Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) is a term used in the regulation of banking in India. It is the amount which a bank has to maintain in the form of cash, gold or approved securities. The quantum is specified as some percentage of the total demand and time liabilities ( i.e. the liabilities of the bank which are payable on demand anytime, and those liabilities which are accruing in one months time due to maturity) of a bank. This percentage is fixed by the Reserve Bank of India. The maximum and minimum limits for the SLR are 40% and 25% respectively. [Master Circular of RBI to banks] Presently the SLR is 25%.

The objectives of SLR are 1) to restrict the expansion of bank credit 2) to augment the investment of the banks in Government securities and 3) to ensure solvency of banks. A reduction of SLR rates looks eminent to support the credit growth in India.

The SLR is commonly used to contain inflation and fuel growth, by increasing and decreasing it respectively. This acts by decreasing or increasing the money supply in the system respectively.

Indian banks’ holdings of government securities (Goverenment securities) are now close to the statutory minimum banks are required to hold to comply with existing regulation. When measured in rupees, such holdings decreased for the first time in a little less than 40 years (since the nationalisation of banks in 1969) in 2005-06.

While the recent credit boom is a key driver of the decline in banks’ portfolios of G-Sec, other factors have played an important role recently. These include (i) interest rate increases; and (ii) changes in the prudential regulation of banks’ investments in G-Sec. Most G-Sec held by banks are long-term fixed-rate bonds, which are sensitive to changes in interest rates. Increasing interest rates have eroded banks’ income from trading in G-Sec.


Following the amendment of the Banking regulation Act(1949) in january 2007, the floor rate of 25% for SLR was removed

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