Unit may refer to:

In "'mathematics:
* Unit vector, a vector with length equal to 1
* Unit circle, the circle with radius equal to 1, centered at the origin
* Unit interval, the interval of all real numbers between 0 and 1
* Imaginary unit, "i", whose square is -1
* Root of unity, a complex number, a power of which is 1
* Unit (ring theory), an element that is invertible with respect to ring multiplication
* Unit type, a type that allows only one value
* In category theory, a natural transformation (called the unit) from the identity functor to the composition of two adjoint functors

In "'science and technology:
* Unit of measurement, a fundamental quantity of measurement
* In biochemistry, a unit is the measure of enzyme activity
* Unit of electricity, one kilowatt hour of mains electricity
* Units conversion by factor-label, a widely used approach for performing Conversion of units
* Unit (chemical engineering), a unit is a vessel or pipe in a chemical plant (see unit operation)
* Units (Unix), a command-line computer program that does unit conversion
* Functional unit, a component of a computer system such as the CPU
* In blood transfusion, one unit of blood is equal to one pint
* Unit of alcohol, 10 millilitres of pure ethanol in the United Kingdom
* In a 19-inch rack a "rack unit" is a standard height of convert|1.75|in|mm

In "'entertainment:
* UNIT - the Unified Intelligence Taskforce in Doctor Who
* Unit (album), an indie pop album by the Australian band "Regurgitator"
* G-Unit, a hip-hop music group
* The Units, a synthpunk band from San Francisco from 1978 to 1984
* "The Unit", an American television series
* Second unit, a team that shoots footage which is of lesser importance for the final motion picture
* Unit of action, a discrete piece of action (or beat) in a theatrical presentation

In "'other uses:
* Unit (housing), in Australia/New Zealand - a self-contained suite of rooms within a set of similar dwellings
* A unit, or apartment, can refer to a self-contained section of a building to be rented or otherwise occupied by a party
* Multiple unit, a passenger train whose carriages have their own motors
* Military units, including:
** Unit 101, an Israeli special operations unit
** Unit 731, a covert medical experiment unit of the Imperial Japanese Army
** Unit 1391, an Israeli torture facility
* Strategic business unit
* In real time strategy games, a unit describes an individual (or squad, depending on the game) infantry or vehicle.

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