Wanshan Archipelago

Wanshan Archipelago

The Wanshan Archipelago (which means "Ten Thousand Hills Archipelago"), sometimes referred to as the Ladrones Islands (Thieves Islands), is a 104-island archipelago that is part of Zhuhai Municipality in Guangdong Province in the People's Republic of China


The islands are situated to the south of Hong Kong in the South China Sea. The largest island, Dan'gan, features mountainous terrain similar to Hong Kong.

Islands of the archipelgo include:
* Dan'gan Liedao (Dan'gan Dao and Zhiwan Dao) - 13.2 square kilometres in area and the largest of the islands; 200 permanent residents
* Dawanshan Dao
* San Men Liedao
* Wai Lingding Dao - 3.7 square kilometres in area and a tourist attraction with natural sites and temples
* Beijian Dao
* Yuejiawei
* Daguishanlian Dao
* Dahao
* Miaowan Dao - 1.46 kilometres in area with a small population of fishermen. Lighthouse on the island was built by the British in 1884
* Daxi
* Guishan - formerly PLA base from the 1950s
* Zhongxinzhou
* Niutou
* Dazhizhu
* Huangmao
* Xiaozhizhu
* Sanjiao
* Jiaopeng
* Erzhou
* Dong'ao - 4.62 square kilometres in area with population of 500

Other geographically important points of interest:

* Lema Channel is a major waterway in the archipelgo.
* Dahengqin Dao is an island off Macau and not part of this archipelgo.
* Erzhou, rising to 437.7m above sea level, is the highest point in the archipelago


There is a small local population. mostly in small fishing villages:

* Dan'gan
* Dan'ganwei
* Nacun


The archipelago's economy is mainly fisheries (crystal prawn, peeler crab). There is a growing tourism industry with a focus on history (Blundbuss Tower is a major attraction on Dong'ao Island), beaches, and the natural beauty of the islands. About 350,000 tourists visit the islands annually.

There is also potential for petroleum extraction in the waters off the islands.

Tourist Sites

* A-Ma Temple on Wanshan
* Floating Cobbles Bay - Wanshan
* Son-Soliciting Springs - Dong'ao
* Wen Tianxiang Park - Guishan
* Monument to the Martyrs of Guishan Warship - Guishan
* Xiafeng Bay - Miaowan
* Dan'gan Village - Dan'gan


* Ferry service from Zhuihai to Guishan, Wai Lingding, Dan'gan, Dong'ao and Wanshan
* Fast/Slow Ferry service to Guishan, Wai Lingding, Xiangzhou
* Sightseeing Ferryboats from Zhuhai


* [http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&t=k&ll=22.057642,113.933716&spn=0.614745,0.862427&t=k Aerial image of the islands (Google map)]
* [http://dev.lib.utexas.edu/maps/middle_east_and_asia/hongkongmacau.jpgWanshan Qundao]
* [http://www.newsgd.com/pictures/scenery/200608100033.htm Enjoying sunlight and sea in Zhuhai Islands]

See also

*Wanshan Archipelago Campaign

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