Micro-Cap 10
Developer(s) Spectrum Software
Stable release 10.0.6 / August 2011
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Electronic design automation
Website www.spectrum-soft.com

Micro-Cap[1]. is a SPICE compatible analog/digital circuit simulator with an integrated schematic editor that provides an interactive sketch and simulate environment for electronics engineers. It is developed by Spectrum Software and is currently at version 10.

The name Micro-Cap was derived from the term Microcomputer Circuit Analysis Program. The forerunners to the Micro-Cap simulator was the Logic Designer and Simulator. Released in June 1980, this product was the first integrated circuit editor and logic simulation system available for personal computers. Its primary goal was to provide a “circuit creation and simulation” environment for digital simulation.

In August of 1981, the analog equivalent of the first program, Circuit Designer and Simulator, was released. Its integrated text editor created circuit descriptions for a simple, linear, analog simulator. September of 1982 saw the release of the first Micro-Cap package as a successor to the Circuit Designer and Simulator.

Version history

  • 1982 Micro-Cap
  • 1984 Micro-Cap 2
  • 1988 Micro-Cap 3
  • 1992 Micro-Cap 4
  • 1995 Micro-Cap 5
  • 1997 Micro-Cap 5 2.0
  • 1999 Micro-Cap 6
  • 2001 Micro-Cap 7
  • 2004 Micro-Cap 8
  • 2007 Micro-Cap 9
  • 2010 Micro-Cap 10

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