STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo is an annual convention in Austin, Texas, United States, for alternative comics, minicomics, webcomics, zines, underground comics, and graphic arts. Chris Nicholas founded the conference as a gathering place for professional artists and amateur creators, "a showcase for the folks who publish comics and zines and possible literary masterworks out of their own apartments."fn|1

Guests at the 2005 convention included Shannon Wheeler, Scott Kurtz, Terry Moore, and Michael Lark. Guests at the 2006 convention include Tony Millionaire, Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, David Hopkins, and winners of the Xeric grant for comic book self-publishers.

Guests at the 2007 convention include Dean Haspiel, Brian Keene, and Danielle Corsetto. Returning are Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, and David Hopkins. 2007 will also mark the first Independent Animation Panel at STAPLE!

The show is sponsored by Austin Books, an Eisner-nominated comic book store and the site of the largest gathering of artists for the worldwide 24-Hour Comics Day held in 2005.fn|2

Event dates and locations

*March 3 2007: Red Oak Ballroom, Austin, Texas
*March 4 2006: Red Oak Ballroom, Austin, Texas
*March 5 2005: BPOE #201, Austin, Texas

ee also

*Alternative Press Expo
*Comic Art Convention
*Comic-Con International


*fnb|1 Wayne Alan Brenner, [ "Collating the Underexposed"] , March 4, 2005
*fnb|2 Nat Gertler, "24 Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005" (ISBN 0-9753958-6-6)

External links

* [ STAPLE! official website]
* [ Xeric Foundation]

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