Kingdom of Pajang

Kingdom of Pajang

The Kingdom of Pajang (1568 - 1586) was founded by Hadiwijaya or Jaka Tingkir, Lord of Boyolali. His father was son-in-law of King Trenggana of Demak Kingdom.

In the last battle against the last king of Demak, the vicious Arya Penangsang, Jaka Tingkir commissioned his greatest vassal: Ki Ageng Pamanahan and his son, Sutawijaya to destroy Arya Penangsang's army. The two managed to defeat and kill Arya Penangsang and were thus awarded a fief in a forest called Alas Mentaok, now Kotagede, on which they founded their base for the future capital of Mataram Kingdom. (1)

Legend said that the King Hadiwijaya was very fond of Sutawijaya that he adopted Sutawijaya as the play-mate of his heir, Prince Banawa. Hadiwijaya's rule was supposed to be succeeded by this weak-minded heir, but a rebellion by a vassal named Ario Pangiri forced the heir of King to seek asylum to his childhood friend, Sutawijaya.

Pledged to help, Sutawijaya gathered his army and defeated Ario Pangiri and seized the Pajang Palace. The Prince Banawa then submitted his crown to Sutawijaya and thus ended the history of Kingdom of Pajang in 1586, when Sutawijaya founded the greatest and still-existent Islamic Kingdom in Indonesia: Mataram Kingdom.

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