List of caves in Australia

List of caves in Australia

Caves in Australia

how Caves

New South Wales

*Abercrombie Caves
*Ashford Caves

*Bendethera Caves
*Clifden Caves
*Jenolan Caves
*Tuglow Caves
*Wellington Caves
*Wombeyan Caves
*Wyanbene Cave
*Yarrangobilly Caves


*Capricorn Caves

South Australia

*Kangaroo Island
**Kelly Hill Caves
*Lower South-East
**Tantanoola Caves
*Upper South-East
**Naracoorte Caves
***Alexandra Cave
***Blanche Cave
***Victoria Fossil Cave
***Wet Cave


*Gunns Plains Cave, Gunns Plains
*King Solomon Cave, Mole Creek
*Marakoopa Cave, Mole Creek
*Newdegate Cave, Hastings


**Buchan Caves
***Byaduk Caves
***Fairy Cave
***Royal Cave
***Shades of Death Cave
*Byaduk Caves
*Glenelg River
**Princess Margaret Rose Cave

Western Australia
**Cabaret Cave
**Crystal Cave
**Yonderup Cave
*South West
**Jewel Cave
**Lake Cave
**Mammoth Cave
**Moondyne Cave
**Ngilgi Cave (formerly Yallingup Cave)

Wild Caves

New South Wales

*Blue Water Holes
*Bungonia Caves
*Carey's Cave
*Cave Island
*Cotter Caves
*The Big Hole and Marble Arch


*Camooweal Caves
**Five O’Clock Cave
**Four Mile East Cave
**Great Nowranie Cave
**Little Nowranie Cave
**Niggle Cave
**Undara Lava Tubes
*Mount Etna Caves National Park

South Australia

*Flinders Ranges
**Mairs Cave
**Wooltana Cave
**Mt. Sims Cave
*Lower South-East
**Sheather's Cave
**Snake Hill Cave
*Murray River Area
**River Road Cave
**Punyleroo Cave
*Upper South-East
**Appledore Cave
**Beekeepers Cave
**Brownsnake Cave
**Cave Park Cave
**Little Victoria Cave
**Echidna Cave
**S102 Cave
**VDC Cave
*Yorke Peninsula
**Corra-Lynn Cave
**Town Well Cave
**Windmill Cave


*Exit Cave, Ida Bay
*Honeycomb Caves, Caveside
*Wet Caves, Caveside
*Growling Swallet, Junee Florentine Valley, Mount Field


**Wilson's Cave
**Labertouche Cave

Western Australia

**Tunnel Creek
**Cave Springs Cave
**Old Napier Downs Cave
**Wangahinnya Caves
*Mid West Gascoyne
**Drovers Cave
**Mystery Cave
**Old River Cave
**Gooseberry Cave
**River Cave
**Arramall Cave
**Stockyard Gully Caves
***Stockyard Bridge
***Stockyard Tunnel
***Stockyard Cave
***Aiyennu Cave
***Beekeepers Hole (also known as Uniwa Cave)
***Weelawadji Cave
**Old Homestead Cave
**Abrakurrie Cave
**Cocklebiddy Cave
**Weebubbie Cave
**Thampanna Cave
**Kellys Cave
**Pannakin Plain Cave
**Stegamite Cave
**Horseshoe Cave
**Balladonia Cave
**The Catacombs
**Concinna Cave
**Gibb Cave
**Gidgee Karupa (Spear Cave)
**Kings Park Caves (Tunnelled and extended during WW2 for Catalina FBY base)
**Loch Overflow
**Mambibby Cave
**Mandurah Caves
**Minnie's Grotto
**Rottnest Island Caves
**Surprise Cave
**Wanneroo Karst
**Yanchep Cave
*Pilbara / Cape Range
**Anomoly Cave
**Bell Cave
**Canyon Cave
**Owl Roost Cave
*South West
**Quinninup Lake Cave
**Snake Pit Cave
**Cowarumup Cave
**Meekadorabee Cave
**Easter Cave
**Labyrinth Cave
**Old Kudardup Cave
**Deeondeeup Cave
**Milligan's Cave
**Wallcliffe Cave
**Beenup Cave
**Blackboy Hollow
**Witchcliffe Cave
**Strong's Cave
**Devil's Lair and Nannup Cave
**Dingo Cave
**Arumvale Pipe and Arumvale Cave
**Golgotha Cave
**Northcote Grotto
**Ketelack Cave
**Lost Pearl Cave

Australian Territories

*Christmas Island
**Lava Tubes

External links

* [ The Australian Karst Index]
* [ The Australian Speleological Federation]
* [ Cave Exploration Group (South Australia) Incorporated]
* [ The Victorian Speleological Association Inc.]
*{ The Sydney Speileogical Society}

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