Advanced Third Reich

Advanced Third Reich

"Advanced Third Reich" ("A3R" - 1992) is a board wargame originally designed by Bruce Harper and published by Avalon Hill, who then sold the license to Hasbro. The game was marketed as "the ultimate World War II strategy game". "A3R", a rewrite of "Rise and Decline of the Third Reich" (1974) is a simulation of the European and African theatres of World War II. In 2003 GMT Games published a new Bruce Harper game, "A World at War" ("AWAW"). "AWAW" is a substantially revamped, larger, and more complex version of the combined "A3R" and Empire of the Rising Sun ("ERS"). "ERS" is a stand-alone simulation, also developed by Bruce Harper, of the Pacific Theater of Operations in World War II. "A3R" and "ERS" can be played together in a "Global War" simulation using rules that are part of the "ERS" package, but the integration is not as clean as that which is provided with the gigantic "AWAW" game.

"A3R" demands a high level of attention to detail: strategy includes diplomatic, economic, and surrender level conditions, in addition to ground, air, and naval combat. The optional Research rules, which are available as part of the "ERS" game package, add the ability to focus on additional strategies and capabilities, including Axis fomenting of insurrection in the Middle East, research and production of jets, rockets, and super-submarines, use of British commandos, etc. Designed to reflect the corp scale, a turn represents three months of movement and fighting. Players will find themselves engulfed in complications, upsets, and perhaps victory if their plans meet reality.

A newsletter, "Ultra", is focused on strategy discussions on the play of "AWAW". Back issues from 1992 to 2002 are available that focused on "A3R" and "ERS".

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*bgg|283|"Advanced Third Reich"
* [ Warplanner] , a free program which allows you to play "A3R" and "AWAW" over the Internet.
* [ "A3R" email list on Yahoo!] , an email list for players of "A3R" and "ERS"

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