Staple may mean:

*Staple (fastener), a formed metal fastener used to secure sheets of material or wires, so they will not fall apart of each other.
*Staple food, a foodstuff that forms the basic constituent of a diet. It is a standard commodity rather than a specialty item. This meaning is often extended to cover other areas besides food (a rollercoaster is a theme park staple)
*Surgical staple, used in surgery to close wounds
*Staple (textiles) is the raw material, or its length and quality, of fiber from which textiles are made. It is the material in its standard form as a traded commodity.
*Staple (wool), wool fibers that naturally form themselves into locks that held together by cross fibers.
*Staple (music), the foundation upon which a reed is constructed. A small cylindrical piece of metal (copper) tubing used to support the cane reeds. The reeds are fastened to the Staple using a copper wire or other suitable material. Staples are used for other type reeds such as oboe, bassoon and similar double reeded instruments.
*STAPLE!, a convention for creators of comics, minicomics, and other independent media
* STAPLE (programming language) - A programming language written at Manchester and used at ICL in the early 1970s for writing the test suites. STAPLE was based on ALGOL 68 and had a very advanced optimizing compiler.

Musical groups

*The Staple Singers, a United States gospel, soul, and R&B singing group
*Staple (band), a Christian post-hardcore band


*Staple ports were medieval concept for a port in which trade was regulated, usually by the King, often restricting the particular trade to a specific group or port
**'The staple' was the staple port where wool exports were traded. From 1363 to 1558, this was at Calais.
**Étaples, Pas-de-Calais, another city named in this way, but in its French form
*Staple rights were a somewhat related but different medieval concept which forced river merchants to offer their goods for sale at a city before being allowed to proceed with the remainder of their goods
*Staple, Kent, a village in Kent, England near Sandwich
*Staple, Louisiana
*Staple, Nord in France

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