grant "immortality" to its host.

The activity of all Zonder Metal was designed to be controlled remotely by a Master Program, formed of 31 interlocking Zonder Crystals. This program, being self-aware, determined that stress—as a side-effect of "minus," or negative thoughts—would be best eliminated if all living beings were fused with Zonder Metal (or "mechanized") so these thoughts would be eliminated. This would result in the birth of an invasive force that would spread to the rest of the Tri-Star Solar System and threaten to encompass the entire universe.

Host subjects infused with the Zonder Metal that are not directly part of the Master Program are called "Zonders;" rarer, more advanced cases of Zonder "infection" (or unique "terminals" created by the Master Program itself) are called "Zonderians." This "infection" may only be removed through the process of Purification. The matter created by the subject's stress is usually converted into a quasi-robotic form that retains some traits of the host, and then into a larger robot form related to the source of stress.

Zonder Metal emits energies counter to the G-Stone and J-Jewel.

"THE POWER" and Jupiter-X

"THE POWER" is a mysterious, highly unstable energy with tremendous energizing and destructive potential. It is known to restore fossilized material, generate time-space wormholes, temporarily restore damaged computer programs, preserve human souls and provide nearly unlimited practical energy. It is generated by the planet Jupiter. Any mechanoid or other being that has been infused with "THE POWER" glows a bright orange color - this overrides the green glow normally produced by the G-Stone as well as the red produced by the J-Jewel.

"THE POWER" is also capable of being concentrated into a material called "Jupiter-X." In the audiodrama "ID5 Forever," it is learned that an amount of this material was retrieved by the secretly-launched Jupiros 1 space probe in 1990—the contents of which were stolen by the criminal organization BioNet upon the probe's return to Earth and used to create an untold number of mutants and other such creatures for the organization.

In the audiodrama "Dark Robot Adventure Spirit," it is also learned that the main computer of the manned Jupiros 5 probe had obtained sentience upon exposure to "THE POWER." The computer—calling itself Yupitos—had intended to return to Earth, where it threatened to "link" all of humanity to itself. It was destroyed by Soldat J and the J-Ark.

"THE POWER" was utilized by both GGG and the Z-Master in the climactic episodes of the television series, though neither side was ultimately capable of controlling it. Following the Z-Master's destruction, certain parties in the UN began to take an interest in using "THE POWER" for their own ends; in "GaoGaiGar FINAL", Kohtaroh Taiga—fully aware of "THE POWER"'s potential instability—is seen trying to take a stand against these moves, arguing that it should never again be used by mankind.

In the trailer for the upcoming "GaoGaiGar" work "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Project Z", various scenes indicate that the measure to develop Jupiter passed without Taiga there to oppose it. Genesic GaoGaiGar is also shown glowing orange, though whether this is the result of "THE POWER" or the Genesic Aura is debatable.

Alien Practices

Purification ("joukai")

The practice of "purifying" a host being of Zonder Metal, or reducing a Primeval to a dormant Zonder Crystal. This typically cannot be done unless the bare core of the Zonder or Primeval is isolated first. Latio (A.K.A Mamoru Amami) and Arma (A.K.A. Ikumi Kaidou) are capable of Purification. Guy also uses Purification to remove the "Zonuda" infection from Mikoto Utsugi in the final episode of the television series.

When Mamoru performs Purification, he raises his left hand with middle and index fingers extended, speaks the Latin phrase "curatio teneritas, sectio, salus, coctura"," then points the fingers at the subject to purify. Guy speaks this chant as well. Upon having his memories restored, Mamoru uses both hands at the end of the sequence - this version is able to purify Primevals.

When Kaidou performs Purification, he speaks the Latin phrase "temperum mundus infinitum ledile"," then spreads his arms outward.

It is revealed in "GaoGaiGar FINAL" that Purification can also be a defensive move; Mamoru uses it to counter "Two Powers Into One" as performed by the Master of Sol Pei La Cain. This variant uses only one hand.

"Two Powers Into One"

An offensive tactic used by people of the Green Planet. Used by Mamoru to destroy the complete Primeval Master Program at the end of the television series. It is also used in an offensive capacity by the Master of Sol Pei La Cain against Mamoru in "GaoGaiGar FINAL".

Performed by folding both hands together in an outstretched fist while speaking the Latin chant "gemu giru gan go gufo, vita!", then charging at the enemy as the word "vita" is spoken.

This tactic was likely the basis for the Hell and Heaven move used by GaoGaiGar and its successors.


Gutsy Geoid Guard

Secret organization created by the Japanese government to combat alien threats following the incident involving EI-01 in 2003. Formed from the best specialists and brightest minds in Japan, using technology discovered in Galeon's databanks (and Leo Shishioh's own designs based on same) as its foundation.

The late Japanese intelligence agent Kirio Inugami was said to have played a major role in its founding.

It is assumed that they have ongoing cooperation with the NASA in the United States, where Leo Shishioh's brother Raiga and Swan White's brother Stallion are stationed.

Article 5, Section 120 of the GGG charter states: "Under no circumstances must a GGG member ever give up."

Gutsy Galaxy Guard

Organization created to take the Gutsy Geoid Guard's place, and identical to same. All of the former GGG's personnel were transferred to this organization following the 31 Machine Primevals' destruction of the Bay Tower Base.

This organization is no longer a branch of the Japanese government, but the United Nations Earth Defense Force. Quite unlike the Gutsy Geoid Guard, they are also an organization with a public face, as their exploits are known openly to the world. They even establish a global "GGG Dial" hotline so citizens can assist them in investigating strange phenomena (namely the 31 Primevals).

Following the Primevals' mass landing on Earth, the Gutsy Galaxy Guard is granted 70 percent of the UN's budget.

The UN has the authority to shut down the Gutsy Galaxy Guard if necessary.

pace Development Corporation

"(Uchū Kaihatsu Koudan)"

One of Japan's national aerospace corporations and "the leader in space technology," headquartered in the massive central building (in fact, the above-surface portion of the Bay Tower) situated atop G-Island City. Conducts astronomical observation and launch of satellites and space shuttles; was most likely in existence prior to the appearance of EI-01, but soon became a convenient "front" for the secret Gutsy Geoid Guard following its inception.

Its president is GGG chief Kohtaroh Taiga, assisted by his secretary Sakura Isogai; Mamoru Amami's adopted father Isamu is employed there as a flight controller. Leo Shishioh was also employed there as chief scientist, in a role similar to his station at GGG.

ID5 (Indomitable Defenders 5)

A secret crack task force within the Japanese Defense Agency, formed to combat terrorism and crimes of misapplied science. Was formed more than ten years prior to the existence of GGG. Their membership was as follows:
*Gold Tiger (Kohtaroh Taiga), leader
*Silver Puma (Geki Hyuuma)
*Pink Cougar (Momoko Kuuga), demolitions expert
*Blue Monkey (Kouichi Entouji), computer specialist
*Black Crow (Kah-suke), intelligence expert

Blue Monkey and Black Crow were killed (and Momoko Kuuga had disappeared) in ID5's final mission in 1995, where they were tasked with retrieving the stolen element Jupiter-X from the criminal organization BioNet. This drastic loss of membership prompted the Japanese government to disband ID5, leaving Taiga and Hyuuma to go their separate ways.

In 2005, Momoko Kuuga resurfaced as a double agent for BioNet in the audiodrama "ID5 Forever..." in an attempt to deceive Taiga and Hyuuma into helping her retrieve the Jupiter-X for herself.

The membership of ID5 was the first known organization to use ID Armor (then known as "ID Suits") in the field, designed by "Doctor L" (A.K.A Professor Leo Shishioh).

ID5 seems to have been created as an "homage" to the Sentai genre of live-action shows in Japan.




The system used to retrieve and distribute the power of a G-Stone. Most GGG robots and vehicles are equipped with this system. The sheer power that it is capable of allows for the creation of a tremendous variety of applications to suit it—from independent anti-gravity flight to true artificial intelligence.

It is often used in conjunction with "G-Liquid"—a conductivity medium—to distribute power throughout a robot or vehicle.

Jewel Generator

The system used on the J-Ark to harness the power of the J-Jewel.


A larger-scale version of the GS-Ride, used to power structures such as the GGG Orbit Base.

A portable GS-Generator was used by Professor Liger Shishioh in saving the life of his daughter Renais when she was found in damaged cyborg form by the French organization Chasseur in 2004.

Ultra Technology (Ul-Tech) Engine

GGG-designed engine of unknown design incorporating GS-Ride technologies; likely an advancement on same. Apparently capable of outputting "theoretically infinite" levels of power.

First tested as the power source of the Gutsy Geoid Guard's Ultra Technology Laboratory; later incorporated into the Bay Tower Base's Hexagon. The Gutsy Galaxy Guard would later retrofit GaoGaiGar (and many of GGG's other Super-AI robots) with this engine, as well as design all future vehicles with the engine in mind.

Fans have noted that the "Ul" in "Ul-Tech" can also be read as "uru" (うる), a Japanese word for "gain" or "benefit."

Lepton Traveler

olitary Wave Riser

The primary weapon of the Mic Force, first implemented by Raiga Shishioh at NASA. Each Mic Sounders unit is capable of utilizing a "primed soliton" while in Boom Robo mode to create a solitary wave from one of their instruments. This builds a resonance within its operating range that can be specifically tuned to the frequency of a material, causing it to shatter or disintegrate at a subatomic level.

In more threatening hands, the Solitary Wave Riser is also capable of being used on unlimited frequencies; Raiga has (quite rightfully) claimed that its power has the ability to destroy the entire human race if used improperly. To this end, he had first tested the Solitary Wave Riser within Mic Sounders 13th (unknowingly locked into Cosmo Robo mode) to ensure that the newly-programmed Super-AI would not misuse the ability.

Raiga Shishioh had experimented on a sample of Zonder Metal found by GGG (stolen from his brother Leo's custody) to determine the material's specific frequency, shattering it in the process. This data was used to program "Disc X," which Raiga assures GGG is only capable of destroying Zonder Metal.

During the battle with the Strongest 7 Primevals, a "Disc X Primeval Remix Version" (also called "Disc XX" by some sources) is created using data from one of GGG's captured Zonder Crystals. This form of Solitary Wave is theoretically capable of severely damaging or destroying a Primeval's external form.

The Solitary Wave is powerful enough to be used in space, appearing as a blue energy beam when collectively used by the Mic Force.

A variant of this technology was later used in the NASA-designed Grand Pleshar tool built for GaoGaiGar's use (seen in the video game ""); The UN's Cosmorobo ships in "GaoGaiGar FINAL" are also equipped with a (presumably less-inhibited) version of Disc X which Yan Long-Li claims is capable of completely vaporizing GGG's division fleet and the Orbit Base.

Mirror Coating

A thin layer of superconducting material with can deflect or absorb most electromagenetic based attacks. It can be imbued to a mecha or device for a few minutes by launching it from the mirror cannon. Volfogg and GaoFighGar have internal generators.

Ultimate Armor/ID Armor

A type of armor that both protects and increase the power of the wearer. Cyborg Guy use Ultimate Armor while Evoluder Guy and ID5 use ID armor.

Z Senser

A type of sensor designed by Kosuke Entouji to detect traces of "Element Z0," the principal element in the composition of Zonder Metal. A prototype wearable version was first deployed in the field by Geki Hyuuma in an attempt to detect the Zonder Robo EI-10. The Z Senser would eventually become part of GGG's standard detection apparatus, and later be incorporated into GGG Intelligence Division Super-AI robot Volfogg.

The Z Senser's ability to detect Zonder Metal is limited: it cannot detect Zonders not in "Robo" form, nor can it detect Zonderians or any of the 31 Machine Primevals.

Barrier System

A "force field" employed by various ranks and types of Zonder Metal/Crystal-based organisms that deflect varying strengths of physical and energy-based attack, based on the relative strength of its user.

A Barrier System can be penetrated with an attack of a higher strength than that of the Barrier System, or nullified with a barrier-negating ability such as Galeon's "roar" or Volfogg's Melting Siren.

Zonder Metal Plant

An outgrowth from a Zonder organism—usually resembling a large type of flowering vine on which Zonder Metal is "budded." The metal itself appears as "fruit" following a "flowering" period.

A Zonder Metal Plant requires huge amounts of power to "complete;" one is created using the power plant of the Isolde supercollider, and another using the entire electrical grid of Tokyo.

The bodies of the 31 Machine Primevals also function as Zonder Metal Plants; the speed at which Zonder Metal is produced is accelerated when two or more Primevals are in "Primeval Fusion" as one entity.

Zonder Spore

A delivery vehicle for Z0 particles, which can infect human beings and turn them into Zonders. These can apparently be created with significantly less energy then Zonder Metal, but are slower to integrate with humans.

ES Window

Short for "Escape Window." Technology used by the Red Planet military and the 31 Machine Primevals to open a "gate" connecting two points in space, allowing for reduced time in travel between them. ES Windows may also be used at a smaller scale to displace physical weaponry such that it strikes the enemy from an unpredictable angle (as with J-Ark's ES Missiles) and—as the name suggests—to provide a temporary means of escape from enemy attack.

The Galeorea Comet acts as a "natural" ES Window that travels through space, to a duplicate of itself on the "other side."

Pas-Q Machine (and Q-Parts)

The backbone circuit of a massively-scaled regeneration machine used by the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol (and by Pisa Sol, in specific). Capable of generating vast levels of energy through absorption of the universe's dark matter.

At the beginning of "GaoGaiGar FINAL", the Pas-Q Machine is broken into four separate "Q-Parts," each of which continue to output a vast amount of power. (One of these Q-Parts is fused with BioNet agent Gimlet to form Gimlet Empereur.)

P Pack

Add-on devices similar to StealthGao II which allow ChoRyuJin and GekiRyuJin to operate in space. KoRyu has great difficulty using these properly.

GGG mecha


Transforming motorcycle "GunMachine" mecha used by GGG personnel and its Intelligence Unit's Super-AI robot Volfogg. Can receive commands (via manual or remote control) to alter its wheel configuration—becoming a hovercraft-type vehicle—or System Change into a nine-meter-tall humanoid robot form.

During Sanmi Ittai, GunDober becomes the right arm of Big Volfogg, its exhaust pipes forming the 4000 Magnum. When Big Volfogg performs Chou Bunshin Sappou, its silhouette takes the form of a big cat; its head design in "FINAL" reflects this.

GunDober acts on direct commands and does not contain a Super-AI (although during the fight against EI-27, it can be seen looking up towards Volfogg, as though to ask for him to hurry).


Transforming helicopter "GunMachine" mecha used by GGG personnel and its Intelligence Unit's Super-AI robot Volfogg. Can receive commands (via manual or remote control) to System Change into a nine-meter-tall humanoid robot form.

During Sanmi Ittai, GunGlue becomes the left arm of Big Volfogg, its rotor forming the Murasame Sword. When Big Volfogg performs Chou Bunshin Sappou, its silhouette takes the form of a bird of prey; its head design in "FINAL" reflects this.

GunGlue acts on direct commands and does not contain a Super-AI (although during the fight against EI-27, it can be seen looking up towards Volfogg, as though to ask for him to hurry).

The "Glue" in its name is likely a misromanization of the French word "Grue."


A black flying wing-like craft modeled after a stealth bomber with jet nacelles. It forms the back, forearms, and helmet of GaoGaiGar. GaiGar can also interface with StealthGao, allowing for travel through space and atmosphere. Its cockpit is a two-seater apparently protected from the effects of Hell and Heaven.

tealthGao II

Created by adding Ul-Tech drive nacelles to the wings and a spar of unknown purpose at the back of StealthGao (collectively known as the "Space Booster"). It forms the back unit of Star GaoGaiGar and GaoGaiGo. Its nacelles also contain Phantom Rings, allowing the use of Broken Phantom and Protect Wall. The Space Booster parts can be jettisoned if necessary, leaving a craft identical to StealthGao.

It is controlled by Volfogg's AI in the final battle of the television series.

tealthGao III

A normal flying wing, without StealthGao II's nacelles, Phantom Rings, or back spar. It is used in GaoFighGar. For hovering flight and thrust for GaoFighGar—in flight and during Hell and Heaven and Hammer Hell and Heaven—pylons at the end of either wing unfold to reveal Ul-Tech Engines.


Modeled after a shinkansen-type bullet train. Blue and white in color. It forms the shoulders and upper arms of GaoGaiGar and Star GaoGaiGar. It has a cockpit at either end, the left arm one at least being resistant to the effects of Hell and Heaven.

It is controlled by the Super-AIs of HyoRyu and EnRyu in the final battle of the television series.

LinerGao II

The most divergent of the GaoMachines seen in "FINAL". Takes the form of a blue-green rocket ship. During Final Fusion, it unfolds like a clamshell to interface. Used for both GaoFighGar and GaoGaiGo.


Takes the form of a black, double-headed drill tank. It forms the lower legs of GaoGaiGar and Star GaoGaiGar. Its dual cockpits are on top of the unit, one behind each drill. The drill is capable of separating into two units—one for each drill—and recombining afterward. It is also capable of limited flight, in addition to traveling along the ground and tunneling through it. DrillGao can further separate and fit over GaiGar's arms, giving it a form of attack subtly stronger than that of its Claw Arm.

It is controlled by the Super-AIs of FuuRyu and RaiRyu in the final battle of the television series.

DrillGao II

Improved model of DrillGao incorporating "expanding" drills with vanes along their sides, allowing for increased drilling ability. Used for both GaoFighGar and GaoGaiGo.

Phantom Gao

Designed after Galeon left Earth with Mamoru, the Phantom Gao is a large blue-green and white fighter craft/hover craft that forms the central core of GaoFighGar. Guy is capable of performing Fusion with the Phantom Gao to form GaoFar.


Chinese-based versions of Star GaoGaiGar's support mechs. Taken over and used for Repli-GaoGaiGar by Repli-Mamoru.

Trinary Solar System mecha

Green Planet Genesic Machines


Forms Genesic GaoGaiGar's left shoulder and upper arm. Modeled after a dolphin. Can fire a Protect Bolt from its mouth for use with the Bolting Driver.


Modeled after the mole mammal, Spiral Gao is the "male" counterpart of Straight Gao, and forms the right leg of Genesic GaoGaiGar. Its differentiates from Straight Gao with its spiral-cone drill "nose" and the form and color of its "eyes".


Forms Genesic GaoGaiGar's right shoulder and upper arm. Modeled after a shark. Can fire a Broken Bolt from its mouth for use with the Bolting Driver.


Modeled after the mole mammal, Straight Gao is the "female" counterpart of Spiral Gao (as per specifications), and forms the left leg of Genesic GaoGaiGar. Its differentiates from Spiral Gao with its straight-cone drill "nose", bearing some resemblance to DrillGao II's drills.


Forms Genesic GaoGaiGar's lower arms, hands, back, tail and helmet. Modeled after a bird of prey. Various sections of its neck are used to assemble or become the internal "Gadget Tools" used by Genesic GaoGaiGar.

Red Planet Ark Armada


Copy of Soldat's J-Ark with same capabilities.


More battle oriented version of J-Ark. Possibly has all the same functions as well.

Tools (used by GaoGaiGar and successors)

Dividing Driver

The first GGG-built tool completed for GaoGaiGar's use. Utilizes the power of GaoGaiGar's "holy" (Protect) left arm to energize and discharge the tool's "Dividing Core," which emits a shockwave based on "Dividing Energy" that bends material space (land, air, water, electromagnetic barriers, but not an airless environment) to create a circular "Dividing Field" of 10 kilometers in diameter from the leading edge of its target impact. (The "Dividing Field" itself is actually a paired reaction, formed of an "Arresting Field" and a "Repression Field" that expand simultaneously.) This area of bent space ("kuukan") allows GaoGaiGar to fight his opponents within it without risk of collateral damage to the surrounding area.

The Dividing Field collapses after thirty minutes, restoring the area to normal; if an object of consequential size is left within the field after that time, the act of the field collapse will crush it, causing a gigantic explosion.

The Dividing Driver is easily the most often- and creatively-used of the tools at GaoGaiGar's disposal: it has also been used to open a Zonder from inside (Episode 8); create an ocean depth-resistant "bubble" (Episode 10); open a hole in a cave ceiling (Episode 11); increase the distance between GaoGaiGar and a massive cannon shell (Episode 16); and break out of a Dividing Field-based "Klein Space" in conjunction with the Gatling Driver (Episode 46).

The Dividing Driver resembles a flat-bladed chisel mounted to a cylindrical gauntlet, creating an oversized flat-head screwdriver. It is usually launched from the Mirror Catapult on board the Triple-Decked Flying Carrier; GaoGaiGar intercepts the flight path of the tool and connects with it in midair.

As the Dividing Core within the Dividing Driver is built to be fully discharged with each use, it can only hold one use's worth of energy at a time.

In "GaoGaiGar FINAL", a modular version of the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver is built for GaoFighGar's use, separating the "bit" and the Dividing Core. The Dividing Driver configuration is referred to as "Kit number 03" ("Kitto numbaa zero-san") and is launched from Division VII: Tsukuyomi.

Gatling Driver

A device similar to the Dividing Driver, the Gatling Driver resembles a massive, phillip's-head screwdriver with four oversized tines. When used, the Gatling Driver's head spins, creating a large, circular 'Gravity Lens,' which amplifies energy that's fired through it, such as energy weapons or the shockwave created by the Dividing Driver.

During Episode 38 of the series, Guy uses the Gatling Driver (though it is not named, and is not featured in the preview of Episode 37). This version of the Gatling Driver has an utterly different effect, spiraling space when it spins to deflect enemy attacks (such as ZX-06's bolts) or harm an enemy directly. It is never used in this manner again, and is not properly introduced until later in the series.

Goldion Hammer (A.K.A "G-Tool")

Technical name: Gravity Shockwave Generating Tool. Referred to as the "G-Tool" before its introduction (likely its code name). A gigantic hammer containing an artificial gravity well at its center that generates a "custom" shockwave, transforming all particles in contact with its striking surface into photons. Generating Armor is possibly the only thing that can withstand the shockwave without being instantly erased (though the New Machine Species "Zonuda" did deflect the Hammer's attack with its barrier, it never actually came in physical contact with the Hammer).

Initially, its direct handling was severely damaging to GaoGaiGar and any other machine coming in direct contact with it. This situation would only be resolved when the Hammer became incorporated into GGG's Super-AI robot Goldymarg, using the "Marg Hand" system in order to properly channel and control the Hammer's power.

Much like Final Fusion, the Goldion Hammer's use requires approval of the Chief of GGG; as an additional step, it requires the Chief to insert and turn a key bearing the authorization of the Japanese Prime Minister (for the Gutsy Galaxy Guard, this key represents the authorization of the UN Secretary General instead). This allows the operator access to a card reader, after which said operator (Mikoto Utsugi) swipes a "Gold Card" into the reader to "relieve" the Hammer's safety device.

As seen in FINAL, it is possible for the Hammer to detonate, releasing a custom shockwave that was able to destroy the entire Mobile Unit, the Carpenter fleet, and the Orbit Base. Why Repli-GaoFighGar was not dissolved by the shockwave is unexplained.

Goldion Motor

Apparently seen in the video game "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers".

Technical name: Counter Gravity Shockwave Generator. Developed at NASA in the United States as an "emergency tool" for the Goldion Hammer. It appears to be a tool resembling a jackhammer, built to counter the Goldion Hammer's gravity shockwaves in the event that the Goldion Hammer was ever used against GGG.

This tool was never used by GaoGaiGar; it was instead absorbed by the combined EI-72 and EI-73 Zonder in order to prevent use of the Goldion Hammer against it.

Grand Pleshar

Seen in the videogame "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers," and in a brief flashback in "GaoGaiGar FINAL". Developed at NASA in the United States. Classified as a "high-security tool;" unlike the Goldion Hammer, its use requires the direct, confirmed authorization of the UN Secretary General. Once authorization is granted, a panel on the console of the relevant operator (Mikoto Utsugi) rotates to reveal a palm-reading sensor, to which a data-gloved right hand is applied.

The Grand Pleshar resembles a large, almost spherical container divided in half, with one half attached to either of GaoGaiGar's hands in use. Its function is to trap the enemy in the space between the two halves (creating an interior similar to that of Projectile-X), sealing the pod with a two-stage lock. The enemy is then bombarded with G-Stone energy that causes it to compress and shatter. Like Disc X, this energy can be tuned to only destroy a certain type of material.

The tool was apparently built in five sizes, though only one size was ever seen in the game itself.

"(Though the name "Grand Pleshar" appears within the game, it is currently as to whether this tool is actually called "Grand Pressure." There are three pieces of evidence supporting the other name:"
*"The name "Grand Pressure" identifying the tool on the back of the game's package ( [] );"
*"The "G-Pressure" identifier displayed on the panel's sensor upon Utsugi's deployment of the tool;"
*"The similarity of the tool's shape to a pressure cooker.""In all likelihood, "Grand Pleshar" was probably just the result of poor translation. As the Japanese language uses a soft "R" sound where other languages use an L, such as "lock" sounding like "rock", the mistake is entirely understandable.)"

Molecule Plane

Seen only in the novel "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Queen of Leo <"Lion Reine">." Developed in France.

Capable of destroying most forms of matter through meson annihilation. Proved too dangerous for GaoGaiGar's use, as a Zonder Core could also be destroyed upon contact with it, killing the host being inside. Following evaluation, the tool was scrapped and stored aboard Division V: Futsunushi.

This tool required a GS-Ride system to activate, which was not installed onboard the tool at time of use (against the BioNet-created machine G-Gigantesque); the cyborg Renais Kerdif-Shishioh volunteered to use her own portable GS-Generator as a substitute power source.

Resembles a gigantic thicknesser held with both hands.

Goldion Crusher

Technical name: Gravity Shockwave Generating Division Tool. Designed to combat threats of the same class as the Z-Master. Originally designed for GaoFighGar's use; used by Genesic GaoGaiGar to destroy Pisa Sol and the Pas-Q Machine at the end of "GaoGaiGar FINAL".

The Crusher itself is formed through "Formation G," involving transformation and combination of the GGG ships Tsukuyomi, Hirume and Takehaya. The three ships fuse together, creating a mammoth version of the Goldion Hammer. Once GaoFighGar (or in this case, Genesic GaoGaiGar) links with it, the influx of G-stone power causes the 'head' portion to explode outwards, forming a massive hammer head made of golden light and energy capable of destroying anything it comes in contact with.

Its use requires authorization and simultaneous manual activation from two individuals (in this case, Kohtaroh Taiga and Swan White), each possessing a key given him or her by the UN Secretary General. The keys then rotate two plates, which eventually display the characters for "Victory" (to which Taiga exclaims "This is the Key to Victory!!!").

The Crusher contains the program of the Super-AI machine Goldymarg. (Originally, Goldymarg was intended to simply combine with it, but because he was destroyed in Osaka by Star GaoGaiGar his Super-AI was instead imbedded into it.) For this reason, what appears to be the original Goldion Hammer is embedded in the handle portion of the Crusher - it is this that is grabbed when wielding the Crusher by having the mechanoid slam its hand through a plate of green crystal.

Tools (used by other robots and mechanoids)

Eraser Head/Electromagnetic Eraser

Tool used exclusively by ChoRyuJin to shunt nearly any form of explosive energy out of the Earth's atmosphere and into space. Consists of two components: a handheld portion and a forward tank section or "warhead." This "warhead" may remain attached to the weapon in use, or launched at the target as needs warrant; it disintegrates when its energy is exhausted.

At least ten Eraser Head warheads are held in reserve at GGG (as assumed from the number used in Episode 19 of the television series). They come in three sizes, determining the strength of the effect. The "normal" version of the Eraser Head warhead is labelled "E-99;" The largest Eraser Head (called "Eraser Head XL" in "GaoGaiGar FINAL") is labeled "E-9999."

In Episode 34 of the TV series, ChoRyuJin uses a variant of the Eraser Head—called an "Electromagnetic Eraser"—to disperse the energy surrounding Legs Primeval (ZX-04).

tructures and Vessels (GGG Bay Tower Base)

GGG Barrier Reef ("The Hexagon")

Hub positioned within the base's midsection to which the six main Bay Tower Base vehicles were attached. The Main Order Room is contained within this structure.

In an emergency, the Hexagon was designed to separate from the Bay Tower Base; to further this capacity, it was equipped with its own Ul-Tech Engine, making it capable of independent orbital flight.

Presently serves as the permanently-docked core component of the GGG Orbit Base.

Triple-Decked Flying Carrier

"(Sandan Hikou Kanpan Kūbo)"

GS-Ride-powered flying vehicle with red-colored trim docked on "Area I," or the Southwest position of the Hexagon. Resembled a comically bloated cargo plane. True to its name, the vehicle bore a front section that split open lengthwise to reveal three decks: two formed from either half of the nose and a third within the opened rear section.

Its first deck (within the upper half of the front section) was devoted to a "Mirror Catapult," which employed the antigravity properties of Mirror Coating to fire objects through the air at high speed. The Dividing Driver, HyoRyu and EnRyu were all launched from this catapult.

Its second deck (within the lower half of the front section) held a similar Mirror Catapult, later converted to a "Mirror Particle Cannon"&mdash;similar in design and principle to the Mirror Catapult on the upper deck, but capable of using the same properties to generate a field that could deflect lasers and other energy weaponry.

Its third deck was a central bay from which flying vehicles (under their own power) could take off, using the upper half of the second deck as a runway. Galeon and GaiGar (the latter when equipped with StealthGao) were both known to have launched from this deck.

Landing and Supply Assault Ship

"(Kyoushū Youriku Hokyū-sen)"

GS-Ride-powered surface sea craft with blue-colored trim docked on "Area II," or the West position of the Hexagon. Docked with the Hexagon folded in half; unfolded upon reaching the surface to reveal a craft resembling a conventional-looking supply ship. Stored within the central "hinge" on the upper surface of the ship was a cannon from which the Eraser Head or Dividing Driver could be launched. (When fired from the cannon, either tool was encased in a breakaway jacket to shield it from the launch blast.)

The Dimension Pliers and Goldion Hammer were also deployed from this ship; when the Goldion Hammer was incorporated into the GGG Multi-Robo Goldymarg, he used this ship as his base as well, usually firing from its cannon to deploy.



Self-propelled vehicle with green-colored trim docked on "Area III," or the Northwest position of the Hexagon. Was originally a vehicle containing a laboratory for the development of G-Stone technology, and (according to the audio drama "Cyborg Birth") contained an "X-Room" where Guy Shishio was interned shortly after the recovery operation that turned him into a Cyborg.

Later redesigned as a vehicle containing a sealed reservoir of G-Stone energy designed to be explosively released. Once activated, it increased the power of any GS-Ride-equipped machine within the reservoir to devastating (and highly dangerous) overload capacity. Was only intended to be used when no other option remained available to GGG in any given situation.

It was launched from the "Hexagon" purely though kinetic force, through the use of a gigantic firing "hammer" behind the docking point&mdash;similar to those used in modern percussion cap firearms. Once launched in this manner, it propelled itself using a "GS-Booster" that drew power directly from its own internal reservoir.

This vehicle was eventually mobilized by GGG (at Cyborg Guy's insistence) for use by the Strongest Brave Robot Corps in order to defeat EI-01.

A portable version of the Projectile-X was installed on the Chasseur-built Super-AI robots KouRyu and AnRyu, in the same location as the chest attacks on the other robots. This version was built as an offensive weapon, intentionally overloading an enemy by bombarding it with G-Stone energy in a manner similar to the Grand Pressure.

Armored Amphibious Maintenance Vehicle

"(Suiriku Ryouyou Seibi Soukousha)"

GS-Ride-powered ground vehicle with orange-colored trim docked on "Area IV," or the Northeast position of the Hexagon. Moved about on land using four built-in caterpillar tracks. True to its name, its purpose was to maintain GaoGaiGar and other members of the Strongest Brave Robot Corps. Its facilities included (but were not limited to) those for repair, cleaning and disinfecting, as well as providing a facility for conducting "Fusion Out" (removal of GaoMachines from GaiGar, and reversion of GaiGar into Galeon) at the end of each mission. Was further equipped with a large crane that unfolded from its upper surface, generally used for robot retrieval.

Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Submarine

"(Tazigen Chouhou Sensuikan)"

GS-Ride-powered submersible vehicle with purple trim docked on "Area V," or the East position of the Hexagon. Docked with the Hexagon folded in half; unfolded when deployed. Designed and built for the use of GGG's Intelligence Unit, and specifically the vehicle where the GGG Super-AI Vehicle Machine Volfogg was usually stationed.

It was equipped with a "Multi-Dimensional Computer," designed by Kosuke Entouji to be independent of the Bay Tower Base's own computers; this computer was capable of rapid analysis and evaluation of any tactical situation. Was also given a self-destruct program&mdash;meant to only be used as a last-resort measure&mdash;and a detachable aircraft called "Fly 1" docked on its front upper bow. (The latter was never used in the television series.)

There has been speculation that this vehicle was designed as an "homage" to the "SkyDiver" vehicle from the Gerry Anderson television series "UFO".

Ultra Technology Laboratory

"(Sanshiki Kūchū Kenkyūjyo; the Japanese name actually translates to "Type 3 Aerial Laboratory." It is currently unknown as to what the "Type 3" in this name refers to.)"

GS-Ride-powered aircraft with yellow-colored trim docked on "Area VI," or the Southeast position of the Hexagon. Expanded three pylons in a "Y" formation when launched, two pylons of which contained the experimental Ul-Tech Engine for which the vehicle was named. (The Hexagon and all of GGG's robots would later be upgraded with this engine, and would also be incorporated into nearly all of GGG's future vehicles.) Acted as a mobile laboratory for Professor Leo Shishioh and his staff, within which alien technologies (such as Zonder Metal) could be analyzed and researched.

Not often seen in the television series.

tructures and Vessels (GGG Orbit Base)

Division I: High-Mobility Forward-Deploying Projection Carrier Izanagi

Vehicle deployment division ship utilizing a gigantic Mirror Catapult (similar in principle to the one used aboard the Triple-Decked Flying Carrier).

Energy Supply Ship Climber-1

Small unmanned energy resupply spacecraft stored aboard Division I: Izanagi. Used by ChoRyuJin and GekiRyujin during GGG's assault on the telekinetic asteroid barrage created by Brain Primeval (ZX-06). The craft also doubles as a long-range booster in emergency situations.

Division II: Multipurpose Special Machine Ship Kanayago

Support division ship claimed to be able to perform a variety of tasks. Seen used to transport the Carpenters in the final episode of the television series and in "GaoGaiGar FINAL".

Division III: Spaceborne Multidimensional Warning/Reconnaissance/Command System Susanoh

Intelligence-gathering and combat-capable division ship. Essentially a spaceborne version of the Multidimensional Intelligence Submarine. Piloted by Volfogg. Is equipped with a powerful single-directional "Reflector Beam," fired from the upper surface of the ship, that can be aimed at a target using a remote-controlled Free-Floating ("F.F.") Mirror array.

Also contains a command deck that acts as a miniature Order Room for operations outside of the GGG Orbit Base's range.

Division IV: High-Mobility Twin-Body Supply and Maintenance Ship Amaterasu

An asymmetrical Division ship designed to be capable of splitting in half lengthwise for atmospheric flight. Used to transport (and presumably store) the Mobile Unit. Was mounted with docks on top to hold GekiRyuJin, Goldytank and ChoRyuJin in place during space flight, allowing them to serve as additional gun turrets. One half was taken by the new machine species Zonuda (Mikoto Utsugi) to Earth and converted into a Zonuda Robo form, while the other half (carrying the GaoMachines) was used by Guy Shishio to follow it. This half was destroyed in descent by a blast from Zonuda.

Assault Reconnaissance Cutter Murakumo

Small manned, single-pilot reconnaissance spacecraft stored aboard Division IV: Amaterasu. Used by Leo Shishioh to determine an escape point in the "Klein Space" created to seal GGG by Lungs Primeval (ZX-17). Destroyed shortly afterwards by Foot Primeval (ZX-20).

Division V: Instantaneous Material Genesis Warship Futsunushi

Seen only in the novel "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Queen of Leo." Deactivated division ship built in France by Chasseur for GGG's use. It contained a special function that utilized the properties of a GS-Ride to build and mass-produce any material or machine. This behavior reminded GGG too much of the properties of Zonder Metal; for fear of its uncontrolled use, the ship's engine was removed and the ship itself ordered sealed. Thereafter, it was used for storage of the Molecule Plane tool and the Futsunushi-constructed Super-AI machines KoRyu and AnRyu.

BioNet would later steal this ship and utilize it (using KoRyu's GS-Ride as a power source) to create the machine G-Gigantesque in a bid to annihilate Paris.

Division VI: Unlimited Connected Transportation Pipeline Warship Mizuha

Division ship to appear in the upcoming Sunrise project "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Project Z". Not much is known about this ship other than its name at the moment. (Other data exists but has yet to be translated.)

Division VII: Super-Winged Shooting Command Warship Tsukuyomi

Seen in "GaoGaiGar FINAL". Apparent replacement for Division I: Izanagi. Lepton Traveler-equipped division ship that deploys machines and tools using dual, merging Mirror Catapult tracks built along its upper surface. Phantom Gao, Goldymarg, the Dividing Driver and Gatling Driver are all launched from this platform. A command deck is also located here, similar to the one aboard Division III: Susanoh.

Forms the lower half of Goldion Crusher.

Division VIII: Ultra-Assault Multi-Firing Warship Takehaya

Seen in "GaoGaiGar FINAL". Combat-oriented Lepton Traveler-equipped division ship created to replace Division III: Susanoh; similarly piloted by Volfogg and equipped with a markedly different Reflector Beam system, which uses twin projection "lenses" capable of changing polarity at will: "Projection Convex" mode is used to gather energy from an outside source, and "Projection Concave" mode is used to release that stored energy at a target.

Forms the "handle" of Goldion Crusher.

Escape Lifeboat Kushinada

A large, detachable escape craft accessible from Division VIII: Takehaya's ventral surface. Used to allow GGG personnel to evacuate the three replacement division ships (VII through IX) in the event that "Formation G" is used.

Division IX: Uber-Brilliant Twin-Hulled Recharge Warship Hirume

Seen in "GaoGaiGar FINAL". Apparent replacement for Division IV: Amaterasu. Lepton Traveler-equipped support division warship used to transport and launch members of the Strongest Brave Robot Corps.

Forms the upper half of Goldion Crusher. Portions of Hirume's outer hull also separate to form the corner points of the "head" when the Crusher is active.

Other Ships and Structures


Seen in "GaoGaiGar FINAL". Manned space attack craft utilized by the UN Space Force. Bears vague resemblance to a gigantic version of the Mic Sounders series' Baribarien. Each craft is equipped with an onboard Disc X—making them Solitary Wave Riser-capable— in addition to a pair of large missiles.

The name for this craft suggests that it is a further development of the "CR Project" in which the Mic Sounders series was developed. Prototypes include the CR Prototype 33R and 34R, which appeared in the PlayStation videogame "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers". Both units were absorbed by EI-72 and EI-73.


High-Speed Movement Mothership. Possibly a Division Ship, but designation is unknown. Appears in the manga story "FINAL.00: Evoluder Guy."

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