Musa connector

Musa connector
From left to right: assembled cable mounted Musa socket, socket components, two types of panel mounted plug

The Musa connector (Multi-User Steerable Array) is a type of coaxial connector, originally developed for the manual switching of radar signals. It had a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω[1], and was adopted for use in the emerging broadcast industry. By the time the first 'high definition' television first appeared in 1936, the connector was used as standard, unlike many popular types of coaxial connector it is engaged and disengaged by a straight push-pull action, making it ideal for patch bays.

Used in telecommunications and video, the connector has performed well but with the modern high definition signal now being broadcast, the mismatch between the original 50 Ω connector and the standard 75 Ω, used in almost every device in the broadcast industry, has become apparent.


  1. ^ Ohm is where the art is - Publication: IBE - International Broadcast Engineer; Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2003

MUSA connectors typically deployed solid Sterling-silver contacts, silver-plated brass bodies and screws.

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