List of magical characters in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

List of magical characters in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee

This is a list of magical characters that have appeared on the American animated television series "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee". They are sorted alphabetically by class.


5th Level Incubus

In "Take My Life Please", Cletus and Gus mentioned to June that a 5th Level Incubus was bringing an Ataka Demon from another dimension to Orchid Bay.

Antelope Snake

A snake with antelope horns, this demon was recruited by a tenth-level warlock to free Auntie Roon in the episode "Ding Dong, the Witch Ain't Dead". It was banished along with Auntie Roon. Voiced by Tara Strong.

Ataka Demon

In "Take My Life Please", Cletus and Gus mentioned that it was summoned from another dimension by a 5th Level Incubus to attack Orchid Bay.

Auntie Roon

Auntie Roon is an evil demon witch that rides a Spanish-speaking fish. She appeared in the episode "Ding Dong, the Witch Ain't Dead". Banished for eight centuries by the Te Xuan Ze of that time, she was unbanished by the unlikely cooperation of a 10th-level Warlock, a Pus Goblin, and an Antelope Snake. Upon her return, she attempted to conquer the world. Learning of the magic barrier from the warlock, she lifted it. Her magic proved too powerful for Juniper to defeat alone. She was helped by Monroe and Ah-Mah, who banished the witch once more and then reversed time one day to remove any trace of the magic barrier being lifted by summoning the Magical Elders. At the end of the episode at Banishment Court, Auntie Roon and her associates were sentenced by a magical judge to be banished to a farm. Auntie Roon escaped again in the episode "Every Witch Way But Loose", and transformed Juniper into a huge monster to use her power to destroy 3 magic stones that keep the magical veil up, she was beaten and June was returned to normal and banished the witch once more and June then reversed the damage using a spell to remove any trace of the magic barrier being lifted. She is currently banished to a cave, along with the 2 biker demons from "Not In My Backyard." Susan Silo voices Auntie Roon and Carlos Alazraqui voiced her Spanish-speaking fish.

Batoot Hunters

Seen in the episode "Not In My Backyard", the Batoot hunters are a pair of biker demons that hunt Batoot for sport. They were stopped by Juniper Lee when they tried to capture the Batoot she was guarding. They were last seen in the episode "Every Witch Way But Loose", sharing a banishment cave with Auntie Roon. Carlos Alazraqui and Alexander Polinsky voiced the two hunters.

Cordoth the Conqueror

Cordoth the Conqueror is a dangerous demon who was banished by magical humans. In order to be freed, magical humans were needed. His daughter accomplished this by cloning Juniper in the episode "Picture Day". During his banishment, Cordath had let himself go, making him a relatively useless demon. It is presumed that Junpier re-banished him shortly after he was freed. He was later seen with his daughter in Barandom within the movie theatre where his daughter constantly tries to get him to go on a diet. Cordoth is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

Cordoth's Daughter

Cordoth's daughter's real name is unknown. She plotted to capture Juniper and use her powers to free her father. By cloning Juniper, she was able to accomplish that. Once her father was freed, she discovered that he had let himself go, having little else to do but eat during his banishment. It was later revealed that she was imprisoned in the realm of Barandom (which was located in a movie screen in an old theatre) where she plots to bring 500 kids into that realm so that she can be free again. When June ended up there, she used her powers to change the setting to the theme of any movie (ex. western, jungle, outer space). She was defeated once more. She is voiced by Jessica Walter.

Darnock Demon

A Darnock Demon is known to steal the life force and knowledge of the Te Xuan Ze and any other lifeform which it did to Ah-Mah in order to steal the power of the Magical Elders. It took June, young Ah-Mah, and Pineapple, the turtle Ray Ray was taking care of, to defeat the Darnock Demon. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


Donnie was a demon that Juniper fought in the episode "I Get By with a Little Help From My Elf". Donnie created a creature called the Shark-O-Dile during their battle, but both he and it were banished fairly quickly. After being defeated, he sent a helper elf to pose as Juniper's assistant.

Fire Demons

They are said to be a nuisance. June once drove them away from the public pool because if they fell in the pool, their flames will be extinguished.


Freddy is a demon who was hired by his employers to steal Dragon Eggs. When June thwarted him, his employers threatened to attack him. Freddy found a time vortex in a clock tower and planned to use it to go back in time to prevent June from thwarting him. Unfortunately, June was at a field trip there and he accidentally unleashed the Time Wraiths that trapped June and the students on the field trip in a time vortex causing Ray Ray to become Te Xuan Ze and Dennis to become his sidekick. He slipped out unnoticed. When Ray Ray found out from him after finding the backpacks, he led them to the clock tower. He later tried to get a dragon that hatched from the egg he stole to work for him only for Freddy to be burned all the way to June's house. Voiced by Phil LaMarr.


Gilron is a demon sorcerer who appeared at the Lee Family Reunion. He used the Orb of Omerack to turn all of Juniper and Ah-Mah's relatives into monsters. He did it because Ah-Mah always said how she preferred hanging out with magical creatures over her own family. He is voiced by Alexander Polinsky.


Jean-Claude is a character reminiscent of Gaston from Disney's 1991 animated film version of Beauty and the Beast. He was a former member of the Elders who was banished after he turned to evil and tried to take over the human world. Jean-Claude is portrayed as a suave debonair gentleman with a French accent, and according to Juniper, he also talks too much. He seems to quite understand the roles of hero and villain, and has never showed any disgust with his defeats. Once, he trapped everyone attending Jodi's sister Rachel's Bat-Mitzvah, including Juniper, in a snow globe in order to take over Orchid Bay. He eventually got away after Juniper defeated his monster using water which was the monster's one and only weakness. Outside of that, he has two female groupies by his side. Jean-Claude is voiced by Daran Norris and his groupies are voiced by Cynthia Songé and Kath Soucie.

Jonathan and Michael

Jonathan is the producer of a failing series entitled "The Wonderful World of Magic", Jonathan decides to cancel his series in favor of filming Juniper's exploits, which were far more profitable. He appears in the episode "Star Quality" and is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He has an assistant named Michael that helps to film Juniper's exploits. Michael is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Jorden the Destroyer

Juniper had to fight Jorden in a westling tournament to get the Shroud of Voldwards in a large, extended trade for Vikki Devyne to break a contract. Juniper was losing badly and had to pull the second horn on its back, causing Jorden to shrink to a quarter of its size. He appears in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Juniper Lee".


Maret is the Grand Arch-Demon of the Sixth Plain, seen in the episode "The World According To LARP". He had Paradas demon henchmen that were helping him look for the Goblet of Nestir, which bestows its owner with incredible powers. In a plot to have the Paradas demons capture Juniper's little brother and get the goblet from her, they inadvertently captured her older brother Dennis by mistake. Maret eventually gained the goblet, but Juniper punched it out of his stomach after he devoured it. Maret is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Paradas Demons

The Paradas demons were henchmen of the Grand Arch-Demon Maret, seen in the episode 'The World According To LARP". They played a part in capturing Juniper's older brother Dennis. After Maret was defeated, Juniper sent the one who helped capture Dennis in the first place to convince him that the whole event was an act. She then sent the demon to Fresno, California, where his cousin was. The other was presumed banished. Two recolored versions of the Paradas Demons assisted Steven the Sandman into helping him return to the Dream Realm. They smelled like gorilla butt, according to Ray-Ray and Monroe.


A cute little demon that was released from the ITO (an Interdimensional Transport Object). Monotukes are known to be the con men of the Magic World. He unleashed the Arachnoid Locator Stones to call out the Adumian Prison Orb containing Unglian Banticores. He was imprisoned in the Adumian Prison Orb with the Unglian Banticores. Voiced by S. Scott Bullock.

Mylock the Destroyer

A demon reporter of the Underworld who appeared in the episode "Welcome Bat Otter", reporting on the supposedly mythical Bat Otters. A running gag in that appearance is that he's always hit by a punching glove. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Nester is the leader of a trio of demons who were trying to find and destroy the next person destined to become the Te Xuan Ze, thus ending the Te Xuan Ze line permanently. Their actions only ending up triggering Juniper's dormant powers. Through an attempted spell to drain her power, they inadvertently transferred some of it to Ray Ray when he intervened. Juniper was able to hold them back for a time, but was eventually caught. Luckily, Ah-Mah arrived to finish the job, knocking Nester into the ocean. Nester is voiced by Clancy Brown.

peed Demons

Speed demons are small creatures that can run very fast and are easily panicked. They are seen in the episode "I Get By with a Little Help From My Elf". Ray Ray and Monroe had to try and take them down alone since Juniper had been grounded earlier in the episode. They had been spooked by a Leviathan frog. Kath Soucie voiced one of the speed demons.

Tenth-Level Warlock

The tenth-level warlock was the one that conspired to free Auntie Roon from her banishment in the episode "Ding Dong, the Witch Ain't Dead". He succeeded with the help of a Pus Goblin and an Antelope snake, but was eventually banished along with Auntie Roon. Rob Paulsen voices the Tenth-Level Warlock.

Unglian Banticores

They are one of the demons that can't be banished, but can be imprisoned in the Adumian Prison Orb. They were summoned by the Monotuke. It took June and Lila to take them out enough for Monroe to conjure another Adumian Prison Orb. Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and S. Scott Bullock.

NOTE: Their names make them sound like Manticores, but they look more like armored men. they couldn't speak, and if they did, they don't do it often.

Vikki Devyne

Vikki is a monster agent who turned a monster kid named Evan Thompson into a human forever on Halloween (Evan Thompson liked being a human and hated being a monster), which also affected every other monster child. Juniper had to get a protein shake from Qegaria to break the contract. She appears in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Juniper Lee". Voiced by Tara Strong.



Loki, the shape-shifting Norse Trickster-God, appeared in "New Trickster in Town" when Juniper accidentally banished the Trulekian Trolls who had been making sure he couldn't escape. With the seal weakening, he was able to take over Terry the Trickster and begin playing pranks on Orchid Bay during April Fools' Day. By drawing on the considerable magic essence centered in Orchid Bay, he was able to break the seal and escape. Free of his prison, he was able to transform the town into a twisted nightmare of its former self. When Juniper realized this, he challenged her to play on the game show "Let's Save Humanity!" for the fate of the city. The entire game was a ruse, but Juniper was playing for time until Monroe could bring a staff that could summon Thor, his brother. Thor was able to unbanish the Trulekian Trolls and seal him up again. He appears again in "Who's Your Daddy" with his son Taylor Evermore. Loki is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Taylor Evermore

Son of Loki. Taylor poses as a new student at Juniper's school where he earned the hearts of every girl due to his good looks. He encouraged June to not hold back and really try to beat Melissa and the other girls at sports. Taylor began to fall for June and hesitated trapping June in his father's prison as Loki ordered. Once there, Taylor turned on his father and then sent himself and his father's cage to a void where they now stay. Since he's the son of Loki, this makes Taylor a demigod. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

teven the Sandman

Responsible for making people sleep, Steven appeared in "Enter Sandman". Tired of the Dream Realm (a world created from the dreams of humans), this Sandman tried to escape it by enslaving the residents of Orchid Bay in their dreams. He then forced them to construct a portal in the dream world that would allow him to enter the real world. Juniper defeated him in and Steven ended up in the dream of a man who was stuck on an island. Steven returned in the episode "Dream Date", where he tried to return to Dream Realm, but accidentally caused some troubles to Juniper who thought that Steven was trying to accomplish his nefarious plans again, but in the end of episode, she helped him to find a portal to Dream Realm. Steven is voiced by Daran Norris.


Thor is the Norse God of Thunder (he preferred being called T-Money) and the brother of Loki. Thor was summoned by Juniper when she needed to seal Loki back up. With his immense power, he was able to unbanish some Trulekian Trolls that Juniper had banished earlier. The trolls then sealed Loki back up. After Loki was gone, he helped restore Orchid Bay City back to normal. He later returned pursuing the Vindolf Hobgoblin with the Hammerettes. Thor is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.


In this show, Dragons come in different shapes and sizes. Some even fly characters associated with magic to other places as if they were airplanes. Some of known dragons include:

Benign Dragon

One was seen during Ray Ray's time as Te Xuan Ze.


Helper Elf

As the name suggests, helper elves help people. The helper elf seen in the episode "I Get By with a Little Help From My Elf" was working for Donnie, however, and was anything but helpful to Juniper. The elf got Juniper in trouble with her teacher and parents by plagiarizing her report on the platypus. It also freed several demons before being banished where his real employer made him vanish. The Helper Elf is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.

Fix-It Elves

Fix-It Elves, as the name suggests, fix things. In fact, they fix whatever they can find, which is why everything in Orchid Bay lasts for such a long time. An unusual amount of them surfaced when a Batoot wandered into town in the episode "Not In My Backyard". The three that speak are played by Alexander Polinsky, Kath Soucie, and Amy Hill. When Ray Ray asks what they are, June explains and then when Ray Ray asks what they do she replies "Don't you ever wonder why every car in Orchid Bay lasts more than thirty years?".

Whammie Elf

Whammie elves work in a movie theatre as seen in "The World According to LARP". Whenever someone in the theater above them gets excited, they get an energy boost; this causes them to be somewhat hyperactive, especially after the whole theater cheers for a big action sequence. They act as information dealers. The one that spoke was played by Carlos Alazraqui.


Dimitri The Terrible

An Arctic giant that doesn't observe the magical holiday Ephidan, Dimitri kidnaps Juniper in the episode "Magic Takes A Holiday" to take revenge on her for defeating some of his henchmen. He isn't too crazy for Labor Day, jumbo movie theater popcorn tubs, or cheese, either. He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


A large one-horned Cyclops that worked for Skeeter Khommen-Gettit in the episode 'Welcome Bat Otter'. Basically just another of Skeeter's hillbilly-themed cyclops henchmen, who is ordered to fight June, but runs away after his Over-Alls tear off.

Tiny Giant

A small giant who wanted June and Monroe to make him a potion to become an actual giant, which led Monroe to crack some "little" jokes. He now travels around on the Ray Ray-saurus. Carlos Alazraqui voices the Tiny Giant.


Benetok Goblin

When Ray Ray was Te Xuan Ze, he gave this goblin a wedgie in battle.


Leonard is a big, horned goblin that tried to join Juniper's band for the talent show in "Enter Sandman". Being a magical creature excluded him from participating. Leonard is played by Rob Paulsen.

Pus Goblin

Recruited by a tenth-level warlock, this demon helped to free Auntie Roon. As the name suggests, it's a demon that constantly oozes a pus-like substance. It was banished along with Auntie Roon in the episode "Ding Dong, the Witch Ain't Dead". Voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.

Vindolf Hobgoblin

The Vindolf Hobgoblin is a monster that escaped from its imprisonment and hid at Juniper's School. Unfortunately, it was pursued by Thor, who began demolishing the school in an attempt to find it. Juniper, Ray Ray, Monroe, and Lila had to find it before Thor destroyed the entire school. It later turned into a four-headed hydra-like form that, like its namesake, could regrow and multiply its head. It was defeated by Thor and Juniper.



Ashley is a Fourth-Level Sorceress and a big fan of Juniper who appears in the episode "Take My Life, Please". She came to Orchid Bay City while pursuing the Baguano. She rides on a pony with wings on its ankles. After Ashley kept assisting Juniper with her work, desipte being unwelcome, Juniper made her the Te Xuan Ze for a short time. This gave Juniper more time to herself. June took back her role when Ashley accidentally fed cookies to a Fustertroll. Once it was defeated, Ashley returned the title and bracelet back to June, and continued her search for said Baguano, which she later found outside Orchid Bay City. We also learn that Ray Ray had a crush on her. Ashley's voice was provided by Kath Soucie.


Humans for the Abolishment of Magic is a secret organization that, as the name suggests, seeks to destroy magic. They are well-versed in the ways of magic and have developed technology that allow them to battle magical creatures. They also wear crystals that let them see through the magic barrier. Their leader (named by the fans and cast credits after Superman villain Lex Luthor because he was called that by June) once wanted to study and learn magic, until there was an accident that gave him the scared face he has now and caused him to dedicate his life to destroying magic (as seen in "A Helping H.A.M."). Lex is voiced by Clancy Brown. Different VAs voiced the H.A.M. agents: Carlos Alazraqui and S. Scott Bullock. They are very similar to the Huntsclan of the Disney animated series American Dragon Jake Long.

Kai Yee

200 years ago, Kai Yee was the greatest Te Xuan Ze that ever lived. No demon could stop him, and he held them back at a time where war seemed inevitable. However, Kai Yee turned to evil in the pursuit of power. Not wanting to fight anymore, he attemtped to steal the power of the Magical Elders. He failed, and was turned into a statue as punishment. Centuries later, the statue was stolen from Jasmine Lee's house by DaPheetes (a monster-run shoe company that makes sneakers for female monsters). One of its employees intended to use Kai Yee to literally destroy their competition. Of course, Kai Yee was far too powerful for them to contain, escaping with little trouble. Fearing that Kai Yee might try to corrupt Juniper, and moreover that June would not be able to resist his attempts, Jasmine locks her and Ray Ray up so she can fight him alone. When that fails after Kai Yee steals the Sword of the Elders (which resembles a ninja sword), she admits that she needs Juniper's help and the two of them confront Kai Yee in the realm where the source of the Te Xuan Ze's power, the Orb of the Elders, is kept hidden. After an intense battle, Juniper uses the magic in the environment to give her a power boost, just enough to take control of the fight, and get Kai Yee into position to be turned back into a statue. He is voiced by James Sie.

Terry the Trickster

A magical human known for playing tricks on everyone. In "New Trickster in Town", he was possessed by Loki. Voiced by Billy West.



The Baguano is a large magic catfish and the pet of Ashley. It is seen at the end of the episode "Take My Life, Please".


Batoot are fairly large monsters capable of devouring a near-infinite amount of matter, regardless of what that matter may be. They also manipulate luck depending on their mood. When happy, everyone has normal luck. When they get upset, everyone's luck gets worse. The severity of the bad luck is directly dependent on just how upset the Batoot is. Voiced by Amy Hill.

Bat Otter

The titular character of "Welcome Bat Otter", it was originally believed to be extinct. This monster was feared by all the monsters in Orchid Bay due to various rumors spread about its fearsome nature. Despite this, no one had actually seen one. As Juniper attempted to find one, Skeeter Khommen-Gettit appeared to offer Bat Otter protection at reasonable prices. He even caught one, but wouldn't show anything other than a blurry picture of a monster's face. Juniper eventually discovered the Bat Otter to be nothing more than an otter with bat wings. She also discovered its unbelievable appetite when it devoured Skeeter, sucking his bandages up like spaghetti. Monroe is sure that it only eats evil creatures, but the look on its face would suggest otherwise.


A Bombat is a small, shapeshifting wombat-like monster. It is also very elusive. When Jeff and another Leprechaun accidentally released it, Juniper had to chase it all over Orchid Bay. Bombats can also been seen by humans despite the magical barrier. If allowed to run free until midnight, a Bombat will multiply itself into a swarm of Bombats & devour everything in sight. Voiced by Kath Soucie.


Cletus is a recurring monster character in this show. He is best friends with Gus. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Cyclone Monkeys

Juniper had a box of these creatures in her room until Ray Ray released them. They move like the wind as their name suggests.

Dracotta Beasts

These reptilian monsters have club-ended tails similar to an "Ankylosaurus". They are known to expand their hoods like cobras and shoot slime out of their mouth.(much like the Masters of the Universe villain, Kobra Khan) They appeared in the episode "Meet the Parent". An adult version of this creature defeated and captured Juniper after she had defeated its child, mistaking her for the demon child because of some slime that it had left on Juniper. They eat stone and mothers chew the stone with their teeth for their baby. They also lick the babies clean, as one does to June.


Gus is a recurring monster character in this show. He is best friends with Cletus. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Kilbana Beast

The Kilbana beast is a giant monster sent by a Helper Elf to attack Orchid Bay in the episode "I Get By with a Little Help From My Elf". Juniper managed to turn a Leviathan Frog on it to defeat it by launching the Leviathan Frog toward it and both monsters fought toward the bottom of the water.


The Leprechauns appear in "It's My Party And I'll Whine If I Want To'. In that episode, a Leprechaun named Jeff sought out Juniper to take down the Racatan his friends accidentally released. He returned in "Dog Show Afternoon" where he and another Leprechaun accidentally released a Bombat. After June captured it, Jeff and that Leprechaun were beaten up by June and Ah-Mah, and was given a wedgie and hung up on a branch by June as a punishment. Unlike Leprechauns common in most fiction, these Leprechauns are tall and have hippie-like appearances. Jeff the Leprechaun is played by Billy West (In "Dog Show Afternoon", Jeff was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui). The Leprechaun with Jeff was voiced by S. Scott Bullock.

Leviathan Frog

The Leviathan frog is basically a giant frog seen in the episode "I Get By with a Little Help From My Elf". It was set loose by a Helper Elf that had been working for Donnie in order to cause trouble for Juniper. Juniper launched the Leviathan Frog toward the Kilbana Beast and both of them fought toward the bottom of the water.

Margie and Eloise

Margie and Eloise are two old lady monsters that produced a snack food called Runey Stix to get rich. That food had Taranok Weed as one of its ingredients which causes 1 out of 4 monsters to become more monstrous. June tried to get them to stop, but they wouldn't. After their factory was destroyed, they were last seen selling Runey Stix on the streets (according to Monroe, no one would be stupid enough to eat them). Margie is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey and Eloise is voiced by Pat Musick.

Melicos Dock Spider

In "The World According to LARP", Ray Ray released a Melicos Dock Spider into Mrs. Gomez's swimming pool. They can breathe fire.


In "Monster Con", June fought and defeated a Minotaur before Ah-Mah had her attend the monster convention. Another one was seen trying to fight H.A.M. there.

Mitch the Enchanted Rhino

He is the caretaker of Sweetland and knows the way to the Ancient Ones who last stopped the war between the Easter Bunny and the Chickens who laid the Easter Eggs. It was revealed that he started the latest war so he can become the new Easter mascot and leave kids with AA Batteries and socks, but his plan was ruined. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Racatans are demons that resemble giant hamsters. They are short-tempered and breathe fire. One was accidentally freed by the Leprechauns in the episode "It's Your Party and I'll Whine If I Want To". Juniper was able to defeat it with the help of a Baresafer. In "Take My Life Please", another Racatan was mentioned by Cletus and Gus when it was terrorizing a Troll Festival. The Racatan in that episode is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

The Cartoon Network flash game for the series, Out of Charm's Way, offers a digital pet Racatan as a prize for finding every special item in the game.

Ray Ray-saurus

When Ray Ray drank a potion that was meant for the Tiny Giant, he slowly turned into a dinosaur version of himself. When June magically transferred Ray Ray's mind into a new body, the Ray Ray dinosaur went out of control and easily defeated June. Ray Ray convinced the monster to stay calm and sold it to the Tiny Giant.


One part shark and one part crocodile, with the heads of both, the Shark-O-Dile was created by Donnie to help him fight Juniper Lee in the episode "I Get By with a Little Help From My Elf". It was banished along with Donnie. Oddly enough, it mirrored a creature in a movie being played at the theater on which they were fighting.

ea Creatures

King Agatorius

He is the fishman emperor of all of Aqualandia. He and his fishpeople citizens wanted to live on dry land despite what June tries to tell him about the crisis, but Juniper manage to steal the king's Scepter of Haltonic to keep Orchid Bay from drowing at the same time a protest was occurring to save the "Burping Snail's" habitats. Last we've seen of him, he and his subjects are still waiting for their kingdom to rise to the surface. Voiced by S. Scott Bullock.



Barasafers are ghost/genie creatures who only attack evil beings, as seen in the episode "It's My Party And I'll Whine If I Want To". The one seen in this episode is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Time Wraiths

Time Wraiths are spirits that watch over time. Monroe calls them "The nasty watchdogs of reality's timeline". They reside in a Time Vortex in the Orchid Bay Clock Tower. If any attempt is made to alter time, they will emerge and attack. A demon named Freddy accidentally disturbed them when he tried to use the Time Vortex to go back in time to prevent June from stealing back the dragon eggs he stole, but was discovered by June and her friends (who had gone to the clock tower for a field trip). Something went wrong, the Time Wraiths awoke and June and the students on the field trip there were frozen in time causing reality to be re-written without them, making it as if they never existed and causing Ray Ray to be Te Xuan Ze. When Freddy revealed what happened to Ray Ray, he freed June and her classmates. Together, June and Ray Ray got the other students to safety and defeated the Time Wraiths.

Vikings of Kragnarok

When Roger found one half of the Medallion of Takar, it caused him and the rest of the school choir (minus Juniper) to be possessed by the spirits of the Vikings of Kragnarok (the Viking inside Jody is the leader). If they had retrieved the other half of the medallion, they would have gained permanent control of their hosts. Instead, Juniper destroyed the medallion and the ghosts were banished once more. The "Kragnarok" in their name is a parody of Ragnarok. Different VA's voiced the Vikings of Kragnarok: Jeff Bennett (the leader of the Viking ghosts possessing Jody), Pete Sepenuk (Viking ghost possessing Roger), and Scotch Ellis Loring (Viking ghost possessing Ophelia).


Brown-Back Mountain Troll

Brown-Back Mountain Trolls are some of the most fiercest and most physically-powerful creatures in all of the magical realms. Lila called them "Spitters" due to the fact that they can also spit. One ended up battling June and Lila the Bigfoot once they found out that it stole a mountain lion's cubs.

Lava Trolls

June fought these while Ray Ray cleaned her room for $5.00.


Fustertrolls are small trolls that turn humongous and gain extremely thick skin when given human food and can turn anything into stone. One was seen in the episode "Take My Life, Please". Juniper reverted the beast back to normal with a creative use of a counterspell.

Pus Trolls

Some were seen playing hockey during Margie and Eloise' commercial.

ecuritos Trolls

Securitos trolls, as the name implies, make sure things are secure. They don't seem to do so for free, however, as Juniper had to hire them in "Dog Show Afternoon" to keep the magical creatures in line when she was supposed to leave for California. They can seemingly teleport to any location where someone is breaking the rules, even if it's their employer. Why didn't they try to catch the Bombat June had to catch in the episode they appeared remains a mystery. The two that speak are voiced by Carlos Alazraqui and Dee Bradley Baker.

Trulekian Trolls

Trulekian Trolls exist to make sure Loki remains sealed up in the underworld. Juniper accidentally banished them in the episode "New Trickster in Town", allowing Loki to escape. They were unbanished by Thor later in that episode.


keeter Khommen-Gettit

A mummified pharaoh revived by a cult, Skeeter is not a typical mummy. Instead of attacking humans, trying to become fully-human again, or trying to rule the world as typical mummies would, he instead opened up a waffle and rib restaurant and used zombies as cheap labor. Ray Ray and Monroe stopped his plans by unionizing the zombies. He was then returned to his former, unanimated state by Juniper. Khommen-Getit had been a chief architect instructor in his former life, and had an aqueduct built during that time. The aqueduct broke later on and flooded a part of a town. Skeeter would later appear selling an anti-bat otter kit in "Welcome Bat Otter." Jeff Bennett voices the fast-talking zombie.


Zombies, as the name suggests, are resurrected humans seen in a few episodes. They are prominently featured in "I Got My Mind On My Mummy And My Mummy On My Mind". Unusually smart for zombies, they were brought back to life by Skeeter Khommen-Gettit to work in his restaurant. When Khommen-Getit was defeated, the zombies were returned to their graves. Carlos Alazraqui voiced the lead minion and the deputy minion is voiced by Adam Wylie. Different VAs voiced the other zombies: Adam Wylie, Candi Milo, Tara Strong, Jeff Bennett, and Phil LaMarr.


Here are those that don't fit the other categories:

Boomfist and Wrongness

In "Bada Bing, Bada Boomfist!", Ray Ray's favorite comic book characters, a super hero named Boomfist and his bodyless nemesis Wrongness were brought to life by an accidental spell from a monster while he was fighting Juniper in a junkyard. Both were sent back to the comics. The comics have defective morals, such as "Do not go to school, hang with friends, or better yet a gang", "When there is a problem, always use your fists", "Do not listen to parents, they are old and foolish", "Think about yourself before others", "When faced with a challenge, run away and shriek like your butt's on fire", "There's nothing you can't overcome when you set your mind to it, and decide to cheat", and "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, if you do, blame it on somebody else". Dennis later used one of Juniper's spells to bring Wrongness and the other members of L.O.V.E. to life and Boomfist was called again to stop them. Boomfist is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker and Wrongness is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.

Easter Bunnies

In "June's Egg-cellent Adventure: Juniper Lee Meets The Easter Bunny", June meets the mythical bunnies who deliver Easter eggs. Unlike the common myth, there are several thousand of them, since just one could never do the job. They reside in Sweetland and called upon June's help when the Chickens they lay the Easter Eggs revolted against them. It took June and the Ancient Ones to stop the feud. The Easter Bunnies are ruled by King Teddy whom is voiced by Martin Jarvis.

Easter Chickens

In "June's Egg-cellent Adventure: Juniper Lee Meets The Easter Bunny", these are the types of Chickens that lay Easter Eggs. When they revolted against the Easter Bunnies, they called Monroe's dad William to help fight the Easter Bunnies. It took June and the Ancient Ones to stop the feud.


Short for Heroes Against Terrible Evildoers, H.A.T.E. is a superhero group whose members include:

* Knight Possum (voiced by S. Scott Bullock): A human hero who wears a possum pelt and has possum-themed gadgets. He is similar to Batman.
* Grease Monkey (voiced by Alexander Polinsky): A monkey that wears a jumpsuit, hat, and he can release motor oil.
* Sky Rider (voiced by Phil LaMarr): A hero who rides on his sky board. He is based on Static with a bit of Silver Surfer.
* Felicia Fitness (voiced by Lara Jill Miller): A heroine who fights evil with fitness-based weapons such as the jumprope.
* The Big Red Cheese (voiced by Alexander Polinsky): A crimson shape-shifting wedge of cheese. The Big Red Cheese is also a nickname used by the DC comics villan Dr. Silvana in reference to his foe, the hero Captain Marvel.
* Fish Monger (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): An aquatic hero based on Aquaman, only with short crab legs, which makes him unstable on land.

They were brought to life by Dennis to help Juniper and Boomfist fight L.O.V.E.


In the Boomfist comics, L.O.V.E. (short for Legion of Villainous Evildoers) is a villain group made up of Wrongness and other Boomfist villains:

* Dr. Termino (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker): An alien criminal genius with a huge head and a third eye.
* Man-Gorilla & Professor Eek (voiced by Phil LaMarr): An English-speaking Gorilla in a suit and a small human scientist who talks like a monkey and rides on Man-Gorilla's shoulder. He's a parody of the numerous primate villains from DC comics, such as Gorilla Grodd, Monsieur Mallah, and Ultra-Humanite.
* Colonel Cold (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui): A villain who can control ice and snow. He's a parody of Captain Cold with the powers of Iceman.
* Laundromax (voiced by Kath Soucie): A female robot with a washing machine on her chest.

Dennis accidentally brought them to life. It took Juniper, Boomfist, and H.A.T.E. to defeat them.


In this show, Sasquatches are considered to be wild animals instead of magical creatures. Yet they can sense magical creatures. A bunch of Sasquatches reside in the ruins of an old highway. Most aren't very bright just like their leader Chief Richie. Chief Richie is voiced by Alexander Polinsky. Different VAs voiced the other Sasquatches: Alexander Polinsky, Daran Norris, Candi Milo, and Kath Soucie.

Charlie Paulsen

A Sasquatch responsible for capturing June and Roger's parents while on a camping trip. He needed them to help him find his way home. June, Ray Ray, Monroe, and Lila found them cornered in a tree by a bear. Voiced by Phil LaMarr.


The only female Sasquatch, she is significantly smarter and smaller than other Sasquatches. She likes movies. Ray Ray is also seen to have a crush on her (even when she was hairy). In "Make Me Up Before You Go-Go", Lila claims herself to be an herbivore, although she was shown to have fangs when she got angry at Jody's sister Rachel. She helped June find her and Roger's parents (whom were captured by a lost Sasquatch named Charlie Paulsen), as well as helping her defeat a Brown Back Mountain Troll and returning a mountain lion's cubs to their mother. Later on, Monroe uses an Exfoliax Charm to remove most of her excess hair so that she could pass for human. She enrolls at Juniper's school to learn more about humans. She has super strength, reflexes on a par with Juniper's, and knows a ton about surviving in the woods. She may be based on Roxie, another Sasquatch disguised as a human from Judd Winick's comic book series Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius. Voiced by Tara Strong.

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