LysKOM is a KOM-based conferencing system developed by the Lysator Academic Computer Society at Linköping University and Linköping Institute of Technology. It can be seen as a cross between news and e-mail, but with the presence and speed of IRC or IM-networks. The most common client is the LysKOM Emacs Lisp Client, but among others a WWW-based client also exists. The LysKOM protocol uses port 4894.

LysKOM also refers to the specific installation hosted by Lysator at

LysKOM installations

*LysKOM ( at Lysator in Linköping.
*LysCOM, LysKOM in English ( at Lysator in Linköping.
*CD-KOM ( at Chalmers Computer Society in Gothenburg.
*DSKOM ( at [ DatorSektionen] in Jönköping.
* [ HesaKOM] ( at University of Helsinki in Helsinki.
*LuddKOM ( at Ludd in Luleå.
*MdS-KOM ( at [ Mälardalens Studentkår] in Eskilstuna.
*MysKOM (
*Roxen Community KOM ( at Roxen in Linköping.
*RydKOM ( in Ryd in Linköping.
*SnoppKOM (
* [ TokKOM] ( at [ Stacken] in Stockholm.
*UppKOM ( at Update in Uppsala.

External links

* [ The LysKOM system]
* [ The LysKOM Emacs Lisp Client]
* [ LysKOM Protocol A]

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