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Selena Fox

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Selena Fox (born October 1949) is a Wiccan priestess and activist, psychotherapist, self-published author and lecturer in the fields of Neopaganism, Wicca, New Age and comparative religion.


Fox is the co-founder of the "Circle Craft" tradition of Wicca and, with former husband Jim Alan, Circle Sanctuary, a Nature Spirituality resource center headquartered on the 200-acre Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve in Wisconsin, which is private land she owns with her current husband, Dennis Carpenter. Circle Sanctuary's quarterly journal, "Circle Magazine" (formerly, "Circle Network News") was first published in the late 1970s as a newspaper and is currently the most widely distributed Neopagan publication in the world.fact|date=December 2007 Fox is also the founder of Pagan Spirit Gathering, one of the oldest Neopagan festivals in the United States. She helped organize the first Starwood Festival, founded the same year (1981).Krassner, Paul (2005). [ "Life Among the Neopagans"] in "The Nation", August 24, 2005 (web only): Fox quoted about Starwood. Retrieved 25 December 2007] Gill, Michael [ "Circle of Ash"] in "Cleveland Free Times", July 7th, 2005: Mentions of Fox being hired to speak at Starwood. Retrieved 25 December 2007] Fox co-directs Circle Sanctuary and Pagan Spirit Gathering with her husband, Dennis Carpenter, who is also the editor of "Circle Network News".


Fox is a trained counselor and psychotherapist and a member of the American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, and American Academy of Religion.fact|date=December 2007

Media appearances

Fox attended her first Neopagan ritual at the age of 21 and has represented Neopaganism in the public sphere since 1973,fact|date=December 2007 making appearances on television and radio. She has also been mentioned in print publications, such as brief mention in a "Time Magazine" article on Goddess Spirituality.Ostling, Richard N. [,9171,972894,00.html "When God Was a Woman"] in "Time", Monday, May. 06, 1991: brief mention of Fox leading a ritual. Retrieved 25 December 2007] She has also been the subject of repeated negatively-characterized feature stories on Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club".fact|date=December 2007

Wiccan Activism

Fox is the founder and executive director of the Lady Liberty League, a networking organization dedicated to religious freedom for Wiccans, Neopagans, and other nature religion practitioners worldwide. In 1992, she founded the Pagan Academic Network, an association for professors, students, and researchers with an academic interest in Neopaganism.

Writing and publishing

Fox is a primary contributor to Circle Network News, of which she is also the publisher, and the author of "Goddess Communion: Rituals and Meditations" and "When Goddess is God: Pagans, Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous".


* "Circle Songs and Chants" - Jim Alan & Selena Fox (self-produced cassette)
* "The Magickal Movement: Present and Future" - panel discussion with Isaac Bonewits, Margot Adler and Robert Anton Wilson (ACE cassette)
* "Magick Changing the World, the World Changing Magick" - panel discussion with Bonewits, AmyLee, Jeff Rosenbaum and Robert Anton Wilson (ACE cassette)


General references

* Vale, V. and John Sulak (2001). "Modern Pagans". San Francisco: Re/Search Publications. ISBN 1-889307-10-6. p.201 - One page interview with Fox about Circle Sanctuary.

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