Anthrax (fly)

Anthrax (fly)

name = Anthrax

image_width = 200px
image_caption = "Anthrax sp"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
classis = Insecta
subclassis = Pterygota
infraclassis = Neoptera
superordo = Endopterygota
ordo = Diptera
subordo = Brachycera
infraordo = Asilomorpha
superfamilia = Asiloidea
familia = Bombyliidae
subfamilia = Anthracinae
tribus = Anthracini
genus = "Anthrax"
genus_authority = Scopoli, 1763
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision =See Text

Anthrax is a genus of bombyliid flies, commonly known as "bee flie" due to their often remarkable resemblance to bees.cite book|author=Hull, F.M.|year=1973 |title=Bee flies of the world. The genera of the family Bombyliidae|pages=687 pp|publisher=Smithsonian Institution Press |language=English|isbn=0874741319| location = Washington]

"Anthrax" is a large genus, and includes species parasitic to tiger beetles -- a trait unusual amongst the bombyliids.

The genus' type is "Musca morio" Linnaeus, 1758, later found to be a misidentification of "Musca anthrax" Schrank, 1781.

pecies List

*"A. aethiops" (Fabricius 1781)
*"A. analis" Say, 1823
*"A. anthrax" (Schrank 1781)
*"A. argentatus" (Cole, 1919)
*"A. artemesia" Marston, 1963
*"A. atriplex" Marston, 1970
*"A. aureosquamosus" Marston, 1963
*"A. binotatus" Wiedemann in Meigen 1820
*"A. bowdeni" Báez 1983
*"A. cascadensis" Marston, 1963
*"A. cathetodaithmos" Marston, 1970
*"A. chaparralus" Marston, 1963
*"A. chionostigma" Tsacas 1962
*"A. cintalapa" Cole, 1957
*"A. columbiensis" Marston, 1963
*"A. cybele" (Coquillett, 1894)
*"A. dentata" Becker 1907
*"A. distigma" Wiedemann
*"A. francoisi" Evenhuis & Greathead 1999
*"A. gideon" Fabricius, 1805
*"A. giselae" François 1966
*"A. innublipennis" Marston, 1970
*"A. johanni" Zaitzev 1997
*"A. koebelei" Marston, 1970
*"A. larrea" Marston, 1963
*"A. laticellus" Marston, 1970
*"A. melanopogon" (Becker, 1892)
*"A. nidicola" Cole, 1952
*"A. nigriventris" Marston, 1970
*"A. nitidus" Marston, 1970
*"A. oedipus" Fabricius, 1805
*"A. painteri" Marston, 1970
*"A. pauper" (Loew, 1869)
*"A. pelopeius" François 1966
*"A. picea" Marston, 1963
*"A. pilosulus" Strobl 1902
*"A. plesius" (Curran, 1927)
*"A. pluricellus" Williston, 1901
*"A. pluto" Wiedemann, 1828
*"A. punctulatus" Macquart 1835
*"A. seriepinctatus" (Osten Sacken, 1886)
*"A. slossonae" (Johnson, 1913)
*"A. snowi" Marston, 1970
*"A. stellans" (Loew, 1869)
*"A. sticticus" Klug 1832
*"A. striatipennis" Marston, 1970
*"A. trifasciatus" Meigen 1804
*"A. vallicola" Marston, 1963
*"A. varius" Fabricius 1794
*"A. virgo" Egger 1859
*"A. zonabriphagus" (Portchinsky 1895)


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