List of endemic fauna of Puerto Rico

List of endemic fauna of Puerto Rico

This is a list of the endemic fauna of Puerto Rico. This list is sorted in alphabetical order by the scientific name of the species, which are in parentheses.


*Yellow-shouldered Blackbird ("Agelaius xanthomus")
*Puerto Rican Parrot ("Amazona vittata")
*Green Mango ("Anthracothorax viridis")
*Puerto Rican Nightjar ("Caprimulgus noctitherus")
*Puerto Rican Emerald ("Chlorostilbon maugeaus")
*Puerto Rican Lizard‑Cuckoo ("Coccyzus vieilloti")
*Puerto Rican Pewee ("Contopus portoricenis") [The Puerto Rican Pewee is not an official species recognized by the AOU. The species is a proposed split from the Lesser Antillean Pewee ("Contopus latirostris") by Rafaelle, H., et al. in "A Guide to the Birds of the West Indies". 1998.]
*Adelaide's Warbler ("Dendroica adelaidae")
*Elfin-woods Warbler ("Dendroica angelae")
*Puerto Rican Bullfinch ("Loxigilla portoricensis")
*Puerto Rican Screech Owl ("Megascops nudipes") [ This species was formerly categorized as "Otus nupides" but was subsequently [ renamed] . ]
*Puerto Rican Woodpecker ("Melanerpes portoricensis")
*Puerto Rican Flycatcher ("Myiarchus antillarum")
*Puerto Rican Tanager ("Nesospingus speculiferus")
*Puerto Rican Spindalis ("Spindalis portoricensis") [ This species was formerly a subspecies of "Spindalis zena". In 1997 it was elevated to species status. [] ]
*Puerto Rican Tody ("Todus Puerto ricos")
*Puerto Rican Vireo ("Vireo latimeri")


*"Alloweckelia gurneei"
*Puerto Rican sand crab ("Emerita portoricensis")


*"Camponotus kaura"-was first described by Roy R. Snelling & Juan A. Torres

*"Solenopsis torrei"-was first described by Juan A. Torres


*Puerto Rico shipworm ("Teredo portoricensis")


*"Cylindromus uniporus"


*Puerto Rican Racer ("Alsophis portoricensis")
*Mona Ameiva ("Ameiva alboguttata")
*Desecheo Ameiva ("Ameiva desechensis")
*Puerto Rican ground lizard ("Ameiva exsul")
*Blue-tailed ground lizard ("Ameiva wetmorei")
*Baker's Worm Lizard ("Amphisbaena bakeri")
*Puerto Rican Worm lizard ("Amphisbaena caeca")
*Schmidt's Worm Lizard ("Amphisbaena schmiditi")
*Puerto Rican Dryland Worm Lizard [ This species is also known as the North American Worm Lizard. ] ("Amphisbaena xera")
*Cook's Anole ("Anolis cooki")
*Mona Anole ("Anolis monensis")
*Puerto Rican Twig Anole ("Anolis occultus") [ This species is also known as Pygmy Anole. ]
*Ponce Small-Fanned Anole ("Anolis poncensis") [cite web |]
*Culebra Island giant anole ("Anolis roosevelti")
*Puerto Rican Garden Snake ("Arrhyton exiguum")
*Puerto Rican crested toad [ This species has several common names. These are Ridge-headed Toad, Lowland Caribbean Toad, Puerto Rican Toad and "Sapo Concho". ] ("Bufo lemur") [ This species was formerly categorized as "Peltophryne lemur" but was subsequently [ renamed] .]
*Dryland Grass Anole ("Ctenonotus poncensis") [cite web |url=]
*Mona Ground Iguana ("Cyclura cornuta stejnegeri")
*Puerto Rican Galliwasp ("Diploglossus pleei")
*Cook's Robber Frog ("Eleutherodactylus cooki")
*Common Coquí ("Eleutherodactylus coqui")
*Mottled Coquí ("Eleutherodactylus eneidae")
*Golden Coquí ("Eleutherodactylus jasperi")
*Mona Coquí ("Eleutherodactylus monensis")
*Puerto Rican Boa ("Epicrates inornatus")
*Monito Gecko ("Sphaerodactylus micropithecus")
*Mona Dwarf Gecko ("Sphaerodactylus monensis")
*Roosevelt's Dwarf Gecko ("Sphaerodactylus roosevelti")
*Mona Blindsnake ("Typhlops monensis")
*Puerto Rican Wetland Blind Snake ("Typhlops rostellatus")


This is a list of all spiders endemic to Puerto Rico, according to Platnick. [Platnick, N.I. (2006). [ world spider catalog] , version 7.0. American Museum of Natural History]
* Anyphaenidae:* "Anyphaena decora":* "Wulfila coamoanus":* "Wulfila inconspicuus":* "Wulfila isolatus":* "Wulfila macropalpus":* "Wulfila tropicus"
* Araneidae:* "Araneus adjuntaensis":* "Lewisepeira maricao":* "Metazygia silvestris"
* Clubionidae:* "Clubiona desecheonis":* "Elaver portoricensis"
* Corinnidae:* "Abapeba guanicae":* "Abapeba wheeleri":* "Corinna javuyae":* "Phrurolithus insularis":* "Phrurolithus portoricensis":* "Trachelas borinquensis"
* Ctenidae:* "Celaetycheus modestus":* "Celaetycheus strenuus":* "Oligoctenus ottleyi":* "Trujillina isolata"
* Dipluridae:* "Masteria petrunkevitchi"
* Gnaphosidae:* "Camillina desecheonis"
* Hahniidae:* "Hahnia naguaboi"
*Ixodidae (Ticks):* "Amblyomma arianae"
* Linyphiidae:* "Lepthyphantes microserratus"
* Lycosidae:* "Agalenocosa yaucensis"
* Mimetidae:* "Mimetus portoricensis"
* Oonopidae:* "Oonops delegenus":* "Oonops ebenecus":* "Oonops viridans":* "Stenoonops econotus":* "Stenoonops phonetus":* "Stenoonops portoricensis"
* Pholcidae:* "Modisimus cavaticus":* "Modisimus coeruleolineatus":* "Modisimus montanus":* "Modisimus montanus dentatus":* "Modisimus sexoculatus":* "Modisimus signatus"
* Prodidomidae:* "Neozimiris nuda"
* Salticidae:* "Agobardus blandus":* "Corythalia gloriae":* "Corythalia tristriata":* "Emathis luteopunctata":* "Emathis minuta":* "Emathis portoricensis":* "Emathis tetuani":* "Eris illustris":* "Habronattus ensenadae":* "Habronattus facetus":* "Hentzia squamata":* "Jollas minutus":* "Neonella mayaguez":* "Sidusa mona":* "Siloca monae"
* Scytodidae:* "Scytodes dissimulans"
* Sparassidae:* "Olios bicolor":* "Olios darlingtoni":* "Pseudosparianthis jayuyae":* "Stasina portoricensis"
* Tetragnathidae:* "Chrysometa hamata":* "Chrysometa jayuyensis":* "Chrysometa yunque":* "Glenognatha gloriae":* "Tetragnatha bryantae"
* Theraphosidae:* "Avicularia caesia":* "Cyrtopholis culebrae":* "Cyrtopholis portoricae":* "Holothele culebrae"
* Theridiidae:* "Dipoena puertoricensis":* "Styposis lutea":* "Theridion ricense"
* Theridiosomatidae:* "Baalzebub albonotatus":* "Ogulnius gloriae"
* Thomisidae:* "Misumenops bubulcus":* "Rejanellus mutchleri":* "Tmarus vertumus"
* Uloboridae:* "Miagrammopes animotus"

Extinct animals

*Greater Puerto Rican Ground Sloth ("Acratocnus major") [ The Greater Puerto Rican Ground Sloth became extinct approximately 3000-4000 years ago. ]
*Lesser Puerto Rican Ground Sloth ("Acratocnus odontrigonus") [ The Lesser Puerto Rican Ground Sloth became extinct approximately 3000-4000 years ago. ]
*Mauge's Parakeet ("Aratinga chloroptera maugei")
*Puerto Rican Caracara ("Caracara latebrosus")
*Puerto Rican Plate-Tooth ("Elasmodontomys obliquus") [ The Puerto Rican Plate-Tooth or Puerto Rican paca became extinct approximately in the early 16th century. ]
*Greater Puerto Rican agouti ("Heteropsomys antillensis")
*Lesser Puerto Rican agouti ("Heteropsomys insulans")
*Puerto Rican long-nosed bat ("Monophyllus frater")
*Puerto Rican Nesophontes ("Nesophontes edithae") [The Puerto Rican Nesophontes became extinct approximately in the early 16th century.]
*Puerto Rican Flower Bat ("Phyllonycteris major")
*Corozal Rat ("Puertoricomys corozalus")
*Puerto Rican Barn Owl ("Tyto cavatica")

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* [ Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña] es icon
* [ Bosque Seco de Guánica] es icon
* [ Integrated Taxonomic Information System]
* [ Extinct vertebrates of the U.S.A., U.S. territories and Canada since 1492]
*cite book
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