Yoshino Province

Yoshino Province

nihongo|Yoshino Province|芳野監|Yoshino-gen|fl. about 716 - after 738 was a short-lived special division of the provinces of Japan, a part of Kinai. It was composed of only one district, nihongo|Yoshino|吉野郡|Yoshino-gun. Its present day location is the southern part of Nara prefecture.

It was established by separating Yoshino District from Yamato Province. The time of its founding is unknown, but it is thought that it was the same or near to the establishment of nihongo|Izumi Province|和泉監|Izumi-gen in 716. The unit name “ _ja. "gen"” ( _ja. ) was different from the “ _ja. "kuni"” ( _ja. ) of normal provinces. Although no record tells the reason, the two provinces were uncommonly small and contained the secondary palaces: the Yoshino province administrated nihongo|Yoshino Palace|吉野宮|Yoshino-miya and Izumi had Chinu Palace. Yoshino province was abolished sometime after the year 738 and its territory was absorbed back into Yamato Province.

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