Father Ted minor characters

Father Ted minor characters

The sitcom "Father Ted" starring Dermot Morgan, was well-known for its cast of colourful and surreal characters, whether they be members of the priesthood or the bizarre inhabitants of Craggy Island.

"Father Ted" contains a host of minor characters, some of whom only appear in one episode of the show.


*Father Dick Byrne, Ted's equivalent on nearby Rugged Island, and his bitter rival. ("Competition Time", "A Song for Europe", "Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading", "Escape from Victory" and "Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse").He is said to be notoriously Homophobic
*Father Jim Johnson (Chris Curran), Jack's equivalent on Rugged Island.
*Father Cyril MacDuff (Don Wycherley), Dougal's equivalent on Rugged Island.Dougal thinks he is "an awful eejit".
*Father Fintan Stack (Brendan Grace), a truly appalling priest, who comes to the Parochial House as Jack's replacement when Jack contracts "hairy hands syndrome" and is sent to St Clabbert's ("Jurassic Park"). Father Stack proceeds to eat Ted's Frosties, get Dougal ridiculously drunk on Jack's whiskey, drive Ted's car into a big wall, insult Ted's friends and plays "jungle music at three o' clock in the morning" while drilling holes in the wall. His visit is abruptly cut short when he too contracts "the hair thing" after sitting in Jack's chair. ("New Jack City"). Ted concludes that he is worse than Hitler, because not even Hitler would play jungle music at three in the morning.
*Father Fintan Fay, an old, mad priest (the Monkey Priest of Killybashangel) who communicates in a noisy gibberish that, somehow, everyone can understand. He is not supposed to see his own reflection because he doesn't know he's a priest. He is well liked by other priests and his reason for getting a parachute on the crashing plane was applauded. ("Grant unto Him Eternal Rest", "Flight into Terror").
*Father Billy O'Dwyer, aka The SpinMaster. Craggy Island's resident funky DJ and gambling addict who ruins the raffle in "Think Fast, Father Ted" by stealing the proceeds to pay off his underworld debts.
*Father Paul Stone (Michael Redmond), an exceedingly boring priest who comes to stay every year. Rarely says a word but insists he's "fine", whenever he is spoken to. Father Stone was struck by lightning while playing Crazy Golf. He gets stuck in the same position as he was when he is struck, and surgeons were unable to remove the golf club from his hands, leading Dougal to comment that "he looks like a trophy". His grandma and mother and father are alive and he is known to have one brother who is a doctor. He hero-worships Ted and once drew a portrait of the two of them together. ("Entertaining Father Stone")
*Father Austin Purcell (Ben Keaton), "the most boring priest in the world", according to Ted. A whole African village once sailed to their deaths to escape him. Talks constantly about the most trivial and irritating topics, including central heating and "favourite humming noises". He once proposed an unusual concept - by building extensions on extensions on extensions on houses, he postulated the doughnut shaped house. When he was talking to Father Jack, Ted had to stop him punching Father Austin. After Ted allows Father Jack to leave he cries out 'Thank Christ' and promptly locks Ted in instead. Claims to have known a woman once - "but she died soon afterwards". ("Think Fast, Father Ted").
*Father Liam Finnegan, the famous "Dancing Priest". His untimely demise (from a heart attack) provided Ted with the unexpected bequest of a car (Rover 216). The car was later ruined by Father Jack after he drove it to the off-licence and left it in the path of two oncoming trucks . ("Think Fast, Father Ted").
*Father Tiernan, Father Rafter, Father Cafferty and Father Leonard, friends of Ted's who step in to fill an awkward hiatus by performing as a strange Kraftwerk-style electro group. ("Think Fast, Father Ted").
*Father Damien "Damo" Lennon(Joe Rooney), a plucky character, Dougal's role model. More of a football casual than a priest, he sports an earring, loves Oasis, smokes cigarettes and stole a whistle. ("The Old Grey Whistle Theft").
*Father "Frosty" Frost, Father Damo's registered keeper. ("The Old Grey Whistle Theft").
*Father Walton, an inmate of "Jurassic Park" who reached Stage 12 of the "hair thing", and was mistakenly kidnapped by Ted and Dougal in an attempt to recover Jack from the home. ("New Jack City").
*Father Joe Briefly, an old mate of Ted's from the seminary, where he used to be known as "Himalaya Joe" because of the thick black hair growing between his toes, although apparently this was due to a medical condition. Joe lets Dougal know Ted had a nickname leading everyone know that Ted's nickname was "Father Fluffy Bottom" because "he had a big pile of fluffy white hair on his behind". ("Flight into Terror").
*Father O'Shea, a passenger in "Flight into Terror" who confessed to impregnating his housekeeper and forcing her to leave the country, thus slightly dashing his chances of winning a parachute. His chances were further dashed when he didn't stop typing his why-I-should-get-a-parachute speech when the time was up.
*Father Cave and Father Gallagher, a pair of rather fey young men. It appears that Father Cave's idea of their relationship is slightly different from that of Father Gallagher, to the embarrassment of both parties. Watch out for Graham Linehan's Hitchcockian cameo as Father Gallagher. ("Flight into Terror").
*Father Flynn, a not totally with-it priest. When asked to write 200 words on "why I should be given a parachute" in "Flight into Terror", he stood up and produced only a drawing of himself "in the nip" with a dog, claiming to have misunderstood what was going on before taking his seat again.
*Father Liam Deliverance, an only partially insane priest who wreaks destruction upon the Parochial House before assisting Ted at the "Lovely Girls" competition. ("Rock-a-Hula Ted").
*Father Barty Dunne, the Laughing Priest. Barty causes universal hatred and annoyance by his habit of laughing hysterically all the way through his own unfunny anecdotes. ("Competition Time").
*Father Harry Coyle, who appears as a lookalike in "Competition Time".
*Father Paul Cleary, an extremely aged priest who attends Jack's wake in "Grant unto Him Eternal Rest" and refuses Mrs. Doyle's "diagonal" sandwiches.

*Father Mackie and Father Jim Sutton, who also attend the premature wake.
*Father Hernandez, is an old friend of Ted and Dougal. He is a priest from Cuba and he drives a Porsche. He visits them, leaving Dougal a VCR and Ted a Cuban fertility symbol. Speaks only in Spanish which a narrator translates, including the laughter. According to the episode DVD commentary, it's not certain whether Ted and Dougal understand Spanish or actually hear the disembodied voice. Played by Derrick Branche, who was Gupte in "Only When I Laugh" also starring Richard Wilson, who appears as himself in another episode. ("The Mainland").
*"Father Todd Unctious" (Gerard McSorley), not his real name, but a disguise to rob from Ted. He turns up at Christmas claiming to be an old pal of Ted's but of whom Ted has no recollection whatsoever. Ted is required to employ diverse stratagems and ploys to find out his name, without success. An attempt to get him to write his name fails, as Unctious reveals that he once ran with scissors and fell, completely severing the nerve that controls handwriting. Fortunately Mrs. Doyle manages to guess his name, after quite a number of wrong guesses. He turns out to be a thief who wants to steal Ted's "Golden Cleric" Award, and he also enjoys wandering around in nothing but his underpants. He likes to shadow box. ("A Christmassy Ted").
*Father Seamus Fitzpatrick, to whom Ted once lent his copy of Stephen King's "The Shining", collector of (German) war memorabilia and not-so-closet Nazi. His ex-Wehrmacht housemate unfortunately confuses Valium with cyanide, spelling swift death all round. ("Are You Right There, Father Ted?").
*Father Brian Eno, an attendee at "It's Great Being a Priest '98", portrayed by Brian Eno himself.
*Father Kevin (Tommy Tiernan), a young priest whose suicide attempt is foiled by Ted at It's Great Being a Priest '98. He is later cured of depression by "Theme From Shaft", but subsequently plunges back into the depths of it after overhearing a Radiohead song on a bus. ("Going to America").
*Father Derek Beeching who mucks in to help with the milk-float crisis in "Speed 3". He is particularly fond of saying mass.
*Father Clarke (Arthur Mathews), who encourages Father Beeching to say mass during the milk-float crisis in "Speed 3".
*Father Jessup, the most sarcastic priest in Ireland and PA to Bishop Brennan. His sarcastic comments include, "No, I'm up in space doing important work for NASA."
*Father Bigley, who was mistakenly considered dead, but he just looked that way. He has facial blotches and "big puffy lips"," possibly due to an altercation with an exploding kettle. "(Hell)". He is an avid Dana fan, he is now in a home following some suspicious fires. He also wears perfume. (Father Bigley never actually appears on screen in the series).
*Father Buzz Cagney, often imitated by way of fancy dress, he appears in the last episode, after seeing Ted help Father Kevin from killing himself at the "its great to be a priest" celebration, and offers Ted a chance to work with him in a parish in America, which Ted decides to turn down upon hearing about gun violence in the country. ("Going to America").
*Father Nick, star striker alongside Father Jack in the "Annual, All-Priests, Five-a-Side, Over-75's Indoor Challenge Football Match", who dies before the big match in "Escape from Victory". He is seen lying in a hi-tech coffin that can receive faxes.
*Father Hegarty, from Chicago, does not actually appear but sends a fax through the hi-tech coffin of Father Nick in "Escape from Victory".
*Father Ned Fitzmaurice, an elderly priest who adds to the injury crisis in the build-up to the "Annual, All-Priests, Five-a-Side, Over-75's Indoor Challenge Football Match". Tripped on a pavestone and one of his kneecaps fell off, forcing Ted to play him in goal. ("Escape from Victory").
*Father Nolan had the misfortune of being involved in a gas explosion which punched a hole in his chest the size of a football. He was so badly injured that he could only be identified by his dental records and understandably feels rather down about it. Ted briefly mentions him in "Night of the Nearly Dead".
*Father Romeo Sensini, Italian priest and football champion in the "Annual, All-Priests, Five-a-Side, Over-75's Indoor Challenge Football Match" in "Escape from Victory". He can climb two flights of stairs unassisted and he needs only one nun to help him get out of a chair.
*Father Shortall, whom Ted and Dougal both ask Father Stone if he has seen lately. Dougal reckons he must be nearly 80 now. ("Entertaining Father Stone").
*Father Jim Duggan, responsible for introducing Ted to Father Stone before he "ran out of the building".
*Father Sweeney, friend of Father Noel Furlong who is ridiculed because he had "a very small bladder, about the size of a Terry's Chocolate Orange." ("Hell").
*Father Fitzgibbon, another priest known to Father Noel Furlong, had a cup named after him and in a bizarre coincidence his big ears made him resemble a cup. ("Hell").
*Father Deegan (Kevin McKidd ), one of the priests who gets lost in the lingerie department. ("A Christmassy Ted").
*Father Williams, a priest who was driving Father Larry Duff to the picnic. Father Williams and Larry Duff were stopped by armed soldiers, due to the discovery of "a big box of machine guns in his house", he ran through the roadblock and was shot by the soldiers off-screen. ("Old Grey Whistle Theft").
*Father Benny Cake, a priest who according to Ted, recorded a song that went to number one in England. He didn't want people to know he was a priest so he changed his name, Ted couldn't remember what he called himself but mentioned "...Anyway, I think the song was called Vienna", Implying he was actually Midge Ure from Ultravox ("A Song For Europe").

*Father Clippett, "they say he does a good Mass", now takes 3 hours to say mass, due to having had a stroke. "Value for money", according to Sister Assumpta. ("And God Created Woman"). He doesn't appear in the series.
*Father Jimmy Ranable, a friend of Ted's whose time under the tutoring of Jack had the greatest effect on him. Then took part in the "Drumshambo Massacre". ("Grant unto Him Eternal Rest").
*Father O'Rourke, owner of the new caravan rented by Ted, Dougal and Jack which is "twice as big as the old one". ("Hell").


* Bishop Lindsay, whom Dougal thought was accusing Ted when he asked where Ted was when Kennedy was shot. Never appears in the series. ("Tentacles of Doom")
** Known collectively as "The Bishops", these three appear in "Tentacles of Doom".

*** Bishop Jordan (Paddy Ward), the one with the weak heart who leaves the Craggy Island parochial house in a coffin after an unsavoury incident with sewage.
*** Bishop O'Neill (Kevin Moore), later Eddie, the one who, upon hearing Dougal's philosophy on God and existence, renounces religion and leaves with some hippy friends for India.
*** Bishop Facks (Denys Hawthorne), the maniacally intense one who latches onto Jack and leaves in an ambulance with the Holy Stone of Clonrichert up his behind.


*Sister Assumpta, a crazed, sadistic nun belonging to the Mattie Hyslop cult, who tortures Ted and Dougal with early wake-up calls, morning punishments, beatings and cold baths in "Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading". Fortunately for Ted, she has one fatal weakness - chocolate - and this proves to be her undoing. Ted encountered her before, as the leader of a group of nuns in "And God Created Woman".
*Sister Imelda, aka 'the Blue Nun'. Apparently disappeared with Jack during a wedding.
*Polly Clarke, best-selling female novelist who became a nun after her experiences in "And God Created Woman".
*Sister Julia, a nun who is reputedly 97 years old. ("And God Created Woman")
*Sister Margaret, a nun who asks Ted where he gets the ideas for his sermons. ("And God Created Woman")

*Sister Danita, whom Dougal had an encounter with that was "a bit too close for comfort". Mentioned in "And God Created Woman" but never appears in the series.
*Sister Monica Mulligan, an Ulster nun who comes to stay with the boys, is mistakenly accused of "touching" Ted and diagnoses Jack's death, but is unceremoniously shunted off when the details of his legacy are revealed. ("Grant unto Him Eternal Rest")
*Two nuns on plane, persistently throw paper balls at Ted in "Flight into Terror" causing him to react with rage.
*Sister Mary Gondola, a call centre agent working for the Mattie Hyslop customer services division.

Inhabitants of Craggy Island

*John and Mary, a married couple who own a hardware shop on Craggy Island. The pair utterly hate each other and are constantly insulting and devising ways to maim and kill each other, yet they behave like a happily married couple to Ted. Whenever the characters encounter John and Mary, it is generally when the pair are in the middle, or during the aftermath, of another attempt to kill one another. In a DVD commentary the writers said although they liked the characters they felt were limited to one joke and were gradually used less as the series progressed. In the final series they only made one appearance.
*Tom, a violent village idiot, vivisectionist, armed robber, lorry driver etc. Tom is often to be seen wearing his "I shot J.R." t-shirt, looking at outsiders as they arrive on Craggy Island. Ted often displays a complete lack of interest in crimes or sins Tom may have committed. On one occasion when Tom confesses a murder, Ted tells him that he is much too busy to speak to him about it. Another time he sees Tom rob a post office while Ted is waiting in a car outside for him. Upon telling Tom that he hopes he isn't up to his old tricks, Tom replies "'Tis my money Father. I just didn't want to fill in the forms". He appears in "Good Luck, Father Ted", (as the first person Terry McNamee sees upon his arrival on Craggy Island) "And God Created Woman", "Hell" and "The Plague" (as the person Ted and Dougal call on to "take care of" the rabbits).
*Sergeant Lewis, the island's answer to Jack Lord out of Hawaii Five-O. His predecessor was Sergeant Thornton, who for some reason left his handcuffs at O'Leary's. He appears in "Competition Time", "The Old Grey Whistle Theft" and (played by a different actor) in "A Christmassy Ted".
*Michael the cinema manager, an old friend of Ted and Dougal's, who lets them in for half-price.
*Fargo Boyle, owner of Chris the sheep, in the episode "Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep".
*Giant Reed and Hud Hastings, two men paid by Fargo Boyle to frighten Chris the Sheep, and who buy with their bribe money a fur coat and a crown respectively.
*Pat, an elderly gentleman who, despite the very recent death of his wife (merely hours ago), insists on going to the cinema to see the controversial "The Passion of St Tibulus".
*Mr Benson, curator of the island's picnic spot. He appears to believe himself to be living in a spaghetti western movie. His beloved whistle was stolen from him, but he got it back. In the process, however, he lost all feeling in one leg, but since his memory was also affected couldn't remember which leg it was. Previously, he had an affair with his sister while his wife was in hospital, then got the babysitter pregnant.
*Sean Yin and his family the Yins, who live in Craggy Island's Chinatown. Ted does an extremely silly Chinaman impression, only realising at the last minute that the Yin family were watching him through the Parochial house window. They then believe him to be a racist.
*Colm, an old farmer.

*Auld Jim Halpin, an eye-witness to the heinous whistle theft. In a separate incident Ted tells Dougal and a group of nuns that he is dying, in an attempt to avoid saying mass. ("And God Created Woman") Jim however is not dying; Dougal remembers he is outside (having come to borrow some sugar) and brings him in. He did have a cold a couple of weeks earlier though.
*Mrs Carberry, an elderly lady with extreme right-wing views who appears in the episode "Are You Right There, Father Ted?". She is supportive of Father Ted when rumours circulate that he is a racist. She has extreme views on foreign people including the Chinese and has an anti-Greek fixation, because "they invented gayness".
*The Sewage Supervisor, unnamed, he misguidedly entrusts Tom with a gigantic sewage lorry in "Hell".
*Dr Sinnott, the island's doctor, who plays a large part in the life (and death) of the community. Has to get dressed up in a radiation suit to examine Father Jack.
*Imelda, winner of the Lovely Girls competition. She is 19 and from Dundalk. Ted reads a series of incorrect information about her.
*Mary, runner-up in the Lovely Girls competition. Failed at the Lovely Laugh tie-break. Ted comments on her having a lovely bottom, but to be politically correct, he says "Of course, they "all" have lovely bottoms".
*The Lads, attending the Lovely Girls competition. Paddy, Billy and the two other unnamed lads are there to check out the lovely girls and have a few pints of Guinness.
*Pat Mustard, a satyriasis milkman who has to keep "yanking himself" when he loses his milk round because of Ted and Dougal's incriminating photos. His twisted plan to blow up the milk float and kill Dougal (who replaces him) reaches Ted's ears during a conversation on the phone. But due to Ted's quick thinking, the plan goes wrong when the out-of-control milk float drives into the phone booth, (where Pat was at the time), and exploding. He has a trail of exceedingly long hair and illegitimate children all around the island.
*Mr Fox, the head milkman. When shown incriminating photos relating to Pat Mustard's activities with the housewives of Craggy Island, he at first assumes that Ted intends blackmail him and so offers to buy the pictures, but he quickly backtracks and sacks Mustard when he realises that this is not the case. Left without a milkman, he accepts Dougal's offer to fill in for a while.
*Mrs Sheridan and Mrs Glynn, two old bats with an unusual taste in films; they are known to favour "The Crying Game" and "Boyz n the Hood".
*A Māori, who appears at the Craggy Island Celebration of Cultures, he appears when Ted remarks that there are no Māori on the island, after mistakenly putting up a slide of a Māori.
*Alan, the rambling host of King of the Sheep.
*Mrs Boyle, who blabbed the news of Eoin McLove's visit to every middle aged fan of his on Craggy Island, despite vowing that if she spread the word she'd be "struck down with every disease that it is known for a middle aged woman to suffer from". (Night of the Nearly Dead)
*Mrs Dunne, whose husband Mr Dunne tried to wash a cup last year and burnt the house down. "(Night of the Nearly Dead)"
*Mrs Collins, whose husband Mr Collins tried to make his own bed last year and lost a leg. "(Night of the Nearly Dead)"
*Paddy Short, who was "lured" to the Holy Stone of Clonrichert "and then they beat him with a stick". Doesn't appear in the series. ("Tentacles of Doom")
* Paddy Jordan, who runs the Craggy Island Greyhound Track. ("The Plague".)
* The Rudest Couple, who show bitter and disinhibited annoyance at Father Ted for sitting in their picnic spot. They use the words "fup", "backstard" and "grasshole" in order to comply with the picnic area's no swearing rule in (The Old Grey Whistle Theft)
* Eugene, in (Going to America) as he is leaving the church after mass, comments to Father Ted that his sermon "...bored the arse of me". After asking "What the hell was it about anyway" Father Ted baulks leaving Eugene to exclaim "Ah jaysis" as he walks away. (Eugene is played by the same actor as the character "Pat")

Inhabitants of the Mainland

*Mrs Dineen, Mrs Doyle's friend whom she meets and spends an afternoon with in the teashop, only to end up being arrested after violently fighting over who should pay the bill.
*Mrs O'Dwyer, Mrs Doyle's friend who was "robbed", meaning that she herself was stolen.
*Mr Sweeney, whose house was broken into and who was forced into a bra by the intruder. A victim of 200 cases of "forced transvestism" in the space of one year.
*Optician, analyses Father Jack's level of eyesight using a new DRINK chart given away in a Carlsberg promotion, only to later use one given to her by Czechoslovakian company FECKARSE Industries.
*Tour Guide, shows Fathers Ted and Dougal and Richard Wilson amongst others around The Caves. Has great difficulty in not shouting Richard Wilson's catchphrase from "One Foot in the Grave" to his face.
*Ronald, AA member who spots Father Jack indulging in alcohol in a pub and is last seen being carried away in an ambulance.


*Henry Sellers, jovial game-show host and ex-alcoholic, who comes to the Island to host the All-Priests "Stars in Their Eyes" Lookalikes Competition and goes berserk on a glass of sherry, wrecking the place and running head first through the window. Sergeant Lewis brings him down with a tranquilliser gun at seventy-five yards.
*Richard Wilson (star of "One Foot in the Grave") as himself. Upon hearing Ted's quoting of his character Victor Meldrew's catchphrase, "I don't belieeve it" he violently attacks Ted and hurls insults and threats at him.
*Eoin McLove, sickly sweet pop superstar (hits include "My Lovely Mayo Mammy"). His only popularity is amongst middle-aged women, and he is completely dependent on others to do even the most simple task for him. Such as open doors. He visits the Parochial House when Mrs Doyle, implausibly, wins a poetry competition. Explains that his obtuse behaviour results from the fact that, as he explains, "I've no willy". Based on Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell.
*Lazlo St Pierre and John Morgan, night-time and morning DJs respectively on a local radio station which the lads listen to while driving back from Father Finnegan's. Played by Graham and Arthur in yet another little cameo.
*Terry MacNamee, producer of the TV programme "Faith of Our Fathers".
*Charles Hedges and Fred Rickwood, gay lovers and, respectively, producer and presenter of "A Song For Ireland".
*Niamh Connolly (played by Clare Grogan), a radical feminist pop singer based on Sinéad O'Connor. She comes to Craggy Island in an attempt to create a safe haven for victims of intolerance and depocracy. Dougal mistakenly "sells" the Parochial House to her. She claims to have sold over twenty million records, but is most likely a one hit wonder.
*Father Ben and Father Brendan, the stars of a TV sitcom much enjoyed by Ted and Dougal. The series included a cameo appearance by Father Ted co-creator Arthur Mathews as the long-suffering Ben. In fact they both bear a startling resemblance to Ted and Dougal. Other Parochial House TV favourites include "One Foot in the Grave", "Byker Grove" and "Aliens" (the Director's Cut).


*Mr and Mrs Gleason, a hapless couple at Kilkelly Caravan Park who have their caravan invaded, their lovemaking spied on, their private ablutions interrupted and their lives generally made a misery by the lads from the Island. In addition Mr Gleason is carried several miles naked through the countryside on the bonnet of Ted's car, and thrown to the ground. Mrs. Gleason returns briefly during the "Speed 3" episode when Dougal delivers her milk; she thinks it'll be Pat Mustard, so she is topless, and screams when Dougal arrives.
*The St Luke's Youth Group, shepherded by Father Noel Furlong and comprising Gerry Fields, Janine Reilly (whom Noel Furlong thinks "would love to screech"), Tony Lynch (hypothetically eaten by Father Furlong who then shouts "shut up" to his face) and Nuala Ryan. Last seen heading off on Aer Lingus flights to Paraguay, having finally escaped Father Noel.
*Mrs O'Reilly, one of the many women made love to by sex addicted milkman Pat Mustard in Speed 3. Theresa O'Reilly has the distinction of being the only "Mrs" on Craggy Island to have her first name revealed.
*Patsy, the long-suffering assistant of Eoin McLove. Played by Maria Doyle Kennedy.
*Father Peter Clifford and Assumpta Fitzgerald from the "Ballykissangel" mythos, who appear in Ted's dream in "A Christmassy Ted".
*Dermot Stone and Mrs Stone, who say it is a "terrible thing" that their son has been struck by lightning, but at the same time are distressed that he survived. Mr. Stone's extroverted character is in stark contrast to his son.
*Mammy, Mrs Stone's mother who knows what Ted's "up to".
*Tarot reader, reads Ted's fortune when Dougal backs out in "Good Luck, Father Ted". When Ted is uncertain about crossing her palm with silver, she says: "Gimme a pound!"

*Surly youth, appears under the cliffs in "Good Luck, Father Ted", watching a few men playing bodhráns and dancing a jig.
*Laura Sweeney (Zara Turner), reads Jack's will and punches and swears at Ted when he and Dougal laugh at the notion of her being a solicitor. ("Grant unto Him Eternal Rest")
*Mr Pearson, Ted and Dougal tried to stay with him for a second week of their holiday last year but his, it turned out, was not a guesthouse. ("Hell")
*The fellow from England, touched the Holy Stone of Clonrichert and grew a beard. Never appears in the series. ("Tentacles of Doom"),

Dougal's Pets And Other Animals

*Sampras, Dougal's pet rabbit, named after Pete Sampras (because of some bizarre perceived connection between tennis and rabbits that Dougal doesn't explain).
*Ronaldo, Dougal's escape-prone, cycling hamster (named after the Brazilian striker Ronaldo).
*Chris The Sheep, Fargo Boyle's multiple winner of "King of The Sheep" who suffers a crisis of confidence and starts burping.
*Big Brendan, another burping sheep who won the King of the Sheep in 1983, but Ted was convinced it was a "fluke."
*The Ants, a colony of giant ants living in the field that the Parochial House is in, which Dougal investigates with binoculars.
*Eamonn the Race Rabbit, the rabbit that Dougal bets £10 on at the Craggy Island Greyhound Track when Ted tries to race the rabbits in "The Plague".
*The Beast of Craggy Island, a fictional beast which is scaring everybody on the Island. Ted and Dougal later find out a Stereogram hanging from a tree is responsible for the noises believed to be made by the beast.
**According to Dougal, the Beast has a number of strange attributes:
*** It's as big as a jaguar.
*** Its claws are as big as cups.
*** It has four ears, two are for listening and two are sort of back-up ears. Some of the ears are on the inside of its head.
*** It has a retractable leg to leap up at you better.
*** Its tail is made of magnets, so if you're made of metal it can attach itself to you.
*** It lights up at night.
*** For some reason it has a tremendous fear of stamps.
*** It only has eyebrows on Saturdays.
*** Its yawn sounds like Liam Neeson chasing a load of hens around inside a barrel.
*** Instead of a mouth it has four arses.
*** It lives on the moors of Craggy Island, or at least the place where there should be moors.
*** Many of the locals think it might be a kind of giant fox.

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