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Name = Ischium of pelvis
Latin = os ischii
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Caption = Pelvic girdle

Caption2 = Left hip-joint, opened by removing the floor of the acetabulum from within the pelvis. (Ischium labeled at bottom left.)
MusclesOrigins = Superior gemellus
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MeshName = Ischium
MeshNumber = A02.835.232.611.548
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DorlandsSuf = 12598437
The ischium forms the lower and back part of the hip bone ("os coxae"). The word comes from the Greek "ischion", meaning "hip." (Taber's, 1985).

Situated below the ilium and behind the |pubis, it is one of these three bones whose fusion creates the coxa.

It is divisible into three portions:
* Body of ischium - the portion that supports weight while sitting (especially noticeable on a hard surface).
* Superior ramus of the ischium
* Inferior ramus of the ischium

It is the strongest of the coxal bones.


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* - "The Male Pelvis: Hip Bone"


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