Television Broadcasts Limited

Television Broadcasts Limited

company_name = Television Broadcasts Limited
company_type = Public sehk|0511,OTCBB|TVBCY
foundation = Broadcast Drive, Kowloon, Hong Kong (1967)
location = 77 Chun Choi Street
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate;
New Territories, Hong Kong
key_people = Sir Run Run Shaw
industry = Television broadcasting
num_employees = 4532 (2007)
products = TVB Jade, TVB Pearl, TVBI, TVB Pay Vision, TVBS,, TVB Publishing, etc.
revenue = $4.33 billion HK dollars (2007)
homepage = []

Television Broadcasts Limited (sehk|0511,OTCBB|TVBCY), commonly known as TVB, was the first over-the-air commercial television station in Hong Kong. It commenced broadcasting on November 19, 1967. [The company registed on July 26, 1965 C.R. No:0011781(Television Broadcasts Limited)— [ The Cyber Search Centre of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System] ] . With a staff of about 4,500, it is one of two free-to-air television broadcasters in Hong Kong, the other being its arch-rival, ATV.cite web | title =Corporate Information | publisher =Television Broadcasts Limited | year = 2006 | url = | accessdate = 2007-06-14 ]

TVB is the first free-to-air (FTA) television broadcaster in Hong Kong. When TVB first began broadcasting, to distinguish it from the only cable television broadcaster, Rediffusion Television, it was commonly known as "Wireless Television" ( _zh. 無綫電視 Cantonese: mo sin din si) in Chinese. Although there is more than one wireless television station now. The company's current chairman is Sir Run Run Shaw.

TVB currently operates five free channels in Hong Kong.TVB Jade (Cantonese) and TVB Pearl (English) are TVB's flagship television channels, while J2 and Interactive Information Channel are new launched channels with standard defination via digital terrestrial television platform. There is also a channel called HD Jade, which is Hong Kong's One-and-Only 24-hour broadcasting channel in high definition mode. cite web | title =Television Broadcasts Limited Provides Hong Kong's One-and-Only Free 24-Hour High Definition Channel | publisher = TVB | date = 2007-12-12 | url = | accessdate = 2007-12-12 ] cite web | title =Picture imperfect | publisher = The Standard | date = 11/06/2007 | url = | accessdate = 2007-11-06 ] Besides, TVB is providing twelve pay-tv channels for its associated company, TVB Pay Vision Limited.

TVB reaches out to the overseas Chinese communities. Its productions are available in Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, among others, on channels such as TVB's own TVBS-Europe [] subscription satellite service.cite web | title =Corporate Info | publisher = TVBI Company Limited | year = 2007 | url = | accessdate = 2007-11-06 ] In Taiwan, TVB operates through its TVBS subsidiary.

Its dramas are internationally acclaimed, and many of Hong Kong's top film and pop stars started their careers at the station. Special TVB events such as the annual "TVB Anniversary Celebration" are broadcast to planetary audience. TVB also runs talent programmes such as the annual Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International beauty pageants. Successful contestants may be offered TVB's contracts and represent Hong Kong to take part at world-class beauty contests, including the Miss World Pageant.


TVB enjoys dominance of the television market in Hong Kong, but it is not considered the powerhouse it used to be. It started in 1965 as a competitor to what was then called Rediffusion Television, later to become ATV, a cable operator that charged subscription fees for its operation, and the only terrestrial competitor to TVB One of the first show launched was Enjoy Yourself Tonight in 1967.

TVB receives praise for its programming from a wide range of demographics, including the middle class, as was the case with its 2004 historical drama series "War and Beauty". Its program line-up features a steady stream of soap operas, variety shows and other populist fare.

TVB has been criticised for signing exclusive contracts with many local celebrities which restrict them from appearing on other local television stations. Hong Kong's Cable T.V. claims it is unfair competition (although Asia Television Ltd, another major television station in Hong Kong, disagrees). In fact, many artists do not have exclusive contracts with TVB and are free to show up in programmes produced by other local television stations or out-sourcing production houses.

The annual TVB Music Awards ceremony is one of the biggest for Cantopop personalities. It is widely rumoured that TVB distributes the awards to those who are obedient to the company's demands, and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Hong Kong) has investigated the arrangement of the awards. [cite web | title =Stars arrested over 'rigged' awards | publisher = BBC | year = 2004 | url = | accessdate = 2007-11-06 ] It ruled that three TVB staff members under scrutiny were not guilty. Afterwards, TVB reformed its music programs in a bid to reestablish their authority. [cite web | title = _zh. 舞影行動終止 何麗全曾國強陳家倫慶清白 (in simplied Chinese) | publisher = _zh. 金羊網 | date = 21/1/2005 | url = | accessdate = 11/06/2007 ]

On the other hand, TVB was awarded the National Association of Broadcasters's (NAB) International Broadcasting Excellence Award in 2001. The award recognised the company's outstanding contributions to the community through a wide range of charitable programs and activities. Hong Kong thus becomes the first city in Asia to receive this prestigious award in this area. [citeweb|title=NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award| publisher=National Association of Broadcasters|url=| accessdate=2008-06-09]

In 2005, TVB, in association with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, organized the biggest fundraising campaign in the company's history in response to South-East Asia's recent tsunami. It raised over one hundred million Hong Kong dollars to assist those affected.

From 31st March 2008, TVBS-Europe launched their "Multi-channel" package in Europe. It consists of 5 different channels which include the existing TVBS-Europe Channel plus the addition of TVBN, TVB Entertainment News, TVB Classic and TVB Lifestyle. [ [ Chinese Channel Home Page ] ]


TVB was originally located on Broadcast Drive in Kowloon Tong, and was neighbours with RTHK and ATV. By the late 1980s, the company had out-grown the facility at Broadcast Drive, and built a new studio complex, named T.V. City, at Clear Water Bay in Sai Kung.

To cope with future development and expansion, TVB began planning in 1998 to develop a replacement facility at the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate. The new HK$2.2 billion TVB City came into full operation in October 2003. The new headquarters are built on by far the largest piece of land ever leased by the then Hong Kong Industrial Estates Corporation and the first service-providing company in the area. It has a building area of over 110,000 square metres, 30% more than that of the previous facilities at Clear Water Bay. Studio 1 in TVB City, which can seat an audience of six hundred and thirty, is the largest television production studio among commercial television stations in Asia. [cite web | title =Grand Opening of Television Broadcasts Limited's TVB City A Significant Milestone of the Broadcasting and Production Industry in Hong Kong | publisher = TVB | date = 2003-12-10 | url = | accessdate = 2007-11-06]

News operation

TVB broadcasts several news programs, such as Jade Prime News (Jade) and Pearl Headline Prime (Pearl). It also operates its own news channel, TVBN. (zh-cp|c=無綫新聞台|p=wúxiàn xīnwéntái) and TVBN2 (zh-cp|c=無綫新聞二台|p=wúxiàn xīnwénèrtái), through TVB Pay Vision (zh-cp|c=無綫收費電視|p=wúxiàn shōufèi diànshì).


*Sir Run Run Shaw ( _zh. 邵逸夫) G.B.M. (Executive Chairman)
*Mona Fong ( _zh. 方逸華) (Deputy Chairwoman and Acting Managing Directress)
*Stephen Chan Chi Wan ( _zh. 陳志雲) General Manager
*Virginia Lok TVB's high executive( _zh. 樂易玲)

Notable shows from TVB

TVB is a major television-producer in Hong Kong, and its programs usually receive greater ratings than offerings from the other local television stations.

*Racing Peak A popular series about a horse race company starring Felix Wong and Amy Chan.
*A Kindred Spirit _zh. 真情 was a classic television drama series that was broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong from May 15, 1995 to November 11, 1999. It is one of the longest running drama show in Hong Kong television history (the longest being the sitcom Hong Kong 81 series). It's exceptional longevity still amazes people in a city where scripted TV drama programs typically only last around twenty episodes, with the show running daily. The total number of episodes is 1,128.
*Super Trio Series 獎門人系列 Long running and popular variety game show since 1994.
*The Legend of the Condor Heroes _zh. 射雕英雄傳 (starring the famous on screen couple portrayed by Felix Wong Yat Wah and his co-star Barbara Yung Mei Ling)
*Return of the Condor Heroes _zh. 神雕俠侶 (a successful sequel to the first Condor series, starring Andy Lau and Idy Chan)
*The Bund _zh. 上海灘 (a classic series of the 1980s, starring a young Chow Yun-Fat, regarded by many as one of the best TVB series. Chow shot to stardom soon after.)
*Looking Back in Anger _zh. 義不容情 starring Felix Wong and Carina Lau (a classic, it had high ratings and was one of the most rented TVB series ever. It is also remembered for its tragic ending.)
*The Greed of Man _zh. 大時代 (One of the most controversial and culturally important shows in the early 1990s. Also remarkable for its effect on the stock market.)
*Detective Investigation Files _zh. 刑事偵輯檔案 (three installments, one spin-off, four seasons in total. Talks about a pair of detectives solving criminal cases within Hong Kong.)
*Files of Justice _zh. 壹號皇庭 (five seasons, a little similar to Law and Order, except that they actually spend more time on debating law-suits in the court)
*Secret of Heart _zh. 天地豪情 starring Gallen Lo, Felix Wong, Amy Kwok, Kathy Chow, Jessica Hsuan, Paul Chun (three seasons in one shot, sixty-one episodes. Made the villain in the series, Nick Cheung) become a star and grabbed many awards for other fellow cast members.
*Untraceable Evidence _zh. 鑑證實錄 (two seasons. It is remembered for its story-line along with forensic science, somewhat similar to the US "CSI" franchise)
*Cold Blood Warm Heart _zh. 天地男兒 (an all-time favourite classic remembered for its love triangle and plot with Gallen Lo, Julian Cheung Chilam, Nnadia Chen and Jessica Hsuan.)
*Healing Hands _zh. 妙手仁心 (remembered for its remarkable medical accuracy. It is similar to the United States series "ER")
*At the Threshold of an Era _zh. 創世紀 (Two series in total, and is the biggest television production ever created in Hong Kong history. It was a celebration for the end of the twentieth century.)
*Armed Reaction _zh. 陀槍師姐 (Four seasons in total so far, which talks about the discrimination women face within the police force.)
*Journey to the West _zh. 西遊記 (one of the few TVB Jade programs to be dubbed in English and rebroadcast on TVB Pearl. Tells the story of the Monkey King and his journey to retrieve the scrolls. It also helped relaunch Dicky Cheung's career.)
*War of the Genders _zh. 男親女愛 (a long-running comedy series, starring the comedic Dayo Wong and Carol Cheng).
*Virtues of Harmony _zh. 皆大歡喜 (one of the longest running sitcoms in Hong Kong, a historical costume series with a modern-day spin-off)
*Gods of Honour _zh. 封神榜 (A popular drama about the life and trials of nezha before being a God, and battle of two sides against an evil concubine who titled herself as the Queen.)
*War and Beauty _zh. 金枝慾孽 (a very popular drama which talks about how four women of the king battle psychological in order to achieve their own purpose by being the most beloved women of the King. Time was set at the Qing dynasty.
*Wars of In-Laws _zh. 我的野蠻奶奶 (The 2005 Best Series Award winner with a modern-day spin-off.)
*La Femme Desperado _zh. 女人唔易做 (A series that deals with the social issues in today's society & was the 2006 Best Series Award winner.)
*Heart of Greed _zh. 溏心風暴 (A very high rating series which was the 2007 Best Series Award winner.)
*Moonlight Resonance _zh. 溏心風暴之家好月圓 (The highest-rated TVB production ever produced and sister production of 2007's Heart of Greed.)

Channel List

*Interactive Channel
*HD Jade

ee also

*List of Hong Kong companies
*List of Chinese companies
*Asia Television Limited - rival broadcaster
*TVB News


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* [ TVB Official Site] zh icon

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