Kansas Highway Patrol

Kansas Highway Patrol

The Kansas Highway Patrol is a law-enforcement agency that serves the entire state of Kansas. While the Patrol's primary focus is maintaining the safety of State, Federal and Interstate highways, it also is charged with providing support for rural and small municipal police departments when tactical, aerial or other specialized services are needed.


In 1933, the Kansas Legislature, Governor Alfred Landon, and Highway Department Attorney Wint Smith acted to halt the rampant bank robberies and crime sprees of the 1920s and 1930s. They created a force of ten motor vehicle inspectors, forerunners of Kansas troopers.

The Legislature officially organized the Kansas Highway Patrol in 1937. A superintendent, assistant superintendent, and 45 troopers were hired to reduce crashes by enforcing traffic, vehicle, and license laws. Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department veteran Jack B. Jenkins was the first superintendent.

The governor appointed the superintendent, and the superintendent appointed the rest. All appointees had to pass a physical exam and be U.S. citizens, at least 24 years old, of good health and moral character, and without a criminal record. The 1941 Kansas Civil Service Law affected appointment procedures, but as late as 1945, half the appointees had to belong to the governor's political party, and the other half had to come from the party that placed second in the gubernatorial race.

In the 1950s, the Patrol began to police the turnpike for the Kansas Turnpike Authority, and Protective Services began with one trooper providing the governor's ground transportation. The recruit school moved from the Kansas State Reformatory in Hutchinson to the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Increasingly, troopers patrolled alone. Before, they always rode in pairs.

In the 1960s, each trooper was assigned a patrol car to improve roadway coverage, and access to the Law Enforcement Teletype System and National Crime Information Center improved the Patrol's communications. The first promotional examinations were given, and the deactivated Schilling Air Force Base in Salina became the Patrol's Training Center. Also, the Motor Vehicle Department began examining license applicants, releasing trooper-examiners for other duties.

In 1976, the Patrol gained authority over the Capitol Area Security Patrol, which now is the Capitol Police, or Troop K. In 1988, authority over the Motor Carrier Inspectors passed from the Department of Revenue to the Patrol. Then in 1994, the Training Academy, or Troop J, moved to the former Marymount College campus in Salina.

The first female troopers joined the Patrol in 1981. Today, the agency actively recruits women and men to be troopers and to fill other uniformed and civilian positions. Besides troopers, the agency employs capitol police officers and guards, motor carrier inspectors, communications specialists, vehicle identification number inspectors, and civilians in a variety of other support positions. [ [http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/about/history.html Kansas Highway Patrol History page] ]


The Patrol is made up of several geographical headquarters units, referred to as "Troops". [Kansas Highway Patrol Troop Locations http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/field_op/troops.html]

* Troop A (Kansas City Metro)
* Troop B (Topeka)
* Troop C (Salina)
* Troop D (Hays)
* Troop E (Garden City)
* Troop F (Wichita)
* Troop H (Chanute).

Specialty Troops include:
* Troop G (Kansas Turnpike)
* Troop I (Motor Carrier Safety)
* Troop J (Training Academy- Salina)
* Troop K (Capitol Police- Topeka)
* Troop L (Protective Services (Governor's Security))
* Troop M (Central Communications)
* Troop S (Special Response Team and K9)
* Troop T (Aircraft)
* Emergency Operations
* Fleet Services
* Homeland Security
* Motorist Assist Program
* Motor Vehicle Enforcement
* Professional Standards Unit

Officers of the Patrol

tate Troopers

State troopers are certified law enforcement officers who are dedicated to saving lives through enforcing Kansas laws. Daily responsibilities include performing traffic stops, providing emergency medical assistance, assisting motorists, investigating crashes, detecting and deterring criminal activity, and assisting other law enforcement agencies. State troopers assist during civil disturbances and natural disasters, provide law enforcement at the Kansas State Fair, inspect school buses and motor vehicles, testify in court, and educate the public about traffic safety. [KHP Trooper page http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/careerop/co_trooper.html]

Capitol Police

Capitol Police Officers and Capitol Area Guards are assigned to serve at the state's Capitol and government-owned buildings in Topeka, Kan. Capitol Police Officers are certified law enforcement officers who enforce traffic laws, regulate traffic flow around state buildings, investigate crashes and crimes reported on state-owned property, administer emergency medical assistance, assist employees and visitors at the Capitol Complex, and provide security at Cedar Crest (the Governor's residence), State Capitol, Kansas Judicial Center, and Memorial Building.

Capitol Area Guards provide security and protection for state property and state employees, including performing routine security inspections, responding to emergency calls and other calls for assistance, monitoring the surveillance system for the Capitol Complex, and assisting state employees and visitors at the Capitol Complex. [Kansas Capitol Police page http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/careerop/co_capitol.html]

Motor Carrier Inspectors

Motor Carrier Inspectors perform thousands of roadside inspections each year, and enforce state laws and federal regulations that promote the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. MCIs enforce state statutes governing size and weight of vehicles, assist stranded motorists, promote voluntary compliance with the law through educational programs, testify in court, and assist during civil disturbances, natural disasters, and crash scenes. MCIs also train outside agencies in commercial motor vehicle weight and safety regulations.

Motor Carrier Inspectors work at established scale houses throughout the state, and MCI Law Enforcement Officers conduct mobile inspections. The MCI Law Enforcement Officers are certified law enforcement officers, who in addition to inspecting commercial motor vehicles, detect and deter criminal activity, and apprehend criminal offenders. [KHP Motor Vehicle Inspector page http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/careerop/co_mci.html]

Fallen Officers

Since the establishment of the Kansas Highway Patrol, 10 officers have died in the line of duty. [Kansas Highway Patrol Memorial page http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/memory/memorial.html] [ Officer Down Memorial Page http://www.odmp.org/agency/1938-kansas-highway-patrol-kansas]

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